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  1. Edinboro will not win an NCAA team championship next year and Flynn is an outstanding coach. Ohio State will be the team to beat
  2. Many wrestlers repeat a grade before the clock starts in high school. Others are forced to repeat during high school to meet academic requirements at Prep Schools. Who cares. Wyoming Sem accomplished something great by snapping Blair's 33-year streak. Not to mention the fact that they did it in dominating fashion. It will be exciting to see how the season shakes out next year between these two teams.
  3. Sem DOMINATED Blair."bunch of injuries" reflects poor coaching/over-training. PG's are allowed to wrestle at National Preps, so if Blair chooses to not accept them that's their choice. Regardless, Blair hasn't been beat at this tournament in a LONG time. Give credit where credits due ....
  4. It's impossible to rate a fantasy team without knowing the number of people in your league ...
  5. Solving a Rubic's Cube is tough. Those who can do it are definitely tougher than wrestlers too ...
  6. Cael Sanderson / Mark Perry / Roger Kish off the top of my head.
  7. I have yet to understand why Dake receives so much praise for winning 4 titles at 4 different weights. It's not like our collegiate wrestlers are automatically harder to beat as you move up in weight classes. The level of competition is random. Winning 4 titles is absolutely amazing and solidifies his legendary status in our sport, but the fact that he did it at 4 different weight classes means nothing unless he stepped on the scale at NCAA's weighing a weight class below the one he competed at. I'm guessing he didn't, but I will give him credit for not sucking down to 157 to avoid Taylor. It was clearly a ballsy and SMART move, evident by his recent overtime match with Burroughs.
  8. Gavin would soundly beat Dake and Taylor at current weights. Stupid thread.
  9. My thoughts for whatever they're worth is the guy definitely shouldn't have said what he said, but Herbert shouldn't of called him out on the internet either. Since when is it ever cool to confront someone on the internet?
  10. Maybe if you weren't a National Prep runner-up I'd say your story was inspirational. Don't you people realize were talking about a kid that failed to qualify for a state tournament. I've read all your great "walk-on" stories, but those "walk-ons" were WAY more accomplished than this guy. You are all setting him up for failure and the beatings of a lifetime. I'm surprised no one has told the kid to go watch Rudy for some inspiration.
  11. Sorry guys, this isn't a Lifetime movie. The reality of the situation here is that a kid who has failed to win a district title wants to compete for the number one collegiate program in the country. He's going to walk in that room and get thrown around like a rag doll. Anyone that has a remote shot at ever seeing the starting lineup will avoid practicing with him at all costs. In fact, Cael will be wise to ensure of it because you don't get better by wrestling much less skilled opponents. Unless he agrees to do the teams homework, they will all reject him because his presence will diminish the "prestige" of the room. Sure, he can certainly work his ass off and possibly earn a spot on the roster, but for what? So he can tell people he wrestled for Penn State? ... so those people can think he was better than he actually was? ... when in reality, he spent 4 years trying to learn algebra while Cael was teaching physics. A full academic scholarship is much more impressive than a full athletic scholarship. Is it possible that you make the roster if you work harder than you've ever worked in your life? Yes, possible .. but my advice to you is to use that academic scholarship wisely and spend all your energy in the classroom. Become the best at whatever it is you want to be. If you have the itch to wrestle, find a local club and enter some open tournaments.
  12. dclark145, Congrats on receiving a full-ride to Penn State for your academic excellence. You're obviously a smart guy, so why would you be "crushed at the very, very likely thought that Coach Sanderson will not let a run-of-the-mill district runner up touch foot inside his wrestling room." You chose to attend a school that currently has the best collegiate wrestling program in the entire country. No offense, but what makes you think you're worthy of the attention from Cael Sanderson? Don't you realize that time spent working with you is less time spent working with anyone else? I'm sorry, but if your highest finish in high school was second at districts, you don't deserve to be in that room ... just like a blue chip high school wrestler carrying a GPA of 2.0 doesn't deserve to wrestle for Harvard. Your lack of skills will cause more harm to the opponents that practice with you than good. I'm sorry if I'm not telling you what you want to hear, but it's the truth.
  13. Good points. What about academics? I have no idea how difficult it is to get accepted to Buffalo, but as far as I know Bloom accepts pretty much anyone that can read and write.
  14. Guess it's time to see how good of a coach Stutz really is. He has a big challenge in front of him, but the same can be said about his time at Bloom and he certainly didn't disappoint. Putting a program like Buffalo on the map can only help the sport. Wish him the best.
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