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  1. So let a ref take 1 min., 2 min., 3 min., 4 min., even 5 minutes Riding time away? That will never pass.
  2. If Pico winning CA puts him over Kolat because CA has one of the toughest tournaments and he won it, then by that logic Seth Nevills should be beating Gable Steveson. Pico's freestyle results are great, but so were Jimmy Carr's and he lost a h.s. folk match after beating an Olympic medalist in free.
  3. That is the difference right there. 58-0 vs 159-0 is meaningful. 3 years vs 4 years is also meaningful. I do put Uetake and Dan Hodge as my #2 and #3 after Sanderson. I have Dan Gable at #4 above Kyle Dake at #5 because 1 loss is better than 4 losses.
  4. Do you realize how obtuse YOU sound with this never ending drivel to find someone, anyone, to replace the guy that now dominates college wrestling and who ain't your guy? Give it up, already. There are loads of things you can do to promote any and all of these guys, but they still are not going to be the GOAT collegiate wrestler. The starting line is having never once lost when it counted. That will not change because it is the single hardest thing to do. Never lose. Not one time. Only one wrestler has managed it. Cael Sanderson.
  5. Steveson lost twice when it counted most. I checked. Cael Sanderson still has never lost even once when it counted. I checked again. Same result. Still never lost.
  6. If the question is the greatest to ever come from a particular state then include everything, but if its the best high school wrestler from the state then only high school results should count.
  7. Just as we don't count John Smith's Sr. Freestyle record to erase his high school losses, we should not count Fix's Fargo or other Freestyle record to measure his Oklahoma folkstyle record.
  8. Johnson is from Lock Haven and wrestled in the 50's? Pretty sure I read about his talents along the way.
  9. Steveson lost twice when it counted. Cael still has no losses. I checked. Checked again. Still never lost.
  10. This reads like you are confirming you know something but won't say it. Btw, not accusing you of a crime against humanity either, just that many view this practice is not proper internet etiquette.
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