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  1. Penn state wins this dual easy. Iowa vs mizzou would be a more fun match up imo
  2. Hard to argue too much with that list.
  3. Is Suriano Spencer's best win in folk? Suriano > Tomasello > who next? Just wondering how many "top guys" he has beaten vs Yianni.
  4. Fair point. Significantly better than the rest though.
  5. Nick Lee is significantly better than every wrestler who beat Spencer. Any arguments?
  6. Both Yianni and Spencer have their chances at being 4 timers this season. When you compare the two, which do you think ranks higher on the all time 4xer list (assuming both get the job done)? Dominance overall has to go to Lee IMO. If he maxes his scoring potential at NCAAs this year I believe he would end up at #2 overall all time in scoring at NCAAs. If you aren't in the same tier as him you are likely not going to keep the match to a decision. Yianni has better wins, fewer losses and a dominant win (<1 minute FS tech fall) over Rivera who has multiple wins over Spencer, granted in different styles. Add in a senior level world silver medal now as well.. Overall I have to give this to Yianni. Thoughts?
  7. I'll take cox over Taylor at 86kg for the Olympics. One more year of being on top got magic man tho
  8. Anyone know if tickets are available for in person attendance or is this online stream only?
  9. SVN, Kennedy and Feldman are my top 3 picks here
  10. Lemley didn't have control on the past TD they called for him imo. Did not have a head and arm or cover under both arms.
  11. He should have beaten him then
  12. I don't remember a single one of those matches being particularly exciting either
  13. How many times did Marinelli and Evan wick wrestle? Seems like Marinelli won most of the matches except when they really counted.
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