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  1. Auzzie, auzzie, auzzie! Crabs, crabs, crabs!
  2. Nap LaJoie once batted .422 in the American League, which I think still stands as the top single season batting average in the AL.
  3. They do, and being healthy vs unhealthy makes a difference.
  4. He was unhealthy last year too, and that is/was my point.
  5. I think a lot of us were trying to say last year that Greg looked completely different health wise when he came back just before the post season as he had looked in those rokfin match ups. I think if he is healthy he is a completely different wrestler than what you saw at Bigs and NCAAs.
  6. Gotcha. I still think Greg can possibly make finals.
  7. He beat Parris in freestyle and not in a purely freestyle way at far less than 100 percent. If he can do that then he can possibly make the finals.
  8. If you are going to say Kerkvliet you probably should add in Starocci.
  9. Not Flo's excuse to stay relevant, but rather their attempt to do so. I can't even imagine watching that.
  10. Gable S. is #1 Spencer Lee is #2 https://rokfin.com/article/6618/202122s-Top-50-Collegiate-Wrestlers-1-and-2-The-Decision
  11. Doesn't he own a lot of rental properties?
  12. I think they'd wrestle him, but what do I know. He would face either Spencer Lee (seems like a small chance) who he would love to wrestle imo, or Ybarra who I can't really see him losing to.
  13. Why would Patrick Glory not wrestle? Is he hurt or something? I get why Spencer Lee wouldn't want to wrestle Glory. He didn't want to wrestle him the last time they were supposed to meet either, so why would this scheduled meeting be any different. Lee might not wrestle a really top guy until Big10 Championships.
  14. This thread has convinced me to watch ... Ohio State vs Va Tech!
  15. PSU vs Army wasn't on BTN+ for a while but I think it is going to be there for Thursday evening. Nice back to back duals to watch for wrestling fans.
  16. Intermat's rankings are probably the go to for me at present and I think their rankings are largely fine. It takes a few weeks to sort weights out and I have no issue with that.
  17. Probably, but maybe the Iowa crowd likes Desanto less than Schreiver. Would this be a shock to anyone?
  18. Pretty sure he's still winning. Now if you can present the video evidence to disprove his point you may a shot at coming back.
  19. OK. I have dropped it. I was hoping we could by pass the preseason grace period and go straight to mid season bickering.
  20. Ok, two posts not two posters. Nonetheless, your description LaJoie was kicked in the head (while standing up!) seemed unnecessary in light of your updates as to the benign nature of the incident. I would not have written things that way given the action described. Not without qualifiers anyway.
  21. Ok, you are trolling now. I suspect the other posts were also trolling, not that they'd admit to such.
  22. Yet two different Cornell fans brought it onto msg boards. I am just responding to those statements. Maybe the two fans should have responded more like Coach Grey.
  23. I have no idea. Foot to head of standing wrestler seems implausible, so how did this implausible and unfortunate incident happen?
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