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  1. Unless JB wrestles well past his prime (I don't believe he will), Dake will never beat him IMO.
  2. Yep. If it's not illegal, yet it is hurting them to the point they need to stop, then it is an act of SUBMISSION, therefore they forfeit the position or points to the wrestler with the hold. If it happens at a time where the offensive wrestler is just about to score a TD or put them to their back, the points should be awarded as such after the match has been stopped. Myers was clearly on his way to his back vs Snyder. I believe the ref saw the tap out and ignored it due to nothing illegal happening. This was the correct no call IMO. If the hold is too tight to where it is hurting you, then you either submit and allow the offensive wrestler to imposed his will or you fight it and pass out. You shouldn't be able to just tap out and have he match stopped with absolutely zero repercussions.
  3. Match went pretty much as expected. NaTo seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder as I think he was making up for his (by his standards) lackluster performance at CKLV. You better have great defense as well as a great gas tank cuz this guy does not let up, ever.
  4. PSU is definitely favored with a healthy lineup, no doubt in my mind they the best team. There are a number of things that could happen to derail their chances is all I'm saying. What if just one of the hammers gets injured between now and then and can't compete? Thats 20-25 pts right there. Or a couple guys take an upset loss early and are unable to get back through backside? Or a hammer on another team gets upset and drops down into consis vs a PSU wrestler who was predicted to finish 3rd-4th...all the sudden they are knocked out. Weird stuff happens man. If I was to bet $ it would def be on PSU. Is it a lock though? No way
  5. 125: McGhee DEC Rodriguez.......0-3 133: NaTo MDEC Eierman..........4-3 141: Pletcher DEC Synon.........7-3 149: Mayes DEC MJordan..........7-6 157: Levalley MDEC Ryan.........7-10 165: Lewis MDEC Burcher.........7-14 174: Bo FALL Weisman............13-14 184: Martin TF Lemanowic........18-14 197: Cox MDEC Moore.............18-18 HWT: Snyder TF Myers............23-18 125,141,149 could all go other way. Bonus points will be huge as I have it a 5-5 split in matches.
  6. IMO he SHOULD make the podium. Will he? As you all have witnessed, the NCAAs can be brutal and has knocked out many expected AA's...happens every year. But just because he wrestled NaTo tough doesn't equate to an AA finish. They are very familiar with each other as they have wrestled a bunch of times. The weight is very deep as well. If I had to predict I would say 6th-8th......133 is deeeep
  7. Personally I would like Burcher at 157, think he fairs better there. Sadly, him being coaches kid not withstanding, Jake is going nowhere and lineup is actually better with Burcher at 165...by like a **** hair tho
  8. Well, if everyone is in agreement why even have the dual? Just chalk it up and we can look forward to a dual that MATTERS, like the National Duals.....oh wait
  9. Have to admit, I got a chuckle out of this. Touche fellas
  10. Martin is a bad matchup for Miklus IMO. Myles seems to struggle moreso vs big, strong opponents. His athletic prowess and agility would give Miklus fits IMO. Unless there are bonus points at this weight I would have it for tOSU anyhow.
  11. Saves me a bunch of time and money. Thanks Tobus!!
  12. This. Anyone who uses a blanket statement like, "the NCAA tests for steroids" is misinformed. Now, if you wrestle for the NCAA championship, yes you get a urine test afterwards that same night. But let me tell you, there are plenty of holes in the sample taking process that can be manipulated. I have personally witnessed D1 football athletes use while in season and off. It's an excepted thing among athletes. Those who don't use keep their mouths shut an those who do keep it inner circle. It's just the way it IS. Even moreso on the professional level. Trust me people, you DONT want "real" testing at any level it would ruin your weekend sports watching. Except that it's there and just enjoy the show.
  13. For sure the marquee match. As good as Micah is, just not sure if he can take the combo of speed and power Mayes has. Although, Micah's length and pace could be enough to knock off the veteran. I will be at this dual for sure. Can't wait
  14. Not as much as being short is a disadvantage...of course there are always exceptions but for the most part, short is more of a disadvantage than an advantage
  15. You may not be far off in the NATO comparison. It's just he is so good that his ability offsets the fact he is no longer the biggest guy at his weight (like he was at 125).
  16. You guys act like jumping a weight class is no big deal. Maybe not for a Kyle Dake or Logan Stieber, but for most everyone else yes it's a big deal. In a tourny he is going to be wrestling guys who weigh 150-155 or more along with up to 6"-7" height advantage. Not sure where some of you guys get being short is an advantage...its never an advantage. Taller guys are much harder to finish on and create scrambles much easier. Ankle picks and sweep singles are much easier...I could go on and on.
  17. I think he is too small for 141...wayyy too short. He will have trouble with the length and size at 141. Anything above 133 is jusy too big for him. He will win matches because he is talented but will have tough time vs the top guys. Hope he proves me wrong but that's how I see it going down. Sux bad for Hayes, really hope he is able to recover well and proceed without any lingering issues
  18. I agree he didn't look great but geez guys, this is his FIRST action of the season after being cleared from injury. Give the kid a little leeway, he's knocking the rust off...I hope anyways:)
  19. Agree something needs to be done. Either do away with the escape point all together or give 3 points for the takedown and up the MD and TF criteria
  20. It has to be right up there. They need to add one more hammer like Mizzou and it would def be the best tourny out there.
  21. Hall dominated 95% of that match. His lone hiccup being the roll through tilt. I believe if those 2 wrestled again 10 matches, Hall would win every one. He will be just fine. His bottom game really needs some fine tuning. His dominance on his feet will be what pays the bills.
  22. If they both go, I think Eierman kid will keep it close in beginning but NATOs constant pressure eventually breaks through and he wins by 5-6, possibly major. All points scored by Mizzou will be escape points. NaTo is much different beast than those kids Eierman took out last week. But, I wouldn't at all be surprised if both NaTo and Bojo sit this dual out. It's no secret Ryan doesn't put much stock into duals. He SAYS he does but he really don't. It's all about March. If those two aren't at least 80% he will sit them. Yes, he did learn from Hunter.
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