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  1. # 125 - #5 DANCE vs #10 CONAWAY # 133 - #19 NORSTREM vs. #5 GULIBON * 141 - #3 CARTER vs UN-R MOSS # 149 - UN-R Mastriani vs #13 BEITZ * 157 - #5 BRASCETTA vs #9 D. ALTON / UN-R LAW 165 - UN-R WESLEY/STRUBE vs UN-R HAMMOND 174 - #9 EPPERLY vs #2 BROWN # 184 - UN-R GABEL vs #18 McCUTCHEON # 197 - UN-R HAUGHT vs #4 McINTOSH # 285 - #6 WALZ vs #8 GINGRICH/LAWSON I like Beitz to win. No idea who will be in the line ups at 157 and 165. Think this one comes down to the Heavies anyway.
  2. Have you noticed how hard pennlive tries to divide people into groups that square off against each other? Not necessarily on the wrestling forum, but in their general news content and the whole tone of the site. That gets old. Maybe people just don't want to go there any more.
  3. Pretty good description. I couldn't stand Silva's mocking style so I was happy to watch Weidman put his lights out. Speaking of wrestlers doing MMA, I saw Lance Palmer on WSOF this past weekend. He dominated some guy and looked very tough. Put a rear naked choke on him. It was on the Palhares-Fitch card. Palhares scares me he is so strong with the leg locks. I think he snapped one of Fitch's tendons.
  4. I wrote that with total respect for Wowdashelt, too bad you missed that in your zeal to knock Streebler.
  5. Yeah, I had forgotten Weidman got a first period take down on Silva. Just re watched the fight. While Silva was mocking him, Weidman unloaded two left hooks from a stand up position to knock him out. Weidman either has a ton of power in his fists, or Silva has a weak spot on his jaw. I did not think either shot landed with one punch knock out force, but out went Silva's lights so it doesn't matter.
  6. I give Hunter a lot of credit for going out there. Maybe he made the call for himself.
  7. As others have noted, davis has wins over some elite guys and he's rankled about 5th. I have seen him ranked as high as 3rd. I have seen several of his fights and he has taken almost all of his opponents down pretty easily. He then rides them. It is actually .... boring. Read this, as it is spot on description of Phil Davis mma style. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2244785-phil-davis-vs-glover-teixeira-what-we-learned-from-light-heavyweight-tilt Phil has two losses. He got in the octagon with a guy who he couldn't easily keep down, Rashad Evans, and Evans out striked him easily because Phil has no striking to speak of. This past April he fought Anthony Rumble Johnson and he couldn't even take him down. He lost pretty badly. Phil beat two guys early in his career on strikes, but they were not top fighters. He has a couple of submissions, one against Gustavson like 4 years ago. Gustafson is a MUCH better fighter today than back then, and is rankled above Phil. Cormier is also above Phil, and he can wrestle with Phil and is a better striker than Phil. The rest of Phil's fights are basically decisions where he takes the guy down and wrestles. Can he be a champion? He'd have to beat one of the guys in front of him, a tall order in and of itself, and then fight Jon Jones, and in my mind Jones would destroy him. EDIT: To be clear, I think if you are an NCAA champion you could might probably get to the top 5 in MMA just on pure skill. Climbing the last few steps is another story. Weidman won his title without taking Anderson Silva down. He knocked him out. Hendricks won his title because he could wrestle and he had dynamite in his fists. He hits like a mack truck. TJ Dillashaw beat the crap out of Henan barao(sp?). Strikes. If you want top 5, wrestling alone can maybe get you that. If you want to be top 1, then you probably need more skills, like striking or submissions.
  8. I want to see Ohio State healthy. The day everyone is healthy I think they will change some minds again.
  9. Sure, Ruth is in a different class of wrestler than Phil, but that isn't what matters. Phil is a 10x better wrestler than most MMA guys. Ruth would then be 20x better. The problem isn't whether Ruth can wrestle or not. He can, and he'll get guys on the ground with ease. But what is he going to do then? How is he going to stop them? Knockout? Tap out? This is what he would need. And he also needs to defend punches and submissions coming back at him. Ed Ruth would beat most guys just wrestling them. The elite guys would be throwing bombs at him, and they also can submit guys. I don't think Ed could hold Weidman in a cradle for five minutes, assuming he would lock one in on him. John Jones was a good wrestler, but that isn't his bread and butter in MMA. Weidman beat that great Brazilian by knocking him out.
  10. Everyone pointed to Northwestern's limited number of wrestlers as the reason they forfeited matches at home to Lehigh. That excuse doesn't work for Missouri as they have four guys listed at 141 on their roster.
  11. Good point, smitty. His striking, and submissions for that matter, would need to be revealed to know where his ceiling is. Phil Davis is a great wrestler, but he is not an MMA champion because his striking is so lacking. Other guys can overcome weak striking with viscious submissions ala Poulhares, but Phil's submissions are not on his level.
  12. Never cease to be amazed at the number of young or lesser known guys who come into Ironman and knock off the studs.
  13. Love how Terry carefully hangs his sweats over the chair back while Tom just comes out and throws his on the wet and dirty pool deck. LOL. :-)
  14. So you have interviewed every athlete he has heckled? Not just UMD athletes, but all athletes? That must have kept you quite busy the past couple of decades. You do know he's been tossed from plenty of venues for his heckling, and this includes hoops, not just wrestling. And when I wrote he detracts from the athletes, I wrote that from a fan perspective. He draws eyeballs to him, and away from the wrestlers. That is the definition of "detracts from the athletes". He is worse than the guys who scream at golf balls to "GET IN THE HOLE" after a tour player hits their drive on a long par 4 hole. They scream to draw attention to themselves, and away from what the patrons paid to watch. That is the exact same thing Ficker does. I accept that he is a cool guy and very likely the nicest guy you'd want to meet in any other setting. Totally get that. That doesn't make the screaming any less annoying.
  15. Not on BTN2GO either. Not yet anyway.
  16. His screaming might make it harder for the UMD wrestlers to hear Kerry, not that Kerry seemed communicative to begin with. It is a shame that this guy detracts from the athletes.
  17. You're a lucky man, MSU. Congrats!
  18. Is that the meth guy from Breaking Bad? :-)
  19. Nah. I know the whole enjoy vs. endure thing. It got under Otis' skin last week when I posted Foley's mailbag article. :-) BTW, MSU, good luck tonight. Your wife is delivering, right? Good for you, man. Merry Christmas.
  20. In Cael Sanderson's post match comments he said the Gulibon effort was what most satisfied him tonight. That doesn't square up with Otis' comment about Jimmy's demeanor coming back to bite him by the end of the year. Most of the team looked "matter of fact" or "business as usual" tonight. The biggest thing for Jimmy tonight was that he came back and beat a tough opponent, nearly bonusing the guy with the two tilts. As you know, that guy doesn't lose like that often.
  21. Have to laugh at the comments.
  22. 149 and Hwt decide it imo. They could both be great matches.
  23. The 133 match is interesting for exactly the reasons stated. Alexander is a very good wrestler, so this is the kind of match where it would be great to see Gulibon win in a controlling fashion.
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