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  1. I wonder if they send out Facundo at 165 by then. Joe Lee could also be at 157.
  2. 43 is only when his name is spelled correctly, but when it is missing one "Kervliet" letter it is clearly 42.
  3. He was probably in a state of shock and didn't even know what to do.
  4. Has Kaleb Young caught a mild case of the HEW?
  5. I literally logged off and missed this historic event. Dayum!
  6. Whatever it is, it is apparantly enough. Greg wins by TF on the guy that pinned Tony Cassioppi tonite.
  7. I thought you had him mauling Greg Kerkvliet like 8 hours ago? Lol.
  8. I guess Kerkvliet weighs enough. Lol.
  9. They might need to curb their enthusiasm for the time being.
  10. Moody's commentary is goofy at times.
  11. Wilson has a similar crazed hippy look of Pat Downey III
  12. According to Jeremiah Moody, Abe Assad and Myles Wilson are competing to see which one of them will be the 184 NCAA Champion. Interesting.
  13. He had a studly knee brace for sure.
  14. Brands days at 184 officially over?
  15. Kharchla is right there with Marinelli IMO.
  16. It was worse than that. Quincy was leading 2-0 and Moody predicted it would end up 7-2 in Young's favor and that it would still be a dominating win for Young. That was crazy talk.
  17. You caught that too? That was nutty.
  18. Looks like Punxatawney Kaleb made weight, then lost the td battle to Quincy Monday 4 to none.
  19. Smith and Lewis exchanged some words there. Wonder what prompted that.
  20. Ulrey was in deep 2x and got nada.
  21. Sasso is so active, but Bryce is a lot of fun too.
  22. His logic is that before the clock hits zero in Times Square is 2 calendar years before the moment after it hits zero, when in fact there is a point when the two times are literally a split second apart. "Happy New Year!" can be responded to with, " I know it has been two calendar years since we last spoke, but it feels like it's only been 3 seconds".
  23. As trolling goes this is lame even by pastry standards.
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