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  1. TBar1977

    Career Senior Freestyle Records

    Great data. All five have records that are fantastic.
  2. TBar1977

    Official Striking Wrestler at Fargo

    This thread has gone to the hominids!
  3. TBar1977

    Final Forfeits

    nom, Koll can obviously do whatever he wants. And clearly has has done just that. I just don't think it is a positive for the sport to be settling the winner of a wrestling match with having to get lawyers involved.
  4. TBar1977

    Final Forfeits

    They are similar in the one respect I stated them to be similar. Both sets of matches decided our world team rep after they ended in controversy. Otherwise not the same, but that is totally irrelevant to my point. I can save you the trouble, everyone already knows that in the heat of the moment Cael threw a chair. If you want or need to take a poll comparing Cael's throwing a chair in the heat of the moment then moving on to Koll filing legally prepared challenges and not moving on without first dragging so many into an arbitration hearing by all means do so. Koll immediately sought out any help he could get to take this year's wtt series off the mat and into arbitration, adding in the lawyers as he forced the process down this road. I have seen 100's of matches end with one side feeling wronged by officials, but it almost never gets dragged out of the arena by a coach and his legal maneuverings. Koll didn't hesitate to take the process down that road. What are the lessons for our kids? Don't get mad and throw a chair because it doesn't look good? Is this any better than if you get mad then tie everyone up in legal machinations putting a lot of lives on hold because you didn't like the call on the mat? Yeah, let's teach that to kids. You don't like the ref's call, get a lawyer! I can see it now ... "Daddy, the ref screwed me. You got that lawyers number?"
  5. TBar1977

    Final Forfeits

    I did answer your one question in the way that is closest to being relevant . You asked if Cael would consult with lawyers. I would rather not speculate as to what people would or would not do in some contrived hypothetical, so I gave you a real life instance where he was in a very similar position and place in the selection process - a controversial ending to the final match in the World Team Selection Process - and Sanderson did not go down this path that Koll has taken the qualifying process. You conveniently ignored that real example and changed it to some contrived hypothetical example of your choosing. Why should I even speculate about such things? Also, why would I go down a rabbit hole with you when you have already agreed with me? You do recall that post several pages back where you agreed that Koll lawyered up? I make no other claim than that he lawyered up, so why are we even arguing the point?
  6. TBar1977

    Final Forfeits

    This is rich. You and Lurker thinking the reputation of Cornell University or Rob Koll can be besmirched by anything posted here at themat.com, lest of all the phrase lawyer up. And either of you thinking you need defend Cornell or Koll's reputation from use of such a common phrase. I have news for you two. The reputation of the discourse here on this board would need rise exponentially to equal the position of the silt at the bottom of Fall Creek Falls. Here is how this board is most likely to be described elsewhere on the www.
  7. TBar1977

    Final Forfeits

    I engaged you for multiple pages yesterday and that was enough. It was especially enough when you claimed you were done with it. I never thought you would simply walk away from it because you are hard headed about these things. The only claim I made yesterday, which would have died on the spot if you hadn't decided to fight so hard, is that Koll had lawyered up. You took offense to the term and decided to fight it, why I have no idea. People take shots on this board at all things PSU every day. Don't get all huffy when shots go the other way.
  8. TBar1977

    Final Forfeits

    Congrats, ugarte. You figured out in 5 minutes what Lurker knows but just can't seem to handle anyone saying here.
  9. TBar1977

    Final Forfeits

    Felicia??? Too funny. Well, since we are done here now and can't agree. That's fine with me.
  10. TBar1977

    Final Forfeits

    Lurker did this one. He tried to suggest that the idea Koll had lawyered up was misleading. Sorry, its not and I have enjoyed using Koll's own words to make this point.
  11. TBar1977

    Final Forfeits

    No, there is more evidence of lawyers. Koll stated his intention to "go in there with representation" to augment his 18 page appeal, which is almost assuredly written by lawyers because, as Koll stated "I (Koll) don't speak legalese and I certainly don't write it". I am not even going down your rabbit hole argument that implies since I can't prove he has followed thru on his clearly stated intentions thus far that I can't show he has lawyered up. I take the man at his word.
  12. TBar1977

    Final Forfeits

    Now we are getting somewhere. You agree. Koll lawyered up.
  13. TBar1977

    Final Forfeits

    I'll play along with this one, even though it has no bearing on whether Koll lawyered up. Would Cael get counsel? Consider this. Two years ago David Taylor lost a very controversial match to J'Den Cox. The issue was the condition of the wrestling mat. Cael could have appealed. Did he? No, he did not. The fact pattern is not identical, but the situation re: controversy in how the final X match played out is. Koll lawyered up, Cael did not. This is all you can know, yet you state as if it is certain Cael would in fact go out and get counsel. The fact is, given a very similar result he did not do any of this. That is a fact.
  14. TBar1977

    Final Forfeits

    The ruling or hearing hasn't been reported on, so we only know what Koll intended to do as he prepared for and entered into any appeal hearing. This included contacting lawyers and "going in there" with representation, meaning lawyers. He stated he was filing with multiple higher levels. Why are you even fighting what is so patently obvious? Koll has lawyers involved on his/Yianni's behalf. That is obvious. Btw, I tried looking for something else but can't find it, so I assume you'll accuse me of making this up to. I recall a mention, maybe from Yianni maybe from someone else a bit about "Athlete's Court". I took this to mean the Court of Appeal for Sport, but perhaps it could be something else. I think we will all find out eventually what happened and I am content with my point of view so far.
  15. TBar1977

    Final Forfeits

    This has nothing to do with Koll's actions. Not analogous at all. Let's just stick with what Koll did. According to Koll himself, he filed an appeal to all of the above: USA Wrestling, The USOC, he spoke to the USOC Ombudsman seeking advice on how to file that particular appeal for relief, he said he would file with "the UWW, whoever that is" (his choice of phrase). He spoke of lawyers. He said "you gotta do what you gotta do" . He said it would be naive to go in there without representation. Those are all Koll's words. He chose them carefully. So Koll lawyered up. You trying to minimize this doesn't change anything, and your crazy analogies don't help your case either. Having other Cornell or Yianni fans come into the argument to tell me he didn't lawyer up is less persuasive than Koll's own words. Lurker, I believe in facts and evidence, and they state clearly that Koll "lawyered up".