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  1. Never mind the #2 170 Trey Kibe from Mifflin County who literally just committed to PSU within the past couple of weeks. Cue Boompa bringing up Geography 101.
  2. You have no earthly idea what was said this year between the PSU staff and the Hwt wrestlers on the PSU roster. And if you think PSU's rep is falling with any significant group of h.s. wrestlers you are delusional.
  3. He beat Seth Nevills older brother Nick at the Oly Trials Qualifier and it was on pretty decided advantage in quickness and athleticism. Has numerous wins over Jordan Wood. These are free style wins, but he's not winning because he is getting 4 ankle laces in all these matches. He gets a bunch of takedowns.
  4. No matches needed to enter conference tourney, just for AQ status. To get from there to NCAA Kerk would need to place within the Big10's number of allocated slots which, barring something freaky, he will if he is indeed the guy.
  5. Its also because he wrestles for Iowa. If he were still at Drexel there'd be a fraction of the coverage.
  6. Not worth worrying about, imo.
  7. They are reporting UFO's, which by definition are "unidentified".
  8. Did not state or imply this only happens at Iowa. You guys are incredibly sensitive. My point was to defend RBY against claims made here that RBY was classless while at Carver.
  9. I am not lumping all Iowa fans into one. Try reading the threads and comprehending them. I actually complimented the Iowa fans for their reaction to the one j-o the police had to cart off.
  10. Iowa fans. He got tossed for mouthing with the police, but the police were called to that spot because he was mouthing off towards the Ok State athletes and coaches. And in a very derogatory way. Fans can and do go TOO FAR. Hence the police action. Those actions are not defensible.
  11. Apparantly the insulin / diabetes get out of control with even a minor spike in adrenalin. I have read multiple articles regarding Verkleeren. The articles all say its an issue.
  12. We don't know if the guy in the still pic vs PSU is the same guy who was escorted out, but one guy can effect another in a given situation. Your fans close to the action getting into with the athletes is uncalled for and that is why one got tossed by the police. Don't minimize this.
  13. leshismore, if you are going to try refarm you'll probably need reservations in advance. Just an FYI.
  14. Glad the fans reacted that way. I read the thread on HR and more than 1 person stated this JERK acts this way towards the visiting team and wrestlers all the time. I think the odds are very high he was ripping the PSU athletes just as he was ripping OSU last nite. This makes the assertion here on this board that RBY did something wrong that night extremely questionable. Not that I ever thought RBY did anything wrong to begin with. Fans need to be just that, fans. The action is about the athletes, not the fans.
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