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  1. Top Ten Ironmen of All Time. http://www.win-magazine.com/v2/2014/12/who-have-been-the-top-ironmen-in-high-school-wrestling/
  2. This match will be aired on TV at 6pm EST on The Big Ten Network, I have the Maryland match notes linked below. Featured bout should be at 133 between Gulibon and Geoff Alexander. Notes indicate Kerry McCoy has been at Maryland for 7 years. Time flies. https://www.nmnathletics.com//pdf9/3033657.pdf?SPSID=716310&SPID=120708&DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=29700
  3. No one is ever going to get them all 100% correct, Cael does seem to do a great job of assessing the type of guy who can make the leap to college success. I agree that the redshirts will stay on. Agree on Ohio State this year too.
  4. Rec Hall sells out every meet, so I'd say the Penn State fan base trusts Cael Sanderson. Mason Manville seems to like what is going on at Penn State too. You can read it here courtesy of your friends at BWI, jammen. https://bwi.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1713358
  5. If Ohio State is healthy, I like them to win it. If they go into NCAA's with guys nursing injuries, then I like Minnesota or Iowa.
  6. After CKLV, Cornell's Mark Grey headed back to 133. http://wrestlingreport.com/current_news/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=53833&sid=49c37f074180b0385e2d6314ff058b58
  7. Notable moves 165 - Taylor Walsh from 7 to 3 174 - Storley from 1 to 4 184 - Dean from 1 to 7 197 - Schiller from 1 to 2, Gadsen from 3 to 1, Cox from 2 to 3 285 - Adam Coon from 4 to 7 Tournament - Iowa from 2 to 1, Minny from 1 to 2 http://intermatwrestle.com/rankings/college/Team
  8. I don't think it is going to happen. You'd be throwing away the most important part of the year for Conoway and you'd basically be ending the career for Dylan Alton, who if he came back 100% healthy would do well in his own right. And I would have only 2 guys whose ceiling is 1rst, Nico and Brown, but even then neither of them would be favored. Ohio State and Minny both have 3 guys whose ceiling is 1rst. Logan will be a prohibitive favorite, and Ness will probably be favored at his weight. Both of those schools would have an edge on PSU, imo.
  9. He's neen injured. I think he was mentioned in last week's notes as to coming back pretty soon.
  10. skikayaker, I have read about a half dozen articles on the NLO and have not seen anyone report as to why that match was a MFF.
  11. gromit, I haven't seen anything "official" on Beitz' reason for the MED FF, but I read on one of the Penn State boards that he had an elevated heart rate. That is unconfirmed, though. Another post came from someone who spoke with Beitz late in the day and this guy said Zack told him he was feeling better, whatever that means. As for Nolf and Nickal, yeah that sounded pretty familiar. Scary how good some of these young guys are. Future is bright!
  12. Recap of the NLO from a Penn State perspective from pennlive.com. There is a lot of information from Cael Sandersopn on the Brown-Nickal and Law-Nolf matches. http://www.pennlive.com/sports/index.ssf/2014/12/penn_state_crowns_5_tournament.html#incart_river
  13. No it isn't. It isn't because nobody has a God damn clue what the F*** you are talking about. Guess again. I told you I am not going on a wild assed goose chase for someone who admittedly is acting like a DICK. You don't deserve it, and judging by what the F*** you made a mountain out of a molehill about nobody else cares. Sue me. Taffur was one of the very best 157's last year. He was ranked as high as #4. Had a GREAT season. Pretty much everyone in this forum already knows who he is. I refer'd to him as an AA. So F***ing what. Like I said, sue me. Maybe you can get a refund for what you paid to read that post. $0.00
  14. I played your little game once already. That was more than enough. If you think something I posted is going to cause this msg. board to blow up, then say what it is and stop playing your little games. And btw, you were anything but polite the first go round. Had you been polite I'd have responded in kind.
  15. Foley answered a question in his Friday mailbag where he compared Iowa to other programs. He implied that at Iowa the style was to "endure" while at some other programs the style was to "enjoy". His words. I just applied them here since you brought up the dynamics in their program. Isn't Iowa style and Brands style the same thing? If not, then how is it not?
  16. You said you'd be a dick, and you are following thru on your promise. That message isn't lost on me. You are indeed being a dick, just as you promised you'd be. I'm just posting results and a couple of comments, which is what message boards are for. I don't need to impress anyone, least of all someone like you.
  17. I wish Micah would have wrestled too. Even if you lose you still learn something and walk away better for it.
  18. Yes, they are the stars at Iowa. They will always overshadow the wrestlers. Iowa style, where your head coach is the star and you must endure.
  19. Your rankings are probably accurate, but I wouldn't quibble even if you put Snyder above McIntosh and I'm a Penn State guy. This said, Morgan is definitely stronger this year. It is really noticeable. He's pinning guys now when before he'd play the TD game and try to get a major or TF. I really have to see him against one of those other guys, though, before having a great idea where he stands.
  20. If I knew for a fact Dean was sick this past weekened, then I'd pick him. If he was healthy then all bets are off and I'm probably picking Thomusseit or Nate Brown.
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