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  1. TBar1977

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    Starter RBY Back Up Gable S.
  2. TBar1977

    "I don't know what the Gavin situation is...."

    Flo may not know what the "Gavin situation" is, but Cael Sanderson does. Quote from yesterday: "I mean Teasdale's planning on wrestling, Teske wants to wrestle. We have a lot of great options there that we're excited about it. And I'm just saying in general. Those guys are planning on wrestling this year but still we want to be patient and let things play out and that's what we're going to do. We've done it before and we'll do it again."
  3. TBar1977

    Is Iowa PA-west (or midwest)?

    Too bad Cael is a lot younger than you, jammen. You are stuck with him winning championships at Penn State for the rest of your Minnesoda wrestling fandom days. Ha ha.
  4. The last time DeSanto wrestled Micic he got hammered. Not sure how him coming into his offense so dang upright and high is going to help him. Let's compare the two wrestlers in their athletic stances. Here is Micic Here is De Santo I have to go with Micic here.
  5. TBar1977

    Mekhi Lewis will go undefeated until NCAAs

    PSU will have their full team at The Southern Scuffle and I would count on Marstellar being there as well. Bryce Steiert may also be there as I think he was there last year as well.
  6. TBar1977

    RBY 133 Rankings

    Unmentioned is that RBY beat their starter in freestyle.
  7. TBar1977

    RBY 133 Rankings

    Arujau got him pretty good there. Don't you guys have your own NYS Intercollegiate Tournament?
  8. TBar1977

    Michigan vs Lehigh

    Thanks for the update. Having 5 starters out at the beginning of the year is plain crazy.
  9. TBar1977

    RBY 133 Rankings

    Just saw that in the other thread. That stinks. Hopefully he gets back on the mat soon. Not sure who will be at Keystone for RBY.
  10. TBar1977

    Michigan vs Lehigh

    OK. I hope they are all back on the mat very soon.
  11. TBar1977

    Michigan vs Lehigh

    Wow. I had no idea they had all those injuries. That is a shame. Any news on how long they will be out?
  12. TBar1977

    Michigan vs Lehigh

    This dual has the potential to be one of the year's best duals. Both teams could win 5 matches. I am inclined to slightly favor Michigan, but my confidence level on that pick is near zero. Toss up dual.
  13. TBar1977

    RBY 133 Rankings

    We should know a lot more about RBY after Lehigh and ASU.
  14. TBar1977

    Penn State vs Iowa

    OK. Now the timing on this seems pretty good (pretty awesome!! :-)) . FRL today stated that Cael Sanderson said he reached out to Brands and Iowa didn't want to wrestle. http://live.flowrestling.org/#/event/6195-flowrestling-radio-live
  15. TBar1977

    Two weeks in - what has changed?

    Most fans had 1. PSU 2. Iowa 3. to 4. Ok St, Ohio St, and 5. to 7. Mich., NCSt, and a few others vying. I don't think a lot has changed team wise. On an individual basis of course there are some changes.