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  1. Lighten up, Francis! These are jokes.
  2. I think I saw Joe Namath pitching one of those Medicare Aadvantage Plans on deep cable and he said the plan came with a 1/10th Iowa wrestling schollie. It was him or that guy from Star Trek.
  3. Got to figure a wrestler would beat a body builder any day of the week, but I want to see the no acl version of that wrestler compete first.
  4. True, but do we have a concrete answer to his question? Guessing it is still Iowa, but not 100 percent sure. Maybe UMich has outdone them.
  5. Probably in any one team dual, but Brands is pretty creative with opponent avoidance planning.
  6. Wrestlestat has Suriano at 125 on Michigan's roster page.
  7. Amos looked a little gassed at the end of that match. I think he was the better wrestler for 6 minutes and 50 seconds.
  8. Iowa fans harass everyone on the net, even their own. Your true white knighting occurs here.
  9. My original version of Trivial Pursuit comes in handy once in a while.
  10. I thought it was short for Chadwick.
  11. So nice they went out of business. Lol. But the good news is that anyone who was hopelessly stuck in the Palm Pilot cult can buy one used on eBay for about $30. Good for causing eye strain as an e Book reader I suppose.
  12. The first country you hit heading due south of Detroit is Canada, eh Hoser.
  13. The points gap between Penn State and #2 Iowa is wider than the gap between Iowa and the 7th place team on that list. That sort of puts things into perspective.
  14. Disregard the self described Ponce below who thinks Bo Nickal lost a PSU wrestleoff to David Taylor and that somehow this would, even if true which is not the case, be somehow relateable to Joe Lee losing to Barraclaw. The name you are actually looking for is Geno Morelli.
  15. There is a reason he is still a minnow and a reason you still feel like quoting him.
  16. Yeah, the rumor mill said that too, so it must be true and need no context added, in other words a true beatdown. Right?
  17. Bo Nickal got beat in a wrestleoff too. And nobody is claiming Joe Lee is the same caliber wrestler as Bo Nickal.
  18. Beat down? At 100 percent good health for Lee? Barraclaw himself got punished recently in one match. This leads me to believe we will see Joe Lee, just not sure when.
  19. WIN https://www.win-magazine.com/2021/11/22/underclassmen-upset-defending-champs-make-impact-on-nov-22-ranks/ Intermat InterMat Wrestling (intermatwrestle.com) Win gives Iowa a 10 point edge over Penn State while Intermat has Iowa 8.5pts ahead of the Blue and White.
  20. I wonder if they send out Facundo at 165 by then. Joe Lee could also be at 157.
  21. 43 is only when his name is spelled correctly, but when it is missing one "Kervliet" letter it is clearly 42.
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