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  1. Hidlay should end up 165 if he wants to bump imo
  2. You can't be the goat period if you have a loss, so there's that?
  3. Based on his latest Instagram post with his dad it looks like he has a lot of ISU blood running through his veins
  4. Burroughs time to get into something else? Maybe has a run at 79 for the next few years to tie/beat Smith's record?
  5. Flo reporting today that both deans are likely going somewhere in MI. If Michigan can land Dean their lineup at the upper weights could go amine, Griffith, Dean, brucki, parris. Pretty salty row of talent right there if a couple things fall into place.
  6. Best of luck to Brady Berge on his next pursuits. Best to hang it up before those health issues get worse. What does this mean for the future of 157 at PSU?
  7. Word from the training camps is that Cox absolutely had the advantage over Snyder. No idea if true, just what the rumor mill is putting out there.
  8. Sadulaev. One of the best ever...
  9. Olympics come and go, but the opportunity to be a 27 year old national champ is quite rare (in d1)
  10. Cox has beaten dake so...... #1?
  11. DT may be the most self interested person in this tournament, I'm not surprised.
  12. I guess he usually doesn't throw epic tantrums on the mat, storm off and later trash talk Cox for not winning gold at the Olympics. He comes off as cocky, trashy and generally unlikeable. Hope he wins gold for the USA, but personally would laugh if he went 0-1.
  13. It was complete trash. Basically what I have come to expect from nbc and their affiliate networks/groups though tbh.
  14. JB can still go up to 79 and probably get his 6th world title up there
  15. Will JB be the one up at 79kg from now on?
  16. You don't know this a fact do you? You're claiming it like it is so I'm just curious how in the know you really are.
  17. If Taylor gets beat by bo does he wrestle Zahid for true 2nd?
  18. 1000% this. Absolutely terrible decision making in choosing that color scheme
  19. Vito in 3 JO in 2 Burroughs in 3 Taylor in 3 Snyder in 2 Steveson in 2
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