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  1. The misdirection shot Dake hit in that match was epic. I still go back and watch it sometimes to see that takedown. As much as Dake can scramble with the scramblers, that match showed he can grind with the grinders. No one who’s watched the Howe match should have been surprised Ringer couldn’t out muscle him and was stopped by Dake’s underhook. check out 7:28 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zyv0cUq6s30
  2. Ah yes, because we all know how women so much more than men are known for their blind loyalty to sports figures. I agree that outcome isn’t decided, but your sexist ad hominem attack detracts from your point rather than helping it.
  3. Yianni vs Demas was great. Really, all 3 of Yianni's matches from the Quarters on were exciting and close. He is some type of magician with his counter offense. He benefited from a couple of calls that could just as easily have gone the other way.
  4. I loved it and thought Pittsburgh was great. This was my first time going to the tournament, so I can't compare it to other years. The arena staff was friendly and helpful. Food at the NCAA experience was great. Local food was great. The one bar I went to on the South Side even had a Friday Lenten menu, which I appreciated as a Catholic.
  5. I have no inside knowledge of anything, but I wonder if Beckerman would be interested in coming back. He was an assistant at UMD before going to Brown, and he's a local guy.
  6. You forgot to translate the last line of the interview: Quint Kessenich: "What's it feel like?" Sadulaev: "I just want some ice cream, man. I just want some ice cream!" [runs off screaming] source:
  7. One of the most impressive things about Dake is how he can be both so explosive and so stingy with points. He's almost always been able to eek out the tight matches, even in college. (Although I'm happy DT has nudged him into going for the explosive more often.) It would have been fun to see him put up big points again in the final, but frankly I don't worry about Dake in a 1-0 or 2-0 match. His defense is so good, he can make a two point lead feel insurmountable.
  8. not sure if this was selectively edited to make Snyder look bad or whether the big guy just has that much advantage over the smaller guy:
  9. 79 kg - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9AXvql3-Ro
  10. I didn't read it as critique of the American working class, but as a critique of American foreign policy more broadly. He became more sympathetic to Sadulaev when he started to analogize between the brute strength and bravado of Snyder and the strength and bravado of America as a world actor, particularly under the present administration (his anxiety about which had led him to return to wrestling as a fan in the first place). I think the author has a genuine sympathy for the american working class, but recognizes that even working class Americans still enjoy a substantially privileged place in the world compared with the Mongolians, Georgians, Dagestanis, and others who make up the heart of the international wrestling community.
  11. I think the mistake that a lot of people are making and have been making for some time is thinking that wrestling a match where the score is close with Dake is the same thing as being close to beating Dake. People kept saying that about Taylor until it became obvious that Dake just had his number. People said it about Howe. Now they are saying it about Ringer and Zahid. KD is really good at winning when the score is close and winning ugly. It may feel like you are right there, so close to beating him, but he will beat you 9 out of 10 or 10 out of 10 times. JB is better than Dake. Cox was just too big for him. But outside of that, there is a huge field of US wrestlers who have wrestled matches with Dake where the score was close, but who are not close to beating Dake.
  12. Alyosha is the younger of the three brothers in Fyodor Dostoevsky's famous novel The Brothers Karamazov. He has always been a spiritual hero of mine. Alyosha's account of the life of the elder monk Zossima is one of the most powerful tales I've ever read. I recommend reading just that one section of Book VI even if you don't have time for the 1,000 page novel. So, basically, I like American wrestling and Russian literature. By the way, I've been an avid reader of this board for well over a decade. I just rarely have time to post. Thanks to all the regular posters who keep it entertaining.
  13. As a long time Dake fan I hate to say it, but the coaches or teammates or somebody needs to have a serious sit down with him about complaining about calls. He's always done it but it seems like it's getting worse. It's mental weakness and a liability that opponents can exploit. Burroughs certainly used it against him at the last trials. In the semis here he gave up a point unnecessarily on a bad challenge. It looks bad, is counter productive with the refs, and takes his focus off actually wrestling. Let the coaches argue calls; the wrestler needs to stay 100% focused on wrestling.
  14. Don't know if someone's already posted this, but this YouTube channel has a ton of the matches: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC34xCewnDHbxlbh9ILRXbPQ
  15. DT got to a crab ride position for the fall in the semis and the final. Seems like he has found a way to effectively integrate folk style top technique into freestyle. I'm really interested to see if other guys can pull this off. Dake was a good crab rider and should be taking notes.
  16. Nice to see Dake and JB trading kind words with each other in the comments section of the instagram post.
  17. Dake routinely shoots and scores from the tripod, so it's misleading to call it a defensive posture. And there are plenty of ways to deal with an opponent who tries to wrestle from their knee or uses a three point stance. In fact, Burroughs' old style (lots of circling and level changing) is one of the best ways to overcome it- circle back and forth until you've got an angle and then blast in. The hand on the mat actually becomes a liability at that point. And as far as JB winning by face hits, you can call it dumb all you want, but that's what happened. Go back and count how many times he popped KD in the face in that match. Posting is one thing. Hitting him in the eyes is another. (That being said, can we start a petition for Kyle Dake not to be allowed to wear contacts anymore. I swear he has one come out in at least 50% of his matches.)
  18. I've been a JB fan since I saw him beat Jordan Leen his junior year at Nebraska. (One of the all-time great college matches IMO.) But I'm a person who respects the process as much as the result. I'd rather see him losing Jordan Burroughs style than winning Dennis Tsargush style. Part of what made it so satisfying to see him beat Tsargush in the early years was that Burroughs was being aggressive and taking risks and taking shots and not giving up until the end, while Tsargush was pulling singlets to get his takedowns. I understand that bodies age, and I don't expect Burroughs' skill set or tactics to stay the same. But it's a bit disappointing to see him win by just repeatedly hitting the other guy in the face and not taking shots. I absolutely don't respect that.
  19. Dake lived off the 3 point stance all through college. It's always been part of his style.
  20. I think all Dake needs to do is work on his mental game and his cardio and he will win at the trials. He absolutely out-wrestled Burroughs. When Dake really turned it on, he scored. When Burroughs turned it on, he didn't. If Dake had been more focused on winning at the end and less focused on crying to the ref, he would have got that push out and this discussion would be moot. He was a fraction of a second away from winning even with Burroughs wrestling as dirty as can be. And if his cardio was a little better, he could have turned it on even more. Burroughs didn't win that on wrestling skill but by getting into Dake's head. I have no doubt that if Dake hadn't been whining to the ref the whole match, the ref would have been more likely to call the face pushing, head clubbing, and finger twisting that Burroughs relied on to pull this one out. I've been a Burroughs fan up until now, but I lost a lot of respect for him in that match.
  21. I didn't want to jump in until I had watched some matches. I just watched a few, and I have to say that I agree with everyone who is appalled at the officiating. In the Garrett vs. Ramos match, Garrett took a shot with 1:41 on the clock and was then put on the shot clock at 1:31. Passivity is being called on the wrestler who is leading regardless of what they are doing. While Dake certainly was not being as active as he could be, he was doing more offensively than Burroughs was. Yet Dake was the one who got hit with multiple passivity calls. The rules should punish wrestlers for failing to initiate action, not for being in the lead.
  22. These were the world champs I was excited to see spar: http://www.flowrestling.org/video/1155590-helen-maroulis-and-kendall-cross-scrapping# great stuff!
  23. I said the rules are designed to minimize injury, not that they prevent all injury. And certainly it is possible to wrestle in such a way where you are trying to injure another wrestler within the rules, but it is of course possible to do all sorts of things that are not inherently unethical in a way that renders them unethical. In business it is often possible to find legal loopholes that let you screw over your customers, but that doesn't make it right to do so. As far as consenting adults, it is possible for two people to willingly engage in actions that are immoral. This is why we forbid dueling or gladitorial contests. You have to look at the nature of the sport determine whether it is okay or not. I'm simply making the argument that making a living injuring other people is inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus. The moral bottom line for Christians is love, not consent.
  24. As far as competing in folkstyle, remember that his brother is now on the team. I bet that factors in for him. As far as MMA is concerned, I've said it before, but I will say it again: There is a fundamental difference between wrestling and MMA. The rules of wrestling are designed to allow two competitors to have an intense physical contest for control while minimizing injuries as much as possible. Holds or techniques that routinely produce significant injury are made illegal. Wrestlers are penalized for intentionally trying to injure their opponent. In MMA, on the other hand, the whole point is to injure your opponent so badly that he cannot continue. The prized method of ending a fight is to cause significant enough brain trauma to your opponent that he is rendered incapacitated. Just because you can make a lot of money intentionally injuring people for a living doesn't make it right. I hope Kyle's conscience is well-formed enough to resist the siren song of the UFC. He professes to be a Christian. As his brother in Christ, I would encourage him to keep reflecting on those Christian convictions. Being a Christian involves more than occasionally tweeting a bible verse or thanking Jesus in your post-match interview.* It means living by the teachings of Jesus, including in your choice of professions. (*And I am saying that just as a general statement about what I see from some of our more overtly Christian wrestlers, not necessarily to Kyle in particular. I hear he is a good kid, and I assume his faith goes beyond tweets and Jesus shout-outs.)
  25. You sound like my brother Ivan. It drove him mad in the end you know.
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