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  1. Penn State would have won it this year. If Cenzo can believe it, then I can believe it too. Lol. I got better things to do than to fret about what I can't control. I am going to hike 100 plus miles of the Appalachian Trail and get 15 to 20K verticle feet of elevation gain the next several days.
  2. Same old msg board. C ya, loser.
  3. This. And this too. No, not the truth. I actually tried hard to get people to stop posting political commentary, but that did not work. After years of failing in that regard I rebutted some of the commentary and things just worsened. You can have it. No.
  4. CNN and many, many other outlets. Outlets that were simultaneously providing the accurate details (exclusions for UK …etc.) of what they described as a "travel ban". The parsing of words here is off the chain given the intent of my post.
  5. If you lose a year, contact me If you contact Corona, contact me
  6. According to ncaa.com he has. https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2020-03-09/ncaa-standings-division-i-most-dominant-wrestler-most-falls-and
  7. If those numbers are not accurate you may wish to inform ncaa.com since the information came from them. https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2020-03-09/ncaa-standings-division-i-most-dominant-wrestler-most-falls-and
  8. You can do whatever you damn well want. I used the same word CNN used. Stop parsing.
  9. Sheesh. One guy spreads it on both a practice mat and then every mat he wrestles on. He could infect numerous mats. Almost every other wrestler could go on a mat infected by the source wrestler.
  10. I can post 20 links to articles saying 30 day travel ban with Europe. I am aware UK excluded.
  11. Do the math. 330 guys going thru practices and matches is a ton of contact.
  12. He never said corona was a hoax, he said the media and political class making it his fault is a hoax. Huge difference.
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