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  1. In terms of actually stepping on the mat here are Suriano's Ls. 3x by 1 point - Gilman, Micic and Fix 1x by 2 points - DeSanto 1x by 4 points - Lee
  2. A Google image search for Cinnamon Buns and another for ROTTEN Cinnamon Buns gives you the same images. Just sayin'.
  3. Well, it is either Aa or aa, but not AA. Hah!
  4. And also moralizing. That helps with the whole victim narrative.
  5. Schultz is the biggest duck of all. He was basically all set to wrestle a back up but tucked tail when kerk stepped on the mat. That is weak. Blame him or the coach, I don't care.
  6. And had Berge not been injury plagued he too would have been on that A list. His multiple world teams are a strong indicator.
  7. Wrestling is already fun. I don't gamble either. My nephews tell me that is fun too.
  8. Since I basically predicted as much in another thread, I will predict Kerk beats Cassioppi.
  9. Kerkvliet has long arms and now has the strength in that body to match his athletic ability. I can't even see Tony getting to a position where he could throw Kerkvliet. Also, after having watched how Kerk beat Parris and how Gable beat Tony, I can see Kerk replicating the style Gable used to beat Tony. Guess time will tell.
  10. Hope he curbs his enthusiasm a bit when handling life altering equipment of any kind. Safety first.
  11. Not at all. I am anti "not knowing what the hell is going on" and was just surprised to learn today that I may have completely missed a recent big anti seatbelt movement. I would have been surprised had something like that transpired without my noticing it.
  12. Aha! You don't read my posts as closely as I once thought. Two Our Fathers, three Hail Marys, and an Apostles Creed for you.
  13. Speaking of prayers. I am making one today for Halyna Hutchins. May She Rest In Peace. Beautiful young woman.
  14. If you have me in your "most in need" category I will take all the prayers you want to send.
  15. Glad that Valencia, once he realized Wick was not ducking, still stepped onto the mat. Unlike another ASU wrestler in a similar position.
  16. I assume they have the lines in the middle of the road, broken to indicate passing and solid lines to indicate no passing.
  17. 1. PSU 2. Michigan 3. Iowa InterMat Wrestling (intermatwrestle.com)
  18. Did not see them posted here but they are out. NCAA releases first coaches’ ranking for 2022 DI Wrestling Championships | NCAA.com
  19. Wrestlestat's dual comp had Michigan piss pounding Penn State last week. Then the match happened. Wrestlestat is my absolute go to for data, but I wouldn't place bets based on their predictive models or rankings.
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