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  1. Joe Williamson was one of the original guys, who used to be referred to once upon a time as Joe Flo. I have known him for many years and cannot stress enough how great of a person he is.
  2. Lots of other bad incidents that I had forgotten about. The Cornell kid vs Lehigh and DeSanto vs Micic are the two worst that stand out on the list to me. Another addition, though it didn't happen during the match, was McDonough taking second at big 10s and his trophy was almost immediately found in a trash can at the venue and posted online. Not the worst reaction ever, but he probably could have waited until he got home to pitch it.
  3. John Smith had a pretty good moment with the official in the Oliver/Stieber match, though he was somewhat warranted in his complaint there..
  4. Honorable mentions to Koll, Manning and Brands for pretty much being obnoxious babies on a daily basis.
  5. Who are the contenders for throwing the biggest fit/temper tantrum of all time after suffering a loss? I will note a couple of contenders but I'm sure I have forgotten some pretty legendary meltdowns over the years. Metcalf shoving Caldwell down mid flip. I'm sure the Hawk faithful will defend this one stating there was .1 seconds left on the clock, but we all know the truth. Metcalf couldn't handle the beating that Caldwell laid out for him in the NCAA finals. Taylor in match 3 vs Cox. Wow was this one ugly. A very poor look by the Magic Man followed up by equally gross behavior on social media while Cox went on to win a bronze medal at the World Championships. Jadidi trying to raise his own hand and then crying to the mat judges. Legendary breakdown. Team Mongolia. Protest away, big guys. This was without a doubt the best reaction to a loss ever and happened at the Olympics to boot. Kyle Dake in any match he's lost. What a baby. Terry Brands trying to climb a fence after his loss at WTT? I believe it took Gable and Tom to pull him down otherwise we may never have seen him again. Any others that deserve inclusion?
  6. did JO or Nolf even try to score a real point? My god what a boring match.. Lugo clearly too big for Pletcher imo and had a dominant win. Best match of the night was Sanders vs. Richards. The greco/Freestyle match with Downey was zzz
  7. I assume they may be referencing Aragona, who is going to be a standout kid one day. Not sure if he is top 10 atm, but if he jumps to 149 and has another year to build (and look at his workout partners, wow..) he will be a force. I don't think Suriano comes back, and certainly not at 125, but if he did imagine the starting line up of Suriano, Alvarez, Rivera and Aragona. That is a force to start any dual meet.
  8. Imagine if Suriano was in the mix and still able to hold 125.. that 1, 2, 3 punch would be as good as anyone's including Iowa..
  9. I don't care what weight it is at anymore, Dake over Taylor no matter what at this point.
  10. 1. Zain Retherford (likely 4x undefeated if he didn't go as a true frosh) 5,1,1,1 2x Hodge 2. DT 2,1,2,1 2x Hodge 3. Nolf 4. Ruth 5. Nickal
  11. I like the picks, pretty close to what I had on my bracket.
  12. Perry


    The bumped line up looks very solid, and may be the best bets for high placements for the seniors. 165 is so stacked though a healthy Massa is right there with any of those guys. Having been battling injuries in college it may be better for his body to not have to constantly get his weight down (though 165 from 170 if that number is true is not much of a difference). I will say, I am not sure I see Massa beating Kemmerer as much as I could see him winning over Marinelli, but there are also 5 or 6 guys around Marinelli's level where there are maybe 1 or 2 others somewhat close to Kem. Salty looking line up.
  13. Lee vs glory this past year. Either brands/lee ducks (multiple times) or a virus derails the entire tourney
  14. Storr over lee, interesting.though not THAT surprising I suppose. Some interesting matches come up next.
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