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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to hammerlockthree in Did Zadick get set up??   
    super dumb post
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    BaldwinKnowBest got a reaction from spladle08 in Any picks you feel you had 100% wrong?   
    What are you talking about?
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to MSU158 in 2019 NCAA individual champion predictions   
    I am really interested to see if Myles Amine can continue his rate of improvement.  He wrestled Zahid and Hall as well as anyone last year, passed up BoJo and took out Lewis.
    Hall is still the favorite, but Amine has the pedigree and his improvement each year goes all the way back to freshman year of High School.
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to PRyan2012 in Gadsen   
    Those two wins were only two/three years ago against Cox. And they were not fluke pins. Just saying if I were Gadsen I would get in shape-not saying he is a Gold medal threat. Snyder wins by 15 points over Gadsen SO WHY NOT TAKE A SHOT at Cox....... he has a chance is all I was saying.
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to LemonPie in USA vs Georgia 10am CT   
    Lol. Snyder demolishes him
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    BaldwinKnowBest got a reaction from Grecojones in USA vs Georgia 10am CT   
    Dake has been out put here pistol whipping people all weekend
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to superbowlhomeboy in Damion Hahn   
    Bruce Baimgartner is still the AD there. I feel like as long is that is true, they’d land on their feet.
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to redblades in Yianni torn ACL   
    In the alternative Bizzaro World, Koll would have pulled Yianni, (ignoring his protests) immediately during the Heil match and had him default out of the tournament.  Next season, Yianni would have transferred to Rutgers.
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to Lurker in Drexel Coaches   
    Was thinking about this earlier. If he was my kid (yes I called him kid, just like I did the college kids I coached), I wouldn't sit him out this tournament. But I would sit suspend him beginning of next year for certain number of competitions, to be determined by his behavior between now and then. It says look, I'm here for you, but that **** can't happen.
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    BaldwinKnowBest got a reaction from Old142 in DeSanto goes down   
    BS move by DeSanto IMO... and then he acted like a crybaby when he was penalized for it. I’m a fan of DeSanto but that was an awful display of sportsmanship.
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to HokieHWT in Let's talk about Mckenna   
    And Jack didn't win the  conference, so I think McKenna is seeded over him.
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    BaldwinKnowBest got a reaction from BigTenFanboy in Gable Steveson @ NCAAs THIS SEASON   
    I think he’s behind Snyder and Coon
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    BaldwinKnowBest got a reaction from mattchristensen112 in Seed 157   
    1. Hidlay 2. Nolf 3. LaValle 4. Kemerer 5. Shields
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to Billyhoyle in Te'shan Campbell   
    The fans who are "hugely dissapointed" and expressing that displeasure are the worst type of fans in sports-they completely lack class.  Ohio State had absolutely nothing at the weight, so had to rely on someone transferring in that had developed in another program.  He has performed to the level as he had prior to arriving at OSU (NQ quality wrestler but not an AA candidate).  He has a decent chance of winning 1 or 2 matches at NCAAs in the wrestlebacks...An outcome that would not be disappointing, but rather par to what was expected. 
    Is that result not good enough for Buckeye fans?  Well maybe they should consider developing their own wrestler at the weight.  I don't see PSU fans here complaining about Kuhn or Keener, expecting the two of them to AA. 
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    BaldwinKnowBest got a reaction from cjc007 in I really enjoyed the Alex Marinelli era   
    I’m even more convinced that Massa was really hurt this year and probably came back too soon. He’s incredibly skilled and has the heart of a lion. That OT takedown was amazing
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to Gantry in I really enjoyed the Alex Marinelli era   
    Massa looked dead to rights late, I have no idea how he found the will to get that TD in OT.  Pure heart right there...
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to lu_alum in Mark Hall Trend   
    Umm, Kyle Snyder? 
    For what it’s worth... when my dad was in HS, he cut hard to make 127 as a Soph. Decided to not cut as a JR and went at 145. When he weighed in for the day of his PA state final, the weigh master told him he was 1/2 pound overweight. He had to remind the weigh master that he was not a 138 pounder, but was at 145. Dad capped an undefeated JR season by winning a PA state and not cutting a pound all season.
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to cbg in Mark Hall Trend   
    For high school kids that want to do well it the state tournament I began suggesting the following about 5 years ago and it has worked very well.  Lift 4 days per week during the off season and 3 days per week during the season on a special program that we developed with the help of an NFL strength coach.  Eat very healthy during the season but during the offseason eat mostly what you enjoy.  After the high school season practice begins weigh yourself 3X per day (Morning before you eat, before practice and after practice) and begin to eat HEALTHY DIET.  Lower your carbs, no refined sugars and no soda.  After 3-4 weeks of hard practice and a healthy diet you may cut 5-10 pounds. What I have observed is that it is a long season and high school kids that cut large amounts of weight do very well at the beginning of the season but they seem to fade the last two or three weeks of the season.  With college kids that cut large amounts of weight I have noticed they have trouble staying healthy and they fight injuries and sickness during the season unless they take some time off during the season.  The college season is such a grind that I like to see the kids enter the conference tournament with having competed in about 25 matches.  If I were a college coach I would probably give each starter 2 weeks off sometime during the season where they were not allowed in the wrestling room.  They would lift and take some long runs but when they return the mind would be fresh.
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to BigTenFanboy in What is everyone’s wrestling experience?   
    Because you never wrestled your opinion matters more than anyone else. Wrestling could use more fans like you.
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to dtl38 in tOSU at Michigan - Prediction Thread   
    It’s tough to cheer for BoJo. At CKLV he had to wrestle after Zahid got the big lead. If it’s a close match he does nothing. It’s almost frustrating to watch him wrestle
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to treep2000 in tOSU at Michigan - Prediction Thread   
    Anymore, BoJo just lumbers around as a freakishly strong guy, and less of an actual wrestler. Ugh...
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to jchapman in tOSU at Michigan - Prediction Thread   
    Danger Zone count!
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    BaldwinKnowBest got a reaction from squeek in tOSU at Michigan - Prediction Thread   
    Jordan looked FLAAAAAAT!!!!
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    BaldwinKnowBest got a reaction from TheOhioState in Coach Cael Sanderson ---- Any Questions?   
    This loss is more about Campbell and Martin giving up bonus points in losses more than it is about Snyder not getting bonus IMO. Te’shan gets taken down in the last 15 seconds of the second and third period... Martin has a mental lapse and gets turns at the end of the third.
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    BaldwinKnowBest reacted to buckshot1969 in Anthony Cassar   
    This situation reminds me of the old phrase "Embarrassment of riches".  Cael needs to try to get one of them to drop to '57 or '25.
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