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  1. As I recall the refs screwed bo Jordan en route to hall winning his first title. If he doesn't do it this year he will be a 1 timer* the same way some people say stieber was a 4 timer*
  2. I think pletcher takes one of the three, not sure if it happens at big 10 or ncaas but I picked big 10 win
  3. Wow what a weak 125 this year from the b1g
  4. A look to call stalling out as stalling... the irony that I am hearing this from an iowa fan lol
  5. Do you deny young stalled on top? You're deflecting to what you believe he did in neutral despite his inability to score
  6. Young's stalling on top was too much for minny to overcome in 2ot
  7. Murin and Lugo wrestled great matches to beat game opponents. Both their reattacks were aa sharp as can be
  8. Berge flatter than pletcher and for a longer time and not dinged once. Great officiating.
  9. Same thing I have said about Lugo getting aa status for years. Though he did manage to squeak by last season. Agree with your thoughts on sasso winning it btw.
  10. Crowd asleep? Sounds like they were indeed watching verk wrestle.. he does next to nothing but stay in good position.
  11. In neutral after lee put 2 shots together. It was an inexcusable call
  12. Lee looked great in winning but pretty boring on top. Ref gets an f for his part.
  13. Second one I can understand but holy cow that first one was garbage. Gifting lee
  14. Atrocious stall call against pletcher
  15. Probably the highlight dual for Friday night leading to a couple great big 10 duals later in the weekend. What do people think about the match ups? Any intriguing things to look forward to?
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