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  1. 8 hours ago, de4856 said:

    I will just state the obvious, but Penn St. looks very tough. I believe that they are going to handle Iowa next week. 

    I'm sure there will be a little Tenderizing and Carverizing waiting for PSU's arrival. It might even possibly work for that dual as it has been known to happen. Come post season though, Penn State will Bo Nickal  "That's What We Do" to them. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Lurker said:

    PSU just simply out toughed Michigan. That was the difference. They won every fight through situation. 

    @TBar1977, are you serious with the commentating complaints?  Maybe I was listening to something different.  Gotta thicken the skin brother. 

    Only the part involving Greg Kerkvliet. 

  3. Marinelli better win Big 10s or he stands a good chance of being the 6 seed at NCAA. 

    Wick and O Toole are going to be unbeaten heading into Detroit. I have Valencia losing to Wick and going in with only 1 loss. If Marinelli wins Bigs, he gets the 3 seed. If he drops another match, especially at Bigs, then guys like Hamiti, Kharchla, Wittlake and Griffith can all pass him. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, buckshot1969 said:

    Marinelli losing and talking smack is the most Iowa thing I've seen this season!

    Smack talkin a guy who is flat better. 

    7 years don't work. It does limit your career earnings, though, so he's got that going for him. 

  5. 14 minutes ago, Paul158 said:

    I think the masks are symbolic. They don't do anything. at are local high school matches the wrestlers wrestle each other for 6 minutes but are not allowed to shake hands after the match.


    Its all virtue signalling. Mask theatre. 

  6. Just now, nom said:

    Brands brothers are not even trying to pretend they have their mask on.  Curious, do they risk any kind of penalty for blatant disregard of the ‘rule’ to wear a mask?  What would that ‘penalty’ be if so?

    (note, I don’t care if you think it is stupid to wear a mask.  I don’t care if you think they are devils for their action.  I am simply wondering if there is any official ‘penalty’ that could be enforced here)

    Did you see the crowd at UM? too funny. Half the crowd was either wearing the mask a little wrong or a LOT wrong. Tons had the mask below their chin. Like you, I don't give a crap because those cloth masks are about as effective against virus as a post and rail fence is against mosquitos. 

  7. Not sure what part of the match was best, the sequence between Brooks and Amine where Amine spent maybe 45 seconds or more trying to reel Brooks' leg in only to end up surrendering the TD to Aaron Brooks or Sparks and Gibbons singing Parris' praises so stridently the viewer would think Parris was going to easily pin Greg Kerkvliet only to have Greg go out and control the whole match. 

  8. 4 minutes ago, Plasmodium said:

    Anybody see the Hwt match?  Doesn't seem all that close.  DK got the initial TD, then got ridden and taken down twice.  Did he get close to scoring?

    Kerk had 3 TDs to Parris 1 TD. Parris got his TD in the final seconds of period 1 so no ESC. 4-4 after 1 period. Kerk then got a 3rd period TD.

    Honestly, Kerk totally tied Parris up by controlling his left wrist and taking away his shots before he could even generate them. Then Kerk would drop levels onto Parris left leg and convert 3 out of maybe 5 times. I now expect Kerk to keep utilizing that strategy. Parris needs to adjust or he'll struggle against Kerk.


    Memo to BTN. Kerk was coming back from sickness last year. He wasn't unable to get things on track for no reason, he wasn't healthy. Everyone else seems to have heard that news so maybe you need to figure it out already.

  9. 10 minutes ago, Jrr277 said:

    This dual could not have gone better for PSU and worse for Michigan

    Massa got the exact match he wanted to get, he had hoped to get. Starocci still beat him. That is the one match in the whole dual where I thought the pace and manner in which the match unfolded favored U Mich. I thought PSU controlled the other matches in terms of maximizing their potential.

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