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  1. Congrats to Mason Manvile on his college commitment, and congrats to the Penn State wrestling community on landing him. The fuiture is bright. Mason projects 165 in college. https://twitter.com/JoshMLowe/status/537624345489969152
  2. I agree with that. I don't think the prior match sheds much light on the next match either. I just think that any wrestler remembers when someone pinned him and would like to win the next time out. That is one thing. The other thing I was saying is that Alexander is one of the better wrestlers Jimmy will face this year, which imo is true. Not saying he pins him, or even beats him. Maybe he will, maybe he won't. That's why they actually wrestle, right? To see who will win.
  3. He is at 157 this year. I have no idea about next year.
  4. Your insecurity is showing again, Mahty. You should just take his compliment with some grace.
  5. Intermat has the complete BTN/BTNPlus schedule. It is actually VERY good, imo. Lots of wrestling action.
  6. That's the one. I'm sure both wresters have that match circled. Should be a good one.
  7. Pins have to be counted as being of equal value, even though in this particular match it is fairly obvious that Steiber was more dominant than Epperly. The problem with assigning different valuies to pins is how do you differentiate between a guy who comes out and quickly takes his opponent to his back and pins him versus a guy who scores a few takedowns and then pins his man? What about the quality of the man that got pinned? It wouild become impossible, and it would be purely subjective as to which pin was more decisive. Was Stieber's pin worth more than this pin from Dylan Ness? This is the type of argument that would crop up if one wrestkler's pin was evaluated for relative quality vs. someone else's pin.
  8. Someone on a Cornell wrestling forum said he had a concussion. Those are not my words, they were posted by someone else. I'm just passing along information that is already in the www interwebs.
  9. Personally, I think you have to let your kid wrestle to win his match. They did the right thing, and I hope they'd do this same thing at National Duals or any other competition.
  10. One of Gulibon's tougher matches this year is coming up soon when Penn State faces off against Maryland. Geoff Alexander beat Jimmy before. I'm thinking Binghamton, or one of the other opens. Might have even pinned him if my memory still works correctly.
  11. I did not need any convincing on Thomasello, but I think his showing yesterday shows he has what it takes to compete evenly with, and potentially beat, a top rated 125 wrestler.
  12. You could easily be proven right on this.
  13. People were high on Miklus, and this win shows they knew what they were talking about. Tigers have a nice team.
  14. Awesome match. BoJo and Hunter would make a huge difference, though, not that anyone would disagree. Surpised to see Snyder give up two take downs to the Va Tech 197. That kid looked pretty good, though.
  15. They made a mistake on the broadcast, hammer.
  16. So far 125 Conaway wins 20-3 TF over Seth Carr 133 Gulibon wins by FALL in 3:47 (leading 14-1 at the time, I think) over Matt Liggett 141 Kade Moss 12-1 over John Pezze 149 Zack Beitz over Sam Sherlock Sherlock had 2 TD's, Beitz 2 escapes Beitz got a take down with 10 seconds left in 1rst 4-4 after 1 Beitz takes down ESC, 5-4 Beitz TD, Tilt, 5 counts 10-4 End of 2 Sherlock down to start 3rd, Beitz almost gets him in a cradle Sherlock sits out, Beitz drags him back down to his back and gets swipes??? Not clear. Still riding ESC, 10-5 End With RT it ends up 15-5? I'm assuming some back pts in 3rd 157 Cody Law vs. Evan DeLong (they made a mistake talking about Alton) Each wrestler traded shots, none were finished off 0-0 after 1 2nd, DeLong chooses down Law rides DeLong for entire period + gets stall point 3rd, Law down ESC, 2-0 +RT Not much offense at all TD Law, ESC DeLong Match ends 5-1 165 Garrett Hammond vs. Slade Horner TD Hammond, ESC Horner, 2-1 TD Hammond, 4-1, last second ESC, 4-2 after 1 Hammond chooses down ESC, another TD Hammond, Tilt for 3 backs 10-2, after 2 +RT Horner down ESC, Hammond gets a headlock, TD ESC Horner, 12-4 now + RT Ends 13-4 Gotta go now.
  17. Also 133 Jared Cortez, IL wins 14-4 over Brian Crutchmer, Ok St 141 Dean Heil ok St 8-1 over Logan Ryan, Iowa 165 Chandler Rogers has 4 pins so far, faces team mate Deiringer in final Hwt Mellon 6-1 over Sam Stoll, Iowa I would to see these videos if anyone finds them.
  18. It is great wrestling fans like yourself, Chasden, guys that probably want to see videos like these of guys we have not seen in so long but perhaps don't know they exist that make posting them all the more worthwhile. Glad you enjoyed them.
  19. That should be a terrific match.
  20. Thanks. I missed the final 30 seconds or so and didn't catch that it ended in a major.
  21. Second half was great. 165 Weircioch beat hammond 11-8. Cody's defense was the difference. Garrett had a pair of headlocks that took Cody down, but each time Cody rolled thru and avoided the TD. Cody also fought off a real deep single and Garrett elevating him into the air. Cody is a really good wrestler. He'll qualify for NCAA's this year, and he'll win some matches. He is going to be a difficult out for most guys. 174 Matt just dominated Rheagard. Looked painful. Something like 17-6. 184 McCutcheon put up a great fight. Got a reversal and had a couple of nice shots that max had to fight off. Max won in the end, 5-3 in the sort of match that 5th year guys as good as he is tend to win. But Matt showed he has some potential. 197 was a blowout. All McIntosh. 5-0 after 1 period after Morgan got Bonnacorsi in a bow and arrow tilt for the full count. Morgan went right back to the same tilt in Period 2, got it for the full count, loosened it a bit, then full cranked it for the FALL. Morgan looked great. Hwt Rizzo is a great wrestler who is totally undersized at this level. Not sure of the final, but something like 5-0. Rizzo couldn't handle Gingrich's size advantage. Final score was Penn State 23 Pitt 12.
  22. 165 Garrett Hammond vs. Cody Weircioch coming up This should be a good, maybe deciding, match.
  23. Law vs. Garbinsky Wow. 2 and 2 for Ronnie. Pancaked him right to his back with a big throw. 4-0 Esc 150 left 4-1 End of 1 Law takes bottom Esc, but Ronnie has about 1:10 RT 4-2 TD Law 4-4, Law close to gettimng backs RT under a minte Esc 5-4 Ronnie End of 2 (Ronnie looks tired to me) Law cuts him 6-4 potentially dangerous 1 min left 40 secs 20 secs Over Ronnie wins 6-4 Penn State 10 Pitt 6 at Intermission
  24. Edgar Bright 3 Kade Moss 2 Moss looked like a Greco trying to do folk. Zack Beitz vs. Mikey Racciato I would NOT have wanted to score that first sequence. Beitz up 5-3 after 1. Mikey can scramble like a banshee. Beitz out. 6-3. TD Ankle Pick. 8-3. Esc 8-4 after 2. Esc 8-5 Lotsa ties 1 minute left Awesome! Mikey had an inside singkle cokked up and Zack turned into him and tilted him over for 2 more, then rode him out to get 1 more for RT 11-5 Beitz 10-3 Penn State so far
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