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  1. Sorenson jumped that last whistle.
  2. This is high quality video.
  3. I have action. Gilman leads 2-0.
  4. BTN2GO probably merged with Flo. Only way to explain this. LOL.
  5. I think Flo must be producing BTN2GO broadcasts now.
  6. BTN2Go, BTNPlus only has Iowa vs. Iowa State today. ESPN3 has no wrestling today.
  7. This is the match that is on college sports live, correct?
  8. There is obviously something going on with Chance. It is either the weight cut, or the change of scenery, or the family issues, or who knows what. It isn't "Now he's wrestling with men" or "this isn't high school anymore". Chance wrestled dozens of opponents that were bigger and older than he was, and beat them. The Nick Hodgkins example is a good one. Chance appeared to me to be going at 1/2 speed in a couple of the match videos I saw. Either the cut has been really hard on him or something is in his head. Only he and those around him would know.
  9. I think it is possible they may ask for the user name and password on your Cable TV subscription, but I am guessing on that. I don't think it could be as simple as clicking off a box for VERIZON or TIME WARNER since anyone could do that.
  10. No biggie, redblades. I think you understand the point I was making. A true student athlete can get a great education at any of the schools mentioned in this thread. Not sure why anyone would even imply otherwise.
  11. All in all, Lehigh offers a great education. So does Penn State. So does Cornell. A physics or structural engineering question is going to yield the same answer at all three schools. FWIW, I'd hire a Lehigh or Penn State building engineer before I'd hire an Ivy League building engineer anytime. Nothing wrong with the Ivy League guy, but I'd be fearful he'd be pre occupied trying to win an award of some kind for his work on my project, and I would not be looking for that type of outcome. I'd just want my building to stand up for as long as possible.
  12. Makes sense, BigRedMachine. Cornell got some great verbal pledges recently. Diakhomelis (sp?) comes to mind. Kids go where they, not us old guys, think they will get the best chance to meet their goals. If their goals are wrestling and education, then Penn State is as good a school as any right now. I'm sure Mason Manville knows what he wants from his collegiate experience. Happy Thanksgiving.
  13. I have no idesa about watching ESPN3 on the actual TV as I am content to watch ESPN3 on my computer. I signed up for it at this link: http://espn.go.com/watchespn/index/_/channel/espn3
  14. Who says he spent 50K to go to Blair? Just as likely they gave him a schollie. And I'm sure he'll scrape by at that state school. He's pretty tough. The last line in this flowrestling story on Mason Manville's commitment to Penn State says it best: http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/251734-Wrestling-News-and-Updates/article/28814-Mason-Manville-to-PSU#.VHZVpMlDFCU :-)
  15. I think Mason spent some of his formative years in Minnesota, so perhaps he befriended Mark along the way? Hall was also on that same trip with Manville (so was Spencer Lee) to Slovakia for Cadet Worlds.
  16. BTN will be re airing some of what is on BTN+, so between the two you get a lot of wrestling. I posted the entire series of matches in the thread pinned above. Add in the ESPN3 coverage and you should get to watch live wrestling every weekend, and likely more than one event each weekend.
  17. Congrats to Mason Manvile on his college commitment, and congrats to the Penn State wrestling community on landing him. The fuiture is bright. Mason projects 165 in college. https://twitter.com/JoshMLowe/status/537624345489969152
  18. I agree with that. I don't think the prior match sheds much light on the next match either. I just think that any wrestler remembers when someone pinned him and would like to win the next time out. That is one thing. The other thing I was saying is that Alexander is one of the better wrestlers Jimmy will face this year, which imo is true. Not saying he pins him, or even beats him. Maybe he will, maybe he won't. That's why they actually wrestle, right? To see who will win.
  19. He is at 157 this year. I have no idea about next year.
  20. Your insecurity is showing again, Mahty. You should just take his compliment with some grace.
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