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  1. At which time you get labeled a dork for wearing a college kid's NIL line of clothing.
  2. This will be the 5th time in the last 7 duals with Iowa that PSU travels to @ Iowa Carver Hawkeye.
  3. Don't look now, but Dake might finally win a fantasy match.
  4. Lol at the butthurtedness of some fans. Pretty comical.
  5. Can someone explain why medals at Olympic weights are superior? For obvious reasons.
  6. I forgot about him. Guess he could be above Snyder but I haven't cared enough to see who is wrestling 79Kg so I don't know.
  7. If Michigan is doing the banning then blame Michigan's "Rules for Thee But Not for Me" Gov. Whitmer. She banned travel from Michigan to Florida last winter, then she travelled to Florida on a private jet.
  8. Matters not when talking about an all or nothing scenario. The only thing that matters is the top guys, and they are at the Oly weights.
  9. 1. With how 74 Kg has cleared out, Dake is #1. 2. Cox, because his competitors don't have a Yazdani level wrestler. 3. Taylor, because he has to beat Yazdani. After the top three it gets fuzzy. Snyder is the next best wrestler at this point, but he is an underdog to the Russian Tank.
  10. That is certainly possible. I know you are playing defense on this subject, but it is common knowledge that winning at Olympic weights is harder than winning at non Olympic weights. Dake is Exhibit A.
  11. How many additional losses would Dake have had he been at an Olympic weight the past many years? Several is my guess.
  12. Fauci weighs in on every damn thing that he can think of with this virus. He has celebrity status for crying out loud. You are damn straight he should weigh in on the idea of the elites requiring a vaccine passport for workers writ large but giving one class of workers - postal workers - a free pass.
  13. You mean the people who support mask mandates for us peons but never say a damn word when the elites flaunt those same rules? Elites who are all too willing the break the backs of small business owners and even property owners in the name of "PANDEMIC" relief but who never say anything about unvaccinated migrants crossing the border by the millions this year? The experts who have not said a word about postal workers getting a carve out exemption? You mean those awesome people?
  14. Maybe you'll enjoy this video too! Or not. Lol.
  15. A 59 second video where the footage is sped up at some points and slowed down at others is supposed to make the viewer think what, exactly?
  16. TBar1977


    Something tells me you missed some context. Not a shock.
  17. There is a big difference between what you call "responding to incentives" and what I call "bowing to pressure".
  18. A pack of vulture like virtue signallers is perverting our national conscience. This country used to be about substance, not style points. But this is what we have basically become these days. ‘The Activist’ Reality TV Series Sparks Backlash: “Worst Idea Ever” (msn.com)
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    I don't bet on the internet, but Starocci is going to beat Kemmerer this year imo. Kem has topped out while Starocci is rapidly ascending. I strongly suspected (kinda knew) Kemmerer was beat in the final last year after 1 period.
  20. A small number of rabble rousers is not "the market".
  21. America has a problem when we value a handful of opinions (even thousands) that come from the internet or social media. What kind of leadership do we have when a relatively small number of internet opinions can cause corporations and government to bow to their will?
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