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  1. Alyosha

    Zain's left knee?

    Ah yes, because we all know how women so much more than men are known for their blind loyalty to sports figures. I agree that outcome isn’t decided, but your sexist ad hominem attack detracts from your point rather than helping it.
  2. Alyosha

    Most Exciting Match of the Tournament?

    Yianni vs Demas was great. Really, all 3 of Yianni's matches from the Quarters on were exciting and close. He is some type of magician with his counter offense. He benefited from a couple of calls that could just as easily have gone the other way.
  3. Alyosha

    Pittsburgh grades

    I loved it and thought Pittsburgh was great. This was my first time going to the tournament, so I can't compare it to other years. The arena staff was friendly and helpful. Food at the NCAA experience was great. Local food was great. The one bar I went to on the South Side even had a Friday Lenten menu, which I appreciated as a Catholic.
  4. Alyosha

    Maryland Coach (over/under)

    I have no inside knowledge of anything, but I wonder if Beckerman would be interested in coming back. He was an assistant at UMD before going to Brown, and he's a local guy.
  5. You forgot to translate the last line of the interview: Quint Kessenich: "What's it feel like?" Sadulaev: "I just want some ice cream, man. I just want some ice cream!" [runs off screaming] source:
  6. Alyosha

    King Dynamite

    One of the most impressive things about Dake is how he can be both so explosive and so stingy with points. He's almost always been able to eek out the tight matches, even in college. (Although I'm happy DT has nudged him into going for the explosive more often.) It would have been fun to see him put up big points again in the final, but frankly I don't worry about Dake in a 1-0 or 2-0 match. His defense is so good, he can make a two point lead feel insurmountable.
  7. not sure if this was selectively edited to make Snyder look bad or whether the big guy just has that much advantage over the smaller guy:
  8. Alyosha

    Russian Nationals Finals Videos

    79 kg - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9AXvql3-Ro
  9. I didn't read it as critique of the American working class, but as a critique of American foreign policy more broadly. He became more sympathetic to Sadulaev when he started to analogize between the brute strength and bravado of Snyder and the strength and bravado of America as a world actor, particularly under the present administration (his anxiety about which had led him to return to wrestling as a fan in the first place). I think the author has a genuine sympathy for the american working class, but recognizes that even working class Americans still enjoy a substantially privileged place in the world compared with the Mongolians, Georgians, Dagestanis, and others who make up the heart of the international wrestling community.
  10. Alyosha

    Valencia vs. Dake

    I think the mistake that a lot of people are making and have been making for some time is thinking that wrestling a match where the score is close with Dake is the same thing as being close to beating Dake. People kept saying that about Taylor until it became obvious that Dake just had his number. People said it about Howe. Now they are saying it about Ringer and Zahid. KD is really good at winning when the score is close and winning ugly. It may feel like you are right there, so close to beating him, but he will beat you 9 out of 10 or 10 out of 10 times. JB is better than Dake. Cox was just too big for him. But outside of that, there is a huge field of US wrestlers who have wrestled matches with Dake where the score was close, but who are not close to beating Dake.
  11. Alyosha is the younger of the three brothers in Fyodor Dostoevsky's famous novel The Brothers Karamazov. He has always been a spiritual hero of mine. Alyosha's account of the life of the elder monk Zossima is one of the most powerful tales I've ever read. I recommend reading just that one section of Book VI even if you don't have time for the 1,000 page novel. So, basically, I like American wrestling and Russian literature. By the way, I've been an avid reader of this board for well over a decade. I just rarely have time to post. Thanks to all the regular posters who keep it entertaining.
  12. Alyosha

    The 2018 Yarygin (Jan 26-28)

    As a long time Dake fan I hate to say it, but the coaches or teammates or somebody needs to have a serious sit down with him about complaining about calls. He's always done it but it seems like it's getting worse. It's mental weakness and a liability that opponents can exploit. Burroughs certainly used it against him at the last trials. In the semis here he gave up a point unnecessarily on a bad challenge. It looks bad, is counter productive with the refs, and takes his focus off actually wrestling. Let the coaches argue calls; the wrestler needs to stay 100% focused on wrestling.
  13. Alyosha

    The 2018 Yarygin (Jan 26-28)

    Don't know if someone's already posted this, but this YouTube channel has a ton of the matches: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC34xCewnDHbxlbh9ILRXbPQ
  14. Alyosha

    The 2018 Yarygin (Jan 26-28)

    DT got to a crab ride position for the fall in the semis and the final. Seems like he has found a way to effectively integrate folk style top technique into freestyle. I'm really interested to see if other guys can pull this off. Dake was a good crab rider and should be taking notes.
  15. Alyosha

    Kyle Dake...

    Nice to see Dake and JB trading kind words with each other in the comments section of the instagram post.