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  1. Perry

    Iowa vs Iowa State

    ISU wins at 133, 141 and 149. 197 will be an Iowa forfeit, can't have any bruises on Warner's ego. 184 is only other swing match but I would favor Iowa.
  2. Perry

    Cornell's Logjam at 133

    Is freddy stroker starting for the big red this year? I imagine Yianni has one more season at 141 before he bumps up
  3. Perry

    Fix vs Gross/Lizak this weekend

    1-1. Beats gross but loses to lizak
  4. Perry

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    Mekhi Lewis - starter Dayton fix - back up
  5. Perry

    Mekhi Lewis will go undefeated until NCAAs

    Last mandatory standing unfortunately didn't happen this year
  6. Perry

    Penn State vs Iowa

    Lol ouch.. nice timing by flo
  7. Perry

    Penn State vs Iowa

    Sad to see there is no chance of this happening this season. We have seen one or two matches from each guy so far for the most part, where do you think think things would stack up in a dual? 125: Lee by tech over whoever Penn State throws (maybe he is nice to his buddy Teasdale and only majors him if he's in play) 5-0 Iowa 133: RBY by decision over DeSanto. Iowa fans begin to lose their minds (more than they already have) 5-3 Iowa 141: Lee by decision over Murin. Not much to say here, Murin is tough but Lee looks better. 6-5 Penn State 149: Verkleeren by decision over Lugo. I would have given the nod to Lugo before his loss to an unranked wrestler. Give me Verk till Lugo earns it back. 9-5 Penn State 157: Nolf by fall. Young in for a whooping here. 15-5 Penn State 165: Joseph by decision over Marinelli. Could theoretically go either way and the Bull does own the only W between the two. Still gotta favor Joseph here. 18-5 Penn State 174: Hall by decision over Kemmerer. Another potential swing match but gotta favor Hall until Kem shows he can jump 2 weight classes and still be so dominant. 21-5 Penn State 184: Rasheed by decision over Wilcke. Could be a good match but Rasheed just has better partners and coaches his size to roll around with. 24-5 Penn State 197: Nickal by forfeit. If Brands is scared to wrestled a beat up Conel then he's definitely not throwing Warner out there against Nickal, not when they are down by 19. Nickal by fall if Warner decides he's competing that day 30-5 Penn State 285: Stoll by decision over Cassar. Stoll will stall out a W here IMO. He has good heavy hips and will likely employ his patented underhook pushout we have seen the last couple seasons now. Iowa is just a little shy of hitting a double digit score. 30-8 Penn State final. Anyone think the Hawks can keep it close and respectable? They have a solid lineup this season but Penn State is next level once again this season.
  8. That sounds like the opposite of an upset?
  9. Perry

    Is Iowa PA-west (or midwest)?

    Iowa is the Mizzou of this season. Withholding guys from competition with an already weak schedule to have better seeds come post. A sad reality in the NCAAs today is that multiple teams are playing this game.
  10. Perry


    Conel stated he would not compete after Warner was pulled. There's more to this than just Conel as justafan stated above. He is being withheld from arguably the only tough part of his season prior to B1G.
  11. Perry


    Warner was back in september. He's not ready to go 6 weeks later? If he's not hurt then hes being held out for another reason and seed protection is the likely answer imo. Imagine if it was "tan tom" at tosu doing this. The iowa fan base would crucify him (again). I suppose double standards are a part of every fanbase, though..
  12. Perry


  13. Perry


    He didn't seem to be feeling too bad to participate in their wrestle offs, but those September tournaments could certainly take their toll mid-November
  14. Perry


    Just saw Brands is holding out Warner this weekend vs Kent State. Something going on here or is Brands trying to preserve Warner's ego a little bit by not sending him into the deep end right away? Not overly impressed with iowa if it is the latter (which I am guessing it is).
  15. Perry

    Hands to the face

    Smythe looked really good, very quick leg attacks. Definitely looks to have jumped levels from his last season performance