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  1. Burroughs would run right through nolf
  2. I think the university would be happy with no major scandals with wins being secondary at this point
  3. he looks like he is battling some injuries. Could very well end up as having one phenomenal tournament in his college career but would like to see him AA again
  4. I agree that Young is overlooked, he is tough
  5. Braunagles looked solid and scrappy, I foresee some solid results for them going forward. Flynn was winning 2-0 and gave up a late TD to tie it and ultimately lose it in OT to Gunther. That was the match that decided the dual and was in Flynn's high school gymnasium. Gotta be a rough feeling for the guy.
  6. I won't make a prediction for who the favorite is but I would LOVE to see Lee vs DeSanto at 141. Two guys with huge motors going at it start to finish.. sign me up. Pletcher DeSanto would be a repeat of last year IMO, close scoring where either one could win. Now Demas vs Desanto.... oooooo doggy
  7. I hear DeSanto is up at 141 so may not happen. I would take RBY over Teasdale all day though..
  8. Nebraska seems like a better fit than PSU. Good fit at 149 for college and the RTC is obv good with Burroughs and Green being there (plus coaching). Why wrestle with Zain all the time when he already has the advantage? Iowa and tOSU seem like possible fits as well pending the weight class. EDIT* It is a pretty interesting comment about the lack of RTC at Mizzou which is what the top B1G schools are focusing on now. Hopefully a wake up call to Smith after losing both Cox and now Eirmann. The program collegiality could be fine considering Leeth and Mauller but this is a loss and call for the need of promising futures post college (beyond the "professional" field)
  9. 1. DeSanto/Suriano tie for my number one want to see 2. Mark Hall
  10. I posted a gif of that exchange right after it happened. It definitely should have been a takedown for Dean, but even with the call I could easily see Nickal coming up with an extra sequence to score in some crazy fashion. Still a bad call though in my opinion
  11. Cox is 2-1 vs dake and taylor. Both are beneath him.
  12. Perry

    Who's #1

    Massa hasn't been the same since his knee injury, I do think that took a lot out of him. His older brother was also a stud recruit who didn't pan out in college though, so maybe he could be focused on more than one thing? Pretty sure Marinelli has had a torn ligament the last two seasons that hasn't kept him from competing so there are examples of guys able to tough it out through some pretty serious damage. Agree on the Kennedy/Marinelli comparison and do think Iowa is a great fit for the guy. He is going to be a good one to watch
  13. I think this with the exception of heavy is what I would predict. Kerk needs to rest his knee IMO and there is no reason to rush it when you have Singletary ready to go. Take the year to heal more and learn with kyle and company. A solid team but still likely a tick behind Penn State and Iowa so no need to burn Red Shirts IMO. With this lineup I predict they would AA at 133, 141, 149, 174 and 197 (heavy with Kerk, maybe with Single but I wouldn't bank on it). Again, solid team that contends for a trophy but no where near enough horse power to break into the top 2.
  14. Perry

    Who's #1

    FLO and Beat the Streets don't seem to understand that they need more room for safety beyond just the mat. Pretty laughable they didn't think about (or maybe they just don't care) something so obvious. This isn't nearly as bad as the beat the streets stage from a safety standpoint but should have still been addressed.
  15. Perry

    Who's #1

    Voinovich is mean as can be on top. Got the fall in the second periond over Vasquez
  16. Perry

    Who's #1

    You could tell he was a little green in freestyle but he did look decent. Thought that could have been a 2 and 2 position at the very end. Would have been better off stalling it out or giving up 1 like you said, though
  17. Perry

    Who's #1

    I'm on the other end with Ybarra, I didn't think he looked that impressive but did have a noticeably better gas tank. Fig is the real deal. Not sure I have ever seen takedowns off of shots like that. Wow.
  18. All very valid points. Most interesting to me is that Downey has a junior world silver and Zain was never able to make the team being beaten out by Tsirtsis and Pico multiple times.
  19. Agreed. I would be okay with even keeping a criteria system to say listen, you have a 30 second OT period and if you DON'T score you lose. At least give a chance to response to a step out to tie a match with 1 second left where you can't possibly respond
  20. 57 - Fix 65 - Yianni 74 - Burroughs 86 - Cox 97 - Snyder 125 - Steveson
  21. I think Cinnamon Bun is still sleeping so thought I would pose this question in his place. In his first Senior worlds appearance Pat Downey went 2-1 doubling the lifetime wins Zain has at this tournament and half the losses. Is there a case to be made that from a P4P standpoint Downey is slightly ahead of Retherford? Seems like a legit question to me... I will say yes. for now at least.
  22. Gwiz was the biggest surprise not to medal IMO. Fix was a potential (somewhat suspect officiating) and Green with the right draws had a chance. Retherford had the worst possible draw and 1-1 was probably the ceiling for him even if he got through the first match. Downey going 2-1 was as good if not better than we could have hoped for with Taylor being hurt. If Dake gets gold and Snyder/Graff take bronze it is about as good of a championships as we could have hoped for minus Burroughs and Snyder maybe placing a little higher.
  23. You are correct, I was thinking he had given up a step out in one of his matches but was wrong. Unscored upon entirely.. What a monster
  24. Cox didn't give up a TD at this year's championships. How many did he give up last year? I know it couldn't have been many, but man... The guy is so tough to score on it's unreal. Great win for J'Den, excited to see him at either 86 or 97 next season!
  25. The fact that chamizo literally forfeited a finals appearance vs Burroughs and stoll got the 1 seed is absurd
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