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  1. I have two eyes and can think for myself. I don't cede my common sense over to anyone. Not to the government or to those who try too hard to convince me that something I can see in plain sight is not happening. Or that something there is no evidence of is in fact happening.
  2. It is possible to compete athletically without an ACL. Others have done it. I think a lot goes into it insofar as building up everything around that knee, including all the way up thru the glutes and hips. I guess only time will tell for any given athlete. Nice to see Kerkvliet moving so fluidly given his injury, whatever it exactly was. Btw, I saw this interview and can read the headline, but Greg mentions "ACL tear" 2x. It sounds sort of vague the whole notion of him not having an ACL where he describes "just going with it". Sounds at least plausible that he actually has the ACL and perhaps, just maybe, it healed on its own. That happens for a certain percentage of athletes too. I don't know one way or the other and am just enjoying the wrestling.
  3. I re watched Kerkvliet's Rokfin match vs. Hemida. I then re watched his U23 matches from about a year ago. Couple of things stand out to me. Last year he was still wearing that brace from his prior knee injury and he looked somewhat tentative. There in no longer the knee brace and he does not look tentative. Looks the exact opposite in fact. He is going to be a tough customer.
  4. Your "double check" must have indeed been brief. From Page 4 of the DHS Threat Assessment. If you can't figure this out, they are talking about Antifa. Exploitation of Lawful and Protected Speech and Protests. During the course of developing the HTA we began to see a new, alarming trend of exploitation of lawful protests causing violence, death, and destruction in American communities. This anti-government, anti-authority and anarchist violent extremism was identified by DHS in September 2019 when we published our Strategic Framework for Countering Terrorism and Targeted Violence. As the date of publication of this HTA, we have seen over 100 days of violence and destruction in our cities. The co-opting of lawful protests led to destruction of government property and have turned deadly. Indeed, DHS law enforcement officers suffered over 300 separate injuries and were assaulted with sledgehammers, commercial grade fireworks, rocks, metal pipes, improvised explosive devices, and more. This violence, perpetrated by anarchist extremists and detailed in numerous public statements that remain available on the DHS website, significantly threatens the Homeland by undermining officer and public safety— as well as our values and way of life. While the HTA touches on these issues, we are still in the nascent stages of understanding the threat this situation poses to Americans, the Homeland, and the American way of life. This is far more than you depict, but carry on.
  5. The Department of Homeland Security disagrees with you. I'll take their word over yours.
  6. Sorry, but too many nights have led to Police deeming those "mainly peaceful protests" to be riots were confirmed by clear and compelling video evidence.
  7. I know two different 70 year olds who spent close to a lifetime smoking. One smoked for 40 years, the other 35. Both had quit about at age 60, but still they are both older and both had somewhat compromised lungs. Both tested positive recently but neither was sick more than a few days. A friend told me yesterday that he had caught Covid. He was sick a few days and got tested and sure enough he had it. He lives with his wife and 3 teen age daughters. None of them caught it from him. I could rattle off a litany of articles suggesting that many people have been listed as death from Covid where they had so many other contributing factors it isn't funny, but the one that really caught my eye was that of the "healthy 29 year old" in TX. Further examination showed he had multiples of the level considered deadly for ........... not Covid, but rather Oxycodone. So what killed him? The asymptomatic Covid he had OR the truck load of Oxy in his system? Anyone who thinks a government and compliant media can't manipulate information and thinking is naive. It has been going on since the beginning of time. Now, to use a phrase made popular by the left - question authority!
  8. So while the declaration may have been more aptly named, maybe it’s time for all of us to let go of our outrage at people with different points of view (anyone familiar with the scientific method and medical research knows that there is no one single correct viewpoint on such amorphous phenomena as epidemics—despite the phrase I’m hearing often these days that “the Science says…” as if there’s one Science that definitively knows all). Perhaps it’s time as ordinary citizens to ask ourselves: If we let go of the fear and politicizing and demonizing associated with this current situation—which has so tragically divided us and diminished open-minded conversation—what course of action will support the greatest well-being for the greatest number? Could it be possible that a continued lockdown may not be the more humane and caring choice? https://theberkshireedge.com/the-great-barrington-declaration-another-viewpoint/
  9. Yeah, a couple few were probably "pick em" status. Shoop was a favorite in my mind.
  10. Barraclough was a favorite vs AA Kyle Shoop?
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if Kerkvliet beat either Gable S. or Parris. He is so freaky athletic he might just be good enough. Starocci faces Brooks every day. Used to face Mark Hall, and then there is every one else in that room. He is ready.
  12. Its a pretty good night for PSU when the most disappointing match was an incoming 197lbs. freshman wrestler only beating a 5th year top 10 wrestler by 1 point. Bartlett, Starocci, Kerkvliet, RBY, Verkleeren and even Barraclough (who I considered an underdog) all looked good. The reload is looking sweet.
  13. And against 4th place at 2019 team trials. Keeps getting better.
  14. Agree. He had good sprawl defense 2x and his TD to finish is super clean. He can wrestle with anyone in NCAA right now, including KemDawg.
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