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  1. Yup. Just look at ANYTHING Bo Nickal does, and it is pretty obvious he is more athletic than almost everyone at it. He got into archery last year and I honestly think if he really wanted to be the best at even that kind of sport, he'd rise to the top fairly quickly.
  2. That whole transition was as smooth as Bo was in just wrestling technique. To incorporate the striking and the triangle finish around the takedown and make it all look so seamless is scary good.
  3. The only action missing in the linked footage is 10 seconds of dancing before Bo took this guy out with that sweet roll that into a triangle. Bo Nickal never disappoints.
  4. Yawn. Ok, in 3rd of 4 title years. Still roughly the equivalent college record of dominance as Yianni. That was the point, but you knew that.
  5. No, he was a 3x defending champ in folkstyle though, so roughly the equivalent to Yianni in collegiate style.
  6. Don't forget the, according to Tom Ryan, long bus ride and average refs that also helped Zain beat Steiber.
  7. Logan Steiber was not worried about Zain Retherford. Now, maybe Van Ness is not to be worried about by such an accomplished guy as Yianni, but I'd get a kick out of a Zain like upset special.
  8. Does your friend fly? Have a big bag of cement?
  9. If you are going to bring Nick Lee into the equatiuon, well, he caught up. See their last h2h result.
  10. Yianni medaling has no impact on Nick Lee.
  11. Yianni over Lee simply due to Spencer having, what, 5 losses?
  12. I can't find Nick Lee's match with Yianni where he beats him by several points, but my recollection is that Lee had a bunch of go behinds. Front headlock to a go behind and reverse wrist arm drag to a go behind is what I recall. Amouzad beat Yianni on go behinds too, just with a front head lock set up and a right underhook set up. But circling behind to finish, similar to Lee circling behind to finish. Don't go thru Yianni to try to beat him, go behind.
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