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  1. Then too bad that L to Wentzel is gonna prevent him from becoming the GOAT.
  2. With a standing exclamation point! Glad you provided added clarity.
  3. Was that kick intentional or just part of normal wrestling action? Your post here combined with a post from klehner on bigredbears msg. board might create such an impression. Re: Kaloust Bearcat Open Quote Post by klehner » 15 Nov 2021, 05:41 Correction: LaJoie was kicked in the head (while standing up!) and knocked out. No one has stated the kick was intentional, but you can see how it could be misconstrued. Would not want to see people get the wrong impression. Speaking of Evans ... lightly regarded 4th place finisher at PIAA, wrestled no matches last year, got beat by Koderhandt of Navy 10-1 at Clarion Open. He reversed that result beating him 7-5 just one week later.
  4. Translataion: "I read some stuff on the internet".
  5. I heard Nick Saban wanted to visit Carlsbad Cavern.
  6. I'd have needed a bunch more time if I was just listing all of Cornell's Losses yesterday.
  7. Greg was the first of five freshman to watch in one wrestling article I read. Taking a loss like this right out of the gate probably was not to be expected.
  8. Finals At 125 Greg Diakomihalis lost 7-5 to Allen of Navy in the final in SV. At 141 Wil Gill of F&M beat Cole Handlovic of Cornell 7-2. At 157 Andrew Cerneglia of Navy beat Colton Yapoujian of Cornell 7-5. At 165 Brevin Cassella of BING beat PSU Matt Lee 10-2. Lee had beaten Cornell's Julian Ramirez in the semi finals. Ramirez won 3rd place by 14 pt major. At 174 Chris Foca of Cornell beat Cael Crebs of Navy by Major. 184 Jonathan Loew of Cornell won by Major. 197 Jacob Cardena beat Koser from Navy in one semi and is about to face Lou Deprez of BING in the final. Deprez wins that final 3-2.
  9. Ogunsanya faces Beau Bartlett Thursday nite. That will give us a good indication of where Bartlett is at. Beard is getting a bunch of TD's and they appear to really be pushing him hard. Aside from the major of Brown (2nd at EIWA last year) he had a 14 pt major and a TF. Some PSU fans think he is still having gas tank issues.
  10. Looked like a bigger version of Matt Brown or Zain R. to me. He is gonna be tough this year.
  11. 149 Corey Crooks is a 6th year collegian. Let's see what Bartlett has for him. Bartlett looks bigger than last year, but 0-0 after 1. Crooks is riding Bartlett hard. Over a minute before the ESC. Bartlett returns the favor by riding Crooks for 2 minutes! 1-0 Beau Bartlett. Wow. 157 Hunter Willits vs Joey Blumer. Willits heavily favored. Willits by MAJ. 165 Edsell for PSU was tied at 3-3 with Olguin and then he got a power half for four swipes. Edsell won 7-3. PSU should cruise at these next weights. Starocci's speed and movement are really something. Win by TF halfway thru period 2. Look out 174 lbs. class. Brooks by FALL at 1:23 into the match. Headlock, FALL. Max Dean is working a bent leg turk tonite. I'd like to see him get a tighter ankle lock to make that work more efficient. Getting a whole bunch of quick leg attacks and go behinds. Dean wins 16-3. Hwt Kerkvliet wins 16-0. 2-0 after 1. GTG chooses down and Kerkvliet turns him 2x for four swipes each. Greg chose top and kept turning GTG.
  12. PSU vs Oregon State Best match up is Beau Bartlett at 149 vs a ranked guy in Cory Crooks. Gas Tank Gary is at Hwt for OSU. Looks like no Joe Lee or Alex Facundo tonite. 125 Brandon Kaylor of OSU wins it 16-9 Baylor Shunk is taller this year, but just as skinny as before and the strength disadvantage is noticeable. Still, he sort of gassed Kaylor and got 3 TD's in the 3rd to not give up bonus. 133 RBY wins 8-3. Shaner stalemated like 4 or 5 shots and tied up the rest of the time. 141 Pair of top 10's. Nick Lee vs Grant Willits. Nick Lee's knee just got tweaked early in his match. Trainer looking at it. He will continue. Nick Lee wins 11-4. He had 5 TD's, but there were another 5 near TD's barely avoided by Willits including one he gave up about a half second after time ran out. Lee looked fine on the tweaked knee.
  13. Griffith's defense on that ankle pick, then that shot from left field. Sweet.
  14. Shunk by TF RBY by FALL Nick Lee by FALL Bartlett by 13-3 Maj. Palumbo for SH beats Blumer for PSU Chreighton Edsell dropped down from 184 last year to 165 this year and won 11-3. Starocci was leading 14-2 when he won by FALL at about 0:45 left in period 1. Carter looked like a dog on a bone going for that pin. He is looking very good. SH has an NCAA qualifier at 184 in Joe Accousti. Brooks wins 23-8 with a late TD to get the TF. Dean with an 18-0 first period TF. Only 1 TD and 4 turns for 4 points each. Kerkvliet led 15-5 when he got a FALL. Last year before he got hurt he was all ankle picks. He had a lot more diverse offense tonite. Looks healthy again.
  15. Btw, don't know if you saw it but Pac12 is carrying PSU vs Oregon State. That link is on their site.
  16. Garth is cool. We got a whole lotta Kountry between Philly and Pittsburgh.
  17. Whiting is at least a Missouri commit. But still, Assad should win that match.
  18. It is nice when I put people back on ignore.
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