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  1. I'd put mack lewnes up there for ome of the top high school wrestlers from maryland.
  2. @ denny. I have miller losing to guys who are both seeded above him, so I think he just kindve got a bad draw when i filled out my brackets
  3. @denny: iMar is isaiah Martinez, not Ian miller
  4. @hurricane I also calculated the advancement points in as well.
  5. I have Miller beating welch and deangelis, then losing to Realbuto, then losing to Demas in the round of 12. But i could easily see him reversing that match. For Miklus, i have him losing to Thomas, beating Romanchik and Garcia, then losing to Dudley.
  6. Team Score: Iowa: 87.5 Missouri: 83 Minnesota: 78.5 Ohio State: 78.5 Penn State: 74 Cornell: 74
  7. Idk what placement points are, if someone could let me know i will calculate it up.
  8. 125 pounds: Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) Alan Waters (Missouri) Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) Joey Dance (Virginia Tech) Thomas Gilman (Iowa) Jordan Conaway (Penn State) Ronnie Bresser (Oregon State) Josh Martinez (Air Force) 133 pounds: Chris Dardanes (Minnesota) Jimmy Gulibon (Penn State) Ryan Taylor (Wisconsin) Cory Clark (Iowa) Cody Brewer (Oklahoma) AJ Schopp (Edinboro) Zane Richards (Illinois) Earl Hall (Iowa State) 141 pounds: Logan Stieber (Ohio State) Mitchell Port (Edinboro) Devin Carter (Virginia Tech) Lavion Mayes (Missouri) Josh Dziewa (Iowa) Nick Dardanes (Minnesota) Geo Martinez (Boise State) Randy Cruz (Lehigh) 149 pounds: Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern) Drake Houdashelt (Missouri) David Habat (Edinboro) Chris Villalonga (Cornell) Brandon Sorenson (Iowa) Zack Beitz (Penn State) Mikey Racciato (Pittsburgh) Hunter Stieber (Ohio State) 157 pounds: Dylan Ness (Minnesota) James Green (Nebraska) Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) Brian Realbuto (Cornell) Joey LaValee (Missouri) Josh Demas (Ohio State) Brian Murphy (Michigan) Nick Brascetta (Virginia Tech) 165 pounds: Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma State) Issac Jordan (Wisconsin) Nicholas Sulzer (Virginia) Bo Jordan (Ohio State) Taylor Walsh (Indiana) Pierce Harger (Northwestern) Dylan Palacio (Cornell) Peyton Walsh (Navy) 174 pounds: Robert Kokesh (Nebraska) Matthew Brown (Penn State) Mike Evans (Iowa) Logan Storely (Minnesota) Tyler Wilps (Pittsburgh) Blaise Butler (Virginia) Zach Epperly (Virginia Tech) John Eblen (Missouri) 184 pounds: Gabe Dean (Cornell) Blake Stauffer (Arizona State) Jack Dechow (Old Dominion) Max Thommuseit (Pittsburgh) Taylor Meeks (Oregon State) Nathaniel Brown (Lehigh) Hayden Zillmer (North Dakota State) Sammy Brooks (Iowa) 197 pounds: J'den Cox (Missouri) Morgan McIntosh (Penn State) Kyle Snyder (Ohio State) Scott Schiller (Minnesota) Kyven Gadsen (Iowa State) Nathan Burak (Iowa) Phil Wellington (Ohio) Connor Hartmann (Duke) 285 pounds: Mike Mcmullen (Northwestern) Nick Gwiazdowski (North Carolina State) Bobby Telford (Iowa) Adam Coon (Michigan) Connor Medberry (Wisconsin) Austin Marsden (Oklahoma State) Jimmy Lawson (Penn State) Ty Walz (Virginia Tech) If anyone has any questions about these placements, how they got there, where people who didn't place landed, etc, just ask and ill comment on what my bracket says.
  9. My senior year i cut from 235-245 during football season and then i wrestled 215 at the start of the season and all the way down to 189 by the end of the season. By the end of the season i was like 6% BF with an 8 pack and hankering for some food. After national preps i gained 23 pounds in 3 days.
  10. Here are my finals predictions. · 125 1. Delgado (if he wrestles) 2. Garrett 3. Waters 4. Gilman 5. Conaway 6. Peters 7. Dance 8. Tomasello · 133 1. Schopp 2. Dardanes 3. Brewer 4. Gulibon 5. Clark 6. Beckman 7. DiJulius 8. Hall · 141 1. 4Xer Stieber 2. Port 3. Carter 4. Dardanes 5. Martinez 6. Ashnault 7. Mayes 8. Dziewa · 149 1. Houdashelt 2. Tsirtsis 3. Habat 4. Kindig 5. Claxton 6. Bright 7. Stieber 8. Beitz · 157 1. Green 2. Ness 3. Miller 4. Martinez 5. Demas 6. Alton 7. Brascetta 8. Walker · 165 1. Dieringer 2. Sulzer 3. Issac Jordan 4. Moreno 5. Taylor Walsh 6. Harger 7. BoJo 8. Moore · 174 1. Kokesh 2. Brown 3. Evans 4. Storley 5. Epperly 6. Butler 7. Wilps 8. Eblen · 184 1. Dean 2. Dechow 3. Brown 4. Thomusseit 5. Stauffer 6. Brooks 7. Thomas 8. McCutcheon · 197 1. Cox 2. McIntosh 3. Schiller 4. Gadson 5. Burak 6. Snyder 7. Hartmann 8. Fox · 285 1. McMullan 2. Telford 3. Gwiz 4. Lawson 5. Marsden 6. Coon 7. Walz 8. Myers
  11. I think with McIntosh, his biggest problem is the sheer size of both Gadson and Cox. Last year Mac handled Schiller in the Dual Meet and he seems to do just fine against most 197 pounders. Ive always thought that McIntosh shouldve been a 184 pounder though.
  12. Pat Downey from Iowa Central will win 197 at the midlands. Kid is a goon, but he is a darn good wrestler.
  13. Todd Beckerman's brother Kyle was a high school state champ and is on the USMNT now.
  14. Oh yea. Duh. I was wondering why the Navy job would be better than AF. Although as far as cities go I'd choose Colorado Springs. Annapolis is a great city.
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