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  1. 2 minutes ago, madcat11 said:

    I generally agree on all points though I sympathize with Heinselman being absolutely tiny.  I also feel like Ethan Smith started off as a no one and now he's a top guy.


    I take those guys any day over a Decatur whose results I also consider extremely predictable.  Like why did anyone think that guy could go 7 minutes?


    Rough year indeed.

    Yeah, Smith was unheralded coming out of h.s.

  2. 5 minutes ago, VakAttack said:


    Already a flop since Hamiti is not wrestling and that's my main reason for watching.


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    Why would Hamiti be wrestling in the Nebraska Minnesota dual when he wrestles for Wisconsin? Does he have a brother in this dual?

  3. 1 hour ago, BoilerUp$ said:

    You guys think this suriano beats a healthy Spencer?

    Close before, closer now. And if Picc, Rivera and Bresser can do it then I am sure Suriano "could" win. He'd still have to do it, of course. Easier said than done. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Mphillips said:

    Same with us here in CBUS. 

    This is anecdotal, but at one of the largest hospitals I know of half the people in there that have Covid are not in for Covid, and many didn't know they even had Covid until they went in for something else and got tested and they were informed they had it. 

    Btw, the Supreme Court just struck down the OSHA Vaccine Mandate on large employers. They left stand the Health Care worker mandate that is causing all the shortages in hospital staffing.

  5. 9 hours ago, 1032004 said:

    Omicron is infecting pretty much everyone including those infected (or vaccinated/boosted) in the past 90 days.

    Kaiser just released notes of a study on Omicron in their CA hospitals. Some snippets:

    The study involved more than 52,000 omicron patients and almost 17,000 delta patients within the Kaiser Permanente Southern California health care system between Nov. 30 and Jan. 1, when both variants were spreading. 

    Researchers found a 53 percent reduced risk for hospitalization and a 74 percent reduced risk for intensive care unit admission among omicron patients. No omicron patients needed to go on a ventilator, compared to 11 delta patients. One person infected with omicron died, while the system recorded 14 fatalities among patients with delta.  The median length of hospital stay among omicron patients was also almost 3.5 days shorter than those infected with delta.  

    I can't independently verify this, but Dr. Marty Makary whom I trust said that the one death in 52,000 was either on par with or even better than the flu. Can't recall his exact wording. Europe is moving from their previous pandemic model to an endemic model. Its here and its not going anywhere so we are going to learn to live with it.

  6. 2 hours ago, dman115 said:

    So if getting the jab is so much more effective than natural immunity in the first 90 days then why do people need a booster?  Then why is it still being spread?  Why are hospitals running out of beds again...or is it a staff shortage?  Why is it stupid if an organization recognizes natural immunity, just as the medical field does?  Would we still not have a surge right now if 100% of people were vaccinated and boosted?  Maybe we all need another booster?  Still wondering why everyone in IA, MT, UT, FL, etc. aren't all in the hospital or dead yet??

    I sure hope the NCAA uses some common sense and implements policies that actually takes into consideration natural immunity...because up until Covid, and subsequently people loosing their freaking minds, that was the go to standard.

    Bill Gates just did a talk yesterday and gave the vaccines two weaknesses. The current Covid vaccines have endurance that is weak i.e. they are not long lasting. Two, they don't stop transmission.

    I think we will all likely at some point contract some variant of this virus. It is getting more transmissible all the time. Maybe not, but it seems to make sense to me.

  7. 1 hour ago, Elevator said:

    Vacines and boosters - which have been around and successful for a long time - I believe protect through the natural immune system.  Its not choosing one over the other.  Fake news. 

    Vaccines are good, we agree on this statement. Now, would you take a Covid vaccine every week? Every month? Why wouldn't you, if indeed you would not? What could possibly go wrong?

  8. I don't know how to do the freezing thing, but my screen says 44 seconds when the ref is still yelling "Green" the first time and RBY has clearly re shot by that moment. My POV remains that neither of them were stalling and that Gibbons description of the sequence being an amazing set of calls that you just don't see very often was entirely accurate. 

  9. 45 minutes ago, Crotalus said:

    There aren't moving goalposts. The goal has always been to try to keep people from dying. The problem is there is not a straightforward path to getting there, and the path changes as we learn new information. Right now, masks and vaccines are the best tools we have. But that is certainly not the only tool that is being developed. Sitting back and letting millions of people die without trying anything was never an option, even if this virus becoming endemic was inevitable.

    There are moving goalposts. In the run up to the election Biden and Fauci both said "No Covid 19 Vaccine Mandate". In 2021 that became "Yes, Covid 19 Vaccine Mandate". Regardless of their reasons, that is the definition of a moving goalpost. 


    And I feel as though I always need to say this because of how these things go. I am no anti vaxxer. I am double vaxxed and boosted. Everyone in my family is such. And I even have a dear friend who is fortunate that his own personal anti vax sentiment did not do him in. But this is all beside the point. 

    The point is that they have said one thing at one time, and then another thing at other times. This double speak and shifting policy amid the backdrop of all the other problems this country is facing leads those on the edge to recoil, not to embrace. So they are getting the exact opposite reaction they claim to want. 

    They also treat members of groups differently. The original vaccine mandate for employers with greater than 1000 employees came with a carve out for postal workers. What? Now we see talk of treating the sick partly on the basis of race. What? That seems sure to end up in the courts. 

    Now we have many health systems who are firing nurses because they refused the vaccine. Most of those nurses are young women in the 20s and 30s. The theory is that their refusal to take the vaccine could lead to them contracting Covid 19 and then transmitting it to patients. But at the same exact time we see California creating a new mandate allowing hospitals to require some Covid Infected workers back onto the job. So certain workers are fired because they might get Covid while other workers in the same job are forced top work even though they have Covid. 

    And they wonder why people have lost trust in them.  




  10. 28 minutes ago, Crotalus said:

    Regardless of your feeling on the second stall call, you were being intentionally dishonest to claim the call was made when RBY took a counter shot to make it seem as though the ref was blatantly anti-PSU. That was not when it was made and only discredits your opinion. But it is clear you can't objectively break down a wrestling match with a PSU wrestler.

    Not intentionally dishonest. Honestly, while I can agree to how "delayed reaction works, the re shot is so fast that RBY is in on it before the word "stalling" leaves the refs mouth.

    "Green. Green Stalling" is how it came from the ref. Well, before the word stalling is out RBY has already re shot. In fact, I am able to freeze the screen as the ref is yelling Green the first time and RBY has already taken multiple steps in the re shot. That is what I said. RBY is in fact countering when the call leaves the refs mouth. 

    Freeze it when you hear the word Green the first time and I think you'll be able to see what I am seeing. 

  11. 18 minutes ago, BerniePragle said:


    I'm 95% with you.  (I always keep a little in reserve.  You never know.)  I'm a 69 year old guy who takes no drugs, only a few vitamins and fish oil tablets.  Do they help?  I don't know, but it's easier than arguing with my wife about them, Lol.  I firmly believe in the body's ability to take care of itself.  Hence, your comment about "over-vaxing" may make sense... But, there are times the body needs help, hence the screws in my left leg, scars on both knees, and stitches here and there.
    I guess what I'm trying to say, to quote a good friend, I feel strongly both ways.  Anyway, my wife and I are both retired, and I can guarantee you this is not what we had in mind.  Hopefully, we can get on the other side of this, one way or the other (or both).  Wishing you health and peace.

    We have much in common, Bernie. My wife likes to nag me a little too, but I suspect for all the right reasons. 

    Just one clarification. Not my view because I know the answers, just quoting some news out of Europe that seems to make sense to me. 

  12. 22 minutes ago, Mphillips said:

    Isn't that the scientific method that folks bellyache about? Not being argumentative or ironic. ;)

    I think that people feel they keep coming back to the same single tool in the toolbox. 

  13. 11 minutes ago, Crotalus said:

    I watched the video with my own eyes and it looked like stalling to me. The referee, who was clearly paying better attention than those two, correctly called that situation.

    This part of the match is not relevant to the discussion. But since you brought it up, I should point out to you that stalling is not like a gauge in a video game that has to build up to a certain point (though it feels that way, sometimes). It can be called instantaneously when a wrestler is actively avoiding wrestling. You could get 10 takedowns in the first two periods and still get called for stalling in the 3rd. Back to your points, the call at 45 seconds was called when Fix took a shot, not just after when RBY tried to counter. This is not a cut and dry stall call situation. Some refs would not have called that, some would (and did), but don't be dishonest about when the call was made to try and make your point. RBY was then called for stalling again for backing straight out of bounds. This call, in my opinion, was much more cut and dry. If you want to continue to rehash this match, go back to the thread 1032004 linked.

    You and the ref feel one way, Johnson, Gibbons and many others feel differently.

    If you wish to look at that call at 45 seconds take a look at the action leading up to that. Fix taking a half shot that was easily blocked does not equate to RBY stalling. If it did then we'd never be able to watch a 7 minute match because there would be non stop stall calls. But in the 30 seconds before that call RBY had his back to the center of the mat, then Fix circles a bit and he then has his back to the center of the mat but both wrestlers are near the center. Fix shoots and RBY has a down block and instant counter shot. 

    Neither of them was stalling there. Again, if we start calling action like that stalling, then we'll never make it 7 minutes. Ever. 

    Your take that RBY backed straight out is belied by the comments from Gibbons and Johnson. Again, you feel that way but others see it differently. 


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