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  1. TBar1977

    Desanto Team Point

    Ha ha.
  2. TBar1977

    Desanto Team Point

    Flo guys had a field day with Dr Santo on FRL today. They said he lept right on by Gable S. in the race for Villain of the Year. They carried on about him for quite some time.
  3. TBar1977

    Penn State 2019-29

    Actually this might be true, but then he'd be talking about the team championship not individual champions.
  4. TBar1977

    Penn State 2019-29

    I think he is asking when the next time within the range of years shown that Penn State will not have a wrestler who is an odds on favorite to win at the NCAA Tournament.
  5. TBar1977

    Penn State 2019-29

    I think he is actually asking a question, just clumsily so.
  6. TBar1977

    Not the best day for PSU

    Pretty sure I saw him on the Flo broadcast at some point.
  7. TBar1977

    Suriano vs DeSanto Friday night

    Nick S. in this match. I will be surprised if De Santo doesn' t walk right into a couple takedowns against someone of Suriano's ability.
  8. TBar1977

    Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?

    I met a few nice Jersey girls in Wildwood back in the day.
  9. TBar1977

    Fix/Suriano Post Match Interviews

    Flo interviewed both wrestlers after the match. The interviews are on their home page. Typical post match comments imo. "I didn't want to win that way" from Fix. Nick was pretty much in a haze after the match. He said things just got way out of control.
  10. TBar1977

    Horrible Match (NS vs DF)

    Actually a pretty good point.
  11. TBar1977

    Desanto Team Point

    You can't see any spit, but the spitting gesture is there. It wasn't the face mush at the end, it was the way he face mushed. Then the I can't hear you and throat slitting gestures. Piece of work.
  12. TBar1977

    Not the best day for PSU

    A little of both, but more a matter of UW coming to wrestle and a couple of pretty close matches happening than anything else. I noticed earlier in the year how much fight Bono had instilled into your guys and it showed in this match. Your guys came to wrestle this past weekend for sure.
  13. TBar1977

    Not the best day for PSU

    Not sure why, but his issue not mine.
  14. TBar1977

    Not the best day for PSU

    You are the third grown man (an assumption on my part, maybe wrong) on this board to make a reference about my junk in the past month. You sure you want to own that look?
  15. TBar1977

    Celebrations: response to Gf and Ash

    Baby from Dirty Dancing on themat.com forums? Never thought I'd see the day.