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  1. Nickal had one himself, old noodle arms.
  2. I like your photo work above. Solid entry, Lurker.
  3. Well, throwing shade is an elevated art form round these parts. Seems my snark made you a tad upset.
  4. You imagined Cael throwing a chair if the ref called a TD in favor of Dean. But since the ref had not made any such call that premise is a fantasy.
  5. Well, this is your fantasy ending to the match so you can write anything into the script that you want.
  6. No, because Nickal would have just worked Dean for the reversal.
  7. If Koll really thought of Dean in the way you describe he'd gave gotten the Cornell lawyers involved in regards to that match.
  8. Soph. Nickal proved on the mat that he was better than Dean too, despite the fancy nickname Cornell fans gave to Dean.
  9. It's summer all over again, except instead of Zain is not better than Yianni this time it's Bo is not better than Dean. Except, scoreboard.
  10. Dean got even sicker when he realized he lost to a guy with noodle arms. Not becoming of the Destroyer of All Worlds.
  11. If limited to a rostered wrestler, then Hall, Cassar, Rasheed and Cenzo are the faces of the program roster wise.
  12. He gets the cross wrist tilt on good wrestlers pretty consistently. He will be a scoring machine once he hits the line up.
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