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  1. Perry

    Pick 1 wrestler from your team who embodies it

    Marinelli for iowa and nolf for penn state seem like solid picks
  2. Perry

    New Rules

    It's hard to get your offense going when your opponent is a defensive specialist. It's even harder when you get a 10 minute break in the middle of every period. It's harder still when you get called for hands to the face before you can get going in ot.
  3. Perry

    Desanto Team Point

    Comparing desanto to nickal is both comical and highly disingenuous
  4. Perry

    Suriano vs DeSanto Friday night

    I think suriano is closer to a major than desanto is to getting a w
  5. Perry

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    I wouldn't completely rule Murin out. He's on the outside looking in but he is a tough kid. Needs a bit more diversity to his offense and could do without the Iowa tough guy act (see Alber match at Midlands)
  6. Perry

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    I doubt they would look to get rid of Eggum so quickly, they are looking to get over the dark legacy that Lizak left for J Rob. Things seem to be on the up and up and they have a very real possibility of having an NCAA champ again this season in Steveson
  7. Perry

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    Just got to watch all of desanto's "celebration". What a jack off. his behavior is nothing remotely close to steveson and certainly not nickal like vak tried alluding to. This kid seems like a legit psychopath
  8. Perry

    Celebrations: response to Gf and Ash

    Was Ashnault pointed for the pistols or comments made to G after he got shoved? I was under the impression that he was cussing after the push and that was what got Rutgers docked a team point. Could definitely be wrong here though
  9. Perry

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    I am no fan of Desanto but you have to give him and the Iowa staff credit, he is phenomenally improved on bottom compared to last year. I imagine working out with Lee every day will help with that.
  10. Perry

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    I don't recall Nickal doing the throat slash, I thought his was holding a hand to his ear
  11. Perry

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    lol Austin DeSanto, really good at making new fans out of people..
  12. I could have done without remembering that piss poor officiating. Just listening to the ref speak you could tell he was clueless. Is that idiot still around?
  13. Perry

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    Should have been hit for stalling again, not that it would matter. Refs seem scared to hit him for stalling for some reason. Wonder what's going on with him. Midlands was several weeks ago so I dont want to hear the flu argument
  14. Perry

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    Anyone who expected Stoll was fooling themselves, hes not going to wrestle anyone tough until maybe big 10s and even then I predict he does the bare minimum to get to nationals (expecting at least one mff)