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  1. I have no earthly idea. I am going to watch it to find out.
  2. I picked Iowa a long time ago. You don't recall that dumb thread? Iowa is miles ahead. Hard for them to lose.
  3. My point for months now is that injuries basically took Penn State out of what was essentially a two team race. That said, if everything possible goes flawlessly for PSU and Iowa does worse than expected at a lot of weights then yeah, its still theoretically possible. Not sure how that is inconsistent with anything posted the past 24 hrs.
  4. I can have it both of THOSE ways. Iowa is a prohibitive favorite. By definition a 66.5 pt lead makes them a prohibitive favorite. Sometimes prohibitive favorites do indeed collapse. It happens, therefore its possible.
  5. No. If Minny lost they were not good enough when it counted. The system ain't broke. The team with the most points is the best team when it matters.
  6. Yeah, its possible. That doesn't change my point in this thread.
  7. But you did float the idea. Flo still has Iowa 66.5 points ahead of 2nd place Penn State. If you didn't want to hear what blowing a perceived 66.5 point advantage would be like i.e. a collapse, then don't ask. But you did ask. And I realize the way you framed it is not how I am framing it, but any way you slice it this isn't a system problem if Iowa loses. It would be an "Iowa just wasn't good enough" problem. Not sure why you don't just enjoy the ride. 66.5 points man. Just enjoy the ride.
  8. I am on topic. You are trying to form some goofy narrative that if Iowa loses then its the fault of the system. I am saying that if Iowa loses then they just weren't good enough when it mattered.
  9. For Iowa to lose with 10 All Americans, even to 5 Champs plus few other points, that would require most of their 1,2,3 placers become 6,7,8 placers. That is the only way the numbers work. Sorry, if most of them underperform, then the word fits.
  10. No. Given what we know, it will mean Iowa basically choked. Don't get mad at that word either, if they don't win this year then that is a choke barring some other occurence like multiple injuries.
  11. Good luck to all the wrestlers. EDIT: One of "the next big thing" type wrestlers is #1 ranked 160 Gabe Arnold. It will be interesting to see how he does.
  12. Kreiger used that same bow and arrow that Zain used. Was that an ISU thing?
  13. Most years, yes. Olympic Redshirt Year, it could happen.
  14. Me too, and that is why I am endorsing Aaron Brooks for 184 National Champ! Ha!
  15. This one I am not seeing. Brooks can take him out with TD's as he did in a freestyle match, and Hidlay couldn't touch Bolen's legs in a dual last weekend. In the rematch with Deprez Louie wore him down. Then you have Lujan's mat skills. Hidlay isn't going to lefty underhook his way thru that gauntlet, imo of course.
  16. He worked some magic on Nolf's knee.
  17. If Cassar and Berge were at 100 percent I'd favor PSU. As it is, they would need a lot of those conceivable falters from Iowa to actually happen and that is unlikely. PSU could have 5 champs and Iowa can still beat them.
  18. Hall is indeed a class act. Any notion that PSU made a mistake recruiting Hall is insanity. I am still picking him to beat Kemerer.
  19. You gotta be within 1 point of Lee entering the 3rd period, and honestly he still probably wins. He's a winner. He is the one guy in the NCAA who the opposition knows what he is going to do and still can't stop him.
  20. Joe sequestered the whole squad at Toftrees. Absolutely true. The visiting team stayed at the Ramada on South Atherton near Hills Plaza.
  21. The call vs Valencia was a completely correct call. Zahid got his head gear as plain as day AND his getting the head gear is what caused the leverage to get the TD . Whether intended or not, that is a 1 pt infraction and the correct call was made.
  22. I leave open the possibility that each of the duals he wrestled in impacted him post match. We basically know the December dual affected him. Maybe the most recent one too. Of course maybe not. Only time will tell.
  23. No room for Berge's health in your view? That seems crazy.
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