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  1. Perhaps I'm off base here, but... Isn't Chance Marsteller a 170 lb high school athlete who plans to attend Oklahoma State next fall? Yet the point of your post was to give props to a 141 lber from Penn state? I don't understand the correlation, unless of course, your initial post and choice of topic were a sad means of drawing views to your topic by referencing a hot button issues, then I totally understand! After all, why not poke fun and make jokes about high schoolers as a responsible adult, it's for the sake of thread views. I know as a high school senior I certainly had no worries or insecurities like girls, hair color, acne, complete dependence on my parents, homework, grades, dating, shaving, getting into college, etc. In fact, at 18 I had my entire life plan, major, minor, ideal girl, ideal state of occupancy, life goals, desired income, retirement plans, investment strategies planned out! I just posted a joke on a grooming forum that I frequent (I'm a big proponent of straight razor shaves and organic hair products) where I chastised a fourteen year old poster for his inability to grow a full mustache! I called him a Marsteller due to the unsure nature of his upper lip growth! Ah, I love demeaning youngsters as a means of drawing attention to myself, a desire I hold dear due to the lack of attention I received from my folks growing up. Get a life. Seriously. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
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    Take it back

    My cover-band of wrestlers, "The Rolling Stones" (the rolling is for drilling, and the stones is for weight increments) has actually been playing this song of DF's locally, and receiving massive fan support. So much so, that we introduced a new cover-track into the mix. Angie, Angie, why did all these weights disappear? Angie, Angie, where will it lead wrestling from here? With no loving for our sport, and no money in our short-shorts You can't say we're on the rise But Angie, Angie, you can't say we never tried Angie, you're quite skilled, but don't cut out the guys Angie, I still love you, remember drilling those slide-bys? All the dreams we held so close, and now I'm skin and bones Let me whisper in your ear: Angie, Angie, why did my weight class disappear? Oh, Angie, don't you know, you can wrestle in Rio, Look at our emaciated eyes But Angie, Angie, please don't cut the guys With no loving for our sport and no money in our short-shorts You can't say we're on the rise But Angie, I still love you, baby But Everywhere I look I see less guys There ain't no women that comes close to you Come on baby, my kidneys are fried But Angie, Angie, at least wrestling's alive Angie, Angie, my weight class has died. Come on out to the next show!
  3. Neither, it was an open tournament we do every year called "Grappling for Gary" where anyone can wrestle: parents, high schoolers, etc. Gary was a local wrestling parent who lost wrist mobility due to carpal tunnel, so every year we do a fun tourney to raise money and awareness for this often misunderstood plight. We don't even do weigh-ins, as it's all in fun, and in the end every participant gets a blue ribbon with Gary's motto on it ("sing like no ones listening, dance like no ones watching, love like you'll never get hurt, and type like your median nerve isn't compressed"). The match in question took place in the semis and was between two first time wrestlers. Our refs are typically very understanding and lenient considering the disparities in age, weight, and experience, but this ref tried his best to take the fun out of it for everyone (he told my nephew his chapped Lips was actually herpes, and wouldn't let them wrestle). He won't be welcome here next year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  4. Come on, Gang. Who among us DOESN'T "humble-brag?" "How was you're morning?" "Awful! Before work on my daily TEN MILE RUN I stepped in dog sh*t!" "How was the party?" "Terrible. All these YOUNG COLLEGE CHICKS were there for a bachelorette party and WOULDN'T STOP HITTING ON ME. It's like 'Hello! I'm in love and married!' Ugh!" "Hey man, how was your day?" "It was garbage! I pinned this guy and got my 100TH BONUS POINT WIN and all of these grown men on a message board won't stop talking about how cocky I am because of it!"
  5. His hair was similar in terms of style, but much more voluminous. After he shaved it that day, his mop refused to ever grow back the same way again. He missed out on his hollywood calling and still lives around town. We haven't talked much since I caught him trying to strip copper wire out of my telephone cord during my super bowl party a year ago. His hair looks like this now. http://smg.photobucket.com/user/gygax/m ... n.jpg.html
  6. Perhaps I should clarify. The teammate he encouraged to cut down was our team captain that year. He started wrestling as a freshman and was thrown into the lions den, accruing a varsity record of 0-26, but was never pinned. Before that day I had only known him as "best hair" in the school superlatives He worked his tail off, wrestling all off season, despite the rigors of a full time job to support his family. We all looked up to him, and by the time junior year rolled around, he placed at state. Despite modeling offers from Vidal Sassoon and Head and Shoulders seeking his locks in Hollywood, he decided to finish his education and wrestling career as a senior. Our mystery financier and team captain were immediately at odds. The first day at practice, cap stayed longer to shadow wrestle and jump rope as he always did. The mustached man told him to hit the showers, but cap asked for but a few more minutes, as he figured his toughest opponents were likely "hitting the showers" at that moment, and he needed to outwork them. He was due at his factory job in an hour, and wanted a little more training time. The money man was upset by this insubordination, telling cap that if he didn't stop working so hard, he would see to it that the factory he worked at would cease to exist in a weeks time (I googled his claim that his family owned it, and he was not lying.) For the next two practices Mr. Stache did whatever he could to break Cap's spirit. The suggestion to cut 27 lbs was scoffed at by all until the great stache/cash man insisted it would help the team. Cap took this very seriously, and tried to make the cut. Mustache man had a "trial weigh in" for him during his last practice. 3 oz's shy, and severely dehydrated, mr. Stache produced a pair of hair clippers. Cap obliged his wish. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  7. DF, If you're being serious, I think our paths have crossed before. 8 years ago I was a high school junior at a rather worn down inner city school. The previous year our school levy had failed, so our wrestling program was in jeopardy of getting chopped. On the first day of practice we all waited on the mats without even bothering to change, knowing that the coach was just going to announce the shut down of the program. Instead he introduced a mustachioed man in a tailored 3 piece suit. My coach basically explained that the man was going to finance the program for the remainder of the year, and we all gave him a round of applause. He literally reveled in our applause for a moment and then silenced us and said "it's no big deal, my family is loaded." He stayed on as an assistant coach for 3 practices until my head coach was fed up. He was constantly spitting on the mats, only coached the better wrestlers on the team (tilts were it), encouraged newer wrestlers to quit, and tried to convince our 130 lber to cut to 103 "for the team." The final straw was when we were about to do conditioning. We would typically do 20-30 rounds of suicides. After just one sprint, our coach called us to the line again. Our new financier couldn't believe it. He grabbed our coach by the throat and screamed "YOU'RE GOING TO KILL THESE KIDS!" and told us to go to the showers. He wasn't welcome back, all of the financing was pulled, and for the remainder of the season all of the wrestlers had to sell beaded lizards and popcorn balls at lunch to get gas money for tournaments. Was this you, or someone else?
  8. Mark is definitely the focus, not just of the trailer, but the story itself. I believe I actually heard that some of the source material was an unpublished autobiography by Mark. A wrestler who has already reached the pinnacle of success by winning an Olympic Gold Medal lives in near poverty, anonymous to the general public, and in his well-loved older brothers shadow even within the wrestling community. Along comes a dream scenario where a millionaire comes out of nowhere and offers to fund your training, provide accommodations and living expenses out of their simple desire to see the US succeed. The catch? He's out of his mind. Sound like a pretty dramatic tale to me. As for whether the movie will be "good" or "portray wrestling in a positive" light, I think it will portray it in a realistic light, which is in itself "good." Not in the sense that it will make kids jump up and down and say "I want to do that!" But In the sense that the next time they see Olympic or collegiate wrestling on TV, they'll stay on the channel out of interest and reverence for a breed that joe average never realized sacrificed so much for so little. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  9. I read a version of the script a little while ago (they often go through multiple drafts and revisions) and Mark is definitely the central focus.
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