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  1. hypothetical duel meet. 2013 wins a close one
  2. Did he personally apologize to those he disrespected on the podium and the officials of the tournament? I'm doing that googling thing on the internets and I can't find that article. I could care less if he could care less what he thinks. He's done. Time for the new kids on the block... he doesnt have to apoligize to anyone...but im sure u know how it is at what ever top ten d1 program u start for
  3. dake loses another fantasy match... he might be a 4x champ but his fantasy record isnt lookin too good
  4. watch any tyler caldwell match if you really want to know what stalling is
  5. delgado over nico steiber over ramos steiber over maple oliver over chamberlin dsj over welch dake over taylor perry over storley ruth over bennet Q over kilgore nelson over bradley this is how its gunna happen
  6. chris conti - spladle dake was winning 13-2? just a guess though it was probably on mat 6 in the quarter finals on mat 6 year was probably 2006 but hey idk
  7. chris conti - spladle dake was winning 13-2? just a guess though
  8. no ur wrong paddock beat him in state finals vinson won in a duel
  9. a$$hole hahahahhah... who did andrew lose to?
  10. 125:Mcd 133:logan steiber 141:hunter snipper 149:jordan oliver 157:dsj 165:kyle dake 174:chris perry 184:ed ruth 197:Qw 285:tony nelson
  11. that makes way too much sense for pa fan to comprehend. clearly jenkins just hit a great "offensive" move while "offending" a hi-crotch hahha
  12. ha don't even bother arguing with pa fan this guy drinks taylors bath water, and cant ever accept that hes wrong like a man, as evidence by the sig bet that he "technically" lost
  13. does the entire pay out go to the winner or is it split between 2nd 3rd place etc?
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