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  1. You must not have watched many of the matches this past week. Some positions do require a bail out fairly quickly (as is true in folkstyle), but there was some incredible leg defense on display. Some of the techniques these guys use to defend takedowns are just amazing to watch. I like a good scramble as much as the next guy, but that's because it is actually wrestling. On the whole, there is just too little wrestling that takes place in folk and it is so clear that freestyle is the superior style. It would be a huge transition at first, but there is no doubt that everyone would benefit from this switch (except for the long guys who have no skill on the feet and win their matches with "riding"). I'm actually upset thinking about the high percentage of boring folkstyle matches we must endure.
  2. I'm a consistent yet casual follower of international wrestling, so please forgive me if this has been covered somewhere. Am I reading the bracket correctly when I see 16 wrestlers on the top half and 31 on the bottom half? How could this be considered a fair tournament with that sort of draw? I don't expect perfection in brackets, and I understand why seeds are not done (though if there is an objective method to rankings, why can't they use those same methods for seeds?!). I can accept that. But I cannot accept this. Thankfully more of the world doesn't follow this or we would lose all credibility as an athletic community. How does something like this happen? Ok, vent over.
  3. Agreed it was done correctly. But is that really the spirit of the rule? The only option is to let go to avoid stalling.
  4. Haha not sure where this anger comes from. You responding in such an intense and unwarranted manner makes you the one who seems incredibly insecure. Perhaps you are realbutos brother. And yes, in a wrestling sense, Realbuto definitely accomplished more than me very early in his career.
  5. It's not on Koll. I started this thread and clearly feel miller was the victor. But if the score was actually corrected at the end of regulation with miller declared the victor, Cornell would have had a reason to be upset. It was possible Realbuto could have scored near fall, but the scoreboard at that point may have influenced the way he ended regulation. Cornell has no duty to give away the win and the scoring blunder would have still been a blunder if it went the other way.
  6. CuZ he shouldn't. Yes, I just quoted myself.
  7. Then nothing. He's officially the champ. But everyone who cares knows he lost two rounds earlier. I actually question if Realbuto would consider himself a champ if he wins.
  8. How could he be tired when he was just given a finals appearance?
  9. You have no analytical ability in your brain. We agree his arm was raised.
  10. Honestly not realbutos fault. He's a stud and is championship caliber. Just not today. He will have an asterisk next to his name because of the p*****s on the tournament committee.
  11. Not hated, just least deserving.
  12. Everyone who cares about wrestling will place an asterisk next to your name. I really hope you don't care.
  13. Agreed. Never should a technical rule change the actual outcome. Anyone who watched knew who won. Again, realbuto, not your fault. But you don't deserve the finals.
  14. Well we have identified Realbuto's brother. You know he lost.
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