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  1. Well, its either got to be muscle or fat and muscle is preferable. I did the same thing and I am not complaining either.
  2. True, and he's got all the potential in the world to make it work for him. Just has to be patient.
  3. One, it would be quite easy to illustrate conservatives being silenced. Two, mostly when that happens it begins by de legitimizing them by calling into question their character, their motive, their point of view, or any other negative thing that can perhaps be heaped upon them. This goes on all the time, and yes it would be quite easy to illustrate. Am I going to provide links for you? Nope. Waste of time.
  4. There may indeed be a sane person that is unaware that Kerkvliet has wrestled Elam 3x in freestyle and the scores were 10-0, 10-0, and 11-0 and that Elam's major accomplishment in those 3 matches was one time working to get a stalemate. Hey, not every one of Kerkl's shots on Elam resulted in TD's. Mauller would be no lock to beat Bartlett.
  5. So you are agreeing a healthy PSU beats Missouri. Gotcha.
  6. A healthy Penn State? I doubt that very much.
  7. Only if he wants to have credibility. It would be quite easy to cite many things to support the obvious claim that powerful people are trying to silence conservatives. If housebuye wants anyone to believe Joe Rogan is what he implies is that case, then simply support the claim.
  8. The "rant" as you call it, housebuye, has nothing to do with the fact you are a not a Rogan fan. If you believe that is what we have responded to then you are mistaken. It i s YOUR UNSUPPORTED CLAIM that Rogan discusses or supports false information.
  9. OK, so you named guests. Tell me precisely what Joe Rogan is promoting. Is he endorsing these people, and what are the specific views he endorses? I have heard of Alex Jones but don't know a thing about him. Never even heard of the other guy. Don't what about them Rogan agrees or does not agree with, but I support his first amendment rights to HIS POV, whatever that is. There are people these days that wish to literally remove any and all conservative points of view from society. That isn't going to work out for either side, its just going to lead to ruin. It is the opposite of first amendment rights, its totalitarianism and I would fear that outcome worse than 99% of what they are trying to stamp out. I consider your response to be incomplete.
  10. I don't even listen to Rogan's podcast, but I would not be willing to accept your premise as accurate without specifics. For someone like me who is unwilling to accept your premise just because you say it is so (As you know, I am skeptical of many claims people make), you should easily be able to point to 3 of his podcasts and cite the time of and nature of the false information. Btw, I presume you to mean he "promotes" false information even though you wrote he "discusses" false information.
  11. Every Iowa weightclass he could go at has a starter coming back next year. Like someone else said, seems like he's the odd man out until 2023.
  12. Suriano controlled him in a typical defensive match for him.
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