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  1. Nothing controversial about those takes on Afghanistan just fyi.
  2. Perry


    Just had a great tournament at WTT with wins over marsteller, wick and even Jason nolf to make the national team. How do you all think he finishes this season? Can he repeat and keep kemmerer from being a national champ?
  3. Now that we know our team, what do you all think of their chances at the world championships? Do we know the starting teams for Russia, Iran, etc just yet? Feeling pretty confident that we could medal at every weight, though I'm certainly not betting on that happening.
  4. 79kg semis represents 10 ncaa titles between the 4 athletes. Very impressive collegiate resumes for each guy.
  5. Garrett falls to colon 13 to 12. Lots of scoring...
  6. 125 - glory 133 - rby 141 - Lee 149 - yianni 157 - deakin 165 - otoole 174 - kemmerer 184 - brooks 197 - Mr deadlift 285 - parris (no steveson) Team - PSU
  7. That explains a lot of what I'm seeing these days..
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