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  1. Two more things on RBY - Desanto. I think if RBY ever takes Desanto for granted then Desanto will beat him, so RBY has to take those matches very seriously. He can't just show up and beat Austin the way he could beat guys he is just so much better than. So he can't get over confident because that is how he would get beat, if it were to happen. The other thing is that I doubt Desanto ever got into RBY's or Cael's head other than to figure out how to beat him and then actually do it. I do think RBY is in Brands' head. I include Brands because he called RBY "the one armed man out East" in one of his pressers. I think it probably frustrates him the way Cael and RBY quickly turned the whole dynamic around and put Brands' wrestler, both literally and figuratively, at more than arm's length.
  2. I give you a lot of credit with this entry.
  3. Anything is possible, but Warner having the field cleared out for him and DeSanto beating a guy he has lost to a bunch of times now, one of those times mimicking a tapout, seems pretty unlikely.
  4. My bad on Kem beating Starocci 2x, it was only 1x. As for that "offseason" result, that is rich coming from from you given the million times you have pooh pooh'd freestyle results when someone brings them up in the manner you just used them.
  5. And that year doesn't have anything to do with their current wrestlers. Just as the 1990s doesn't either.
  6. Lurker has had a ton more debates with those guys, especially russell what his name, than I have.
  7. Desanto is a really good wrestler, but just not as good as RBY or Fix. Add in Arujau and Suriano - I know he has a Carver W over Suriano - if they wrestle. Warner I give no shot. Too many good/better wrestlers in that field.
  8. So 13 calendar years ago they came somewhat close to equaling what PSU's current line up actually did last year?
  9. Then let's put it this way. 141 lost to a guy he had beaten twice before, and 174 lost to a FRESHMAN he had beaten twice before. 165 has underperformed his seed 3 times now. I think he can right that ship this time, maybe. If they protect him all year he may somehow get the 1 seed again and then I would predict underperformance again. That 1 seed may be hard though given the way Griffiths beat Wittlake.
  10. December 29, 2018 to March 2022 is 3 years and 3 months, not 5 years. I know you are now going to write 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 and claim 5 calendar years, but try to keep this on the up and up for once.
  11. Iowa has a good chance at 4 champs? You know this isn't the 1990's, right? Lee I will give you. Mark that one down. You then have to believe 141, 165 and 174 have a chance. All of them wilted the last time they had a chance, and the field looks stronger at two of those weights. If Yianni is at 141 then take that one away as well. He isn't beating Yianni and Nick Lee back to back.
  12. I agree with your POV. Ogunsanya last nite looked a full weight class bigger, but it was Bartlett who got the TD. His finish on that TD was super clean too.
  13. MSU, I called pastry boy's post crap because he claimed Kerk would get "Cassiopi'd by any AA caliber guy above 260 when he knows Kerk has already beaten multiple AA guys who are either above 260 or pretty darn close. His thesis is stupid. He should have just said that he thinks those other guys are better.
  14. I have not seen Beard wrestle yet. When I wrote Dean looked better than Beard, I was talking the Beard of last year's NCAAs.
  15. Cinnabon will start a new thread in a few weeks talking about how "old and tired" Iowa's veteran wrestlers look. Just watch.
  16. I wasn't so sure Dean would look better than Beard, but he really has. He has pretty quick feet for a 197.
  17. He won't honor his side of this bet, Antitroll. Don't do it.
  18. Let me just say something here. Even before he got hurt last year when he was destroying senior guys in those rokfin freestyle match ups he was basically using only one TD, a far leg cross ankle pick. I have seen him this year, admittedly against lesser competition, using all kinds of TDs. Inside and outside single legs, doubles from space and with near level changes, go behinds. He has improved offense this year. Who knows if that beats Cassioppi or not, but it isn't going to be easy for those other guys like it was last year.
  19. I doubt that. He got 4th last year but that field didn't include Darmstadt, Max Dean, Patrick Brucki, and Braxton Amos just off the top of my head. Then you have the other guys who are back all of whom can beat him like Bonnacorsi, an improving Rocky Elam, an improving Jay Aiello, Kordell Norfleet, Tanner Sloan, and guys who are very close with him just in the Big10 like Shultz and Caffey. Warner has slow feet. I think he finishes lower than 4th.
  20. The crap being piled on Kerkvliet is plain funny. He beat 3 of Intermat's current top 10 last spring, bonused 2 of them, while wrestling at maybe 2/3 capacity. Healthy this year he has won by TF, F, and last nite 14-3 major with over 5 minutes riding time on a 258.4 lbs Hwt. who outweighed him by 27lbs. And Traub doesn't give up 16-0 losses. He has been majored 2x in his career, one by Conan Jennings the other by Gable Steveson. Kerk looks pretty good right now.
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