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  1. Two great wrestlers. It will be close either way, like 1 point. I'll go with Joey Dance.
  2. I think you hit the right word with Nolf. Relentless. Kid has a non stop motor.
  3. There are a lot of toss ups, so either team can win and either team could get on a roll and make a statement.
  4. Wow. I'll say a ;prayer for Courtney.
  5. Article on Penn State 184 Matt McCutcheon. Looks like he could be bringing 100 fans from his high school to watch him wrestle Thomusseit. Also, regarding Matt's early season opponents there is this: The Lions' redshirt freshman is 5-2. His losses are to No. 5 Nate Brown of Lehigh and No. 3 Lorenzo Thomas of Penn. He's beaten No. 9 Ophir Bernstein of Brown and he'll face No. 4 Max Thomusseit of Pitt on Friday. "That's pretty good for the first week and a half,'' Penn State coach Cael Sanderson said. "Now he has his fourth top 10 guy. Whatever, it is what it is. "He's right there,'' Sanderson said. "It's all perspective. If you take a couple losses early, you have to make sure you focus on the positives and not the loss. http://www.pennlive.com/sports/index.ssf/2014/11/penn_state_wrestler_matt_mccut.html
  6. Marstellar over Koo http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/251831-2014-Oklahoma-Open/video/753738-157-lbs-Semi-finals-Chance-Marstellar-Okie-State-vs-Chris-Koo-Okie-State#.VG4WePnF-71 Marstellar over Torres http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/251831-2014-Oklahoma-Open/video/753710-157lbs-Final-Marstellar-Okie-State-vs-Torres-Okie-State#.VG4WpPnF-70
  7. I have read it on that forum a number of times, and I just assumed it was correct (partly bought it because I know he is a pretty good wrestler), but looking at his bio on Princeton's site I can see that he did not qualify for NCAA's. Still a good wrestler.
  8. 125: Sean McCabe (RU) decision over Travis Passaro (HOF), 6-0; Rutgers leads, 3-0 133: Scott DelVecchio (RU) decision over Maverick Passaro (HOF), 9-8; Rutgers leads, 6-0 141: No. 16/19/20 Anthony Ashnault (RU) decision over No. 18/16/NR Jamel Hudson (HOF), 10-7; Rutgers leads, 9-0 149: No. 17/NR/18 Cody Ruggirello (HOF) decision over No. 19/NR/20 Ken Theobold (RU), 5-2; Rutgers leads, 9-3 157: No. 6/6/7 Anthony Perrotti (RU) decision over Jahlani Callender (HOF), 9-2; Rutgers leads, 12-3 165: Ethan Orr (RU) wins by fall over Nick Terdick (HOF) (3:32); Rutgers leads, 18-3 174: Phil Bakuckas (RU) wins by fall over Frank Affronti (HOF) (4:18); Rutgers leads, 24-3 184: Anthony Pafumi (RU) tech fall over Jermaine John (HOF), 16-1; Rutgers leads, 29-3 197: Hayden Hrymack (RU) major decision over Michael Oxley (HOF), 13-3; Rutgers leads 33-3 285: Mike Hughes (HOF) decision over Wesley Bernard (RU), 2-0; Rutgers wins, 33-6
  9. Didn't he win a couple state titles in Ohio? Wonder why he wasn't more heavily recruited? Yeah, wonder how it played out. The kid can obviously wrestle because he is the only one to keep it close with Nevills. I figured Nick was going to have a good day when he beat O'Donnell 9-2. I was hoping to see him get Haddad.
  10. That would be fun, but there is a weight differential there. I'd like to see him get into an Open event with Micah Jordan or Chance, but I think the odds of that are slim and none. What is interesting coming out of this event is whether Edinboro takes the redshirt off Billy Miller. He finished 2nd at Clarion, 2nd here, and he beat both their other guys in wrestle offs. Those guys haven't gotten anything in their two varsity matches and here is young Miller looking pretty darn good in these Opens. I wonder how long they can hold him out?
  11. Collica lost 8-2. Interesting given Marstellar's results today. I don't think it is a given or set in stone that 157 is settled at Okie State. Kindig winning by a close 6-5 and Shafer losing are mildly surprising.
  12. Big result at 184 3rd place match Matt McCutcheon Penn State 12-5 over Ophir Bernstein of Brown. Bernstein is ranked pretty high so this is a great win for McCutcheon.
  13. 157 Jason Nolf pinned and TF his way to the semifinals where he met Cisneros from Cornell. Nolf beat Cisneros 6-2. Justin Staudenmayer from Brown beat Cody Law from Penn State. He will now face Nolf in the final. Mastro from Binghamton wrestled back winning 7 straight matches to take 3rd place, beating Cisneros in the 3rd place match 5-3. Nolf beat Staudenmeyer 6-1 for first place.
  14. 197 Bolich Lehigh gets Green Bucknell in the semis Frank Mattiace from Penn gets Murphy from Drexel. Mattiace advanced with another FALL. Must be wrestling real well. Mattiace beat Bolich 4-2 in the final 165 Ryan Preisch from Lehigh beat Peyton Walsh of Navy. Nice win for Preisch who has wrestled really well this fall in Open events. He will draw Horan from Delaware Valley Remillard from Brown advanced and will get Garrett Hammond, Penn State's starting 165. Hammond majored Coleman from Navy. The agate says Hammond won his prior match 1-0, but I believe that was actually a FALL. Preisch beat Horan. Hammond TF over Remillard 16-1. Hammond beat Priesch 3-2 to take first place.
  15. Billy Miller Edinboro (2nd at Clarion) MED over Haddad Aiken Phillips Cornell over Gunning Buffalo A-P gets Miller in semis Nevills the freshman at Penn State by FALL over Garren from PENN in 3:59 Roseberry from Del Valley beat Appleby from Kutztown 5-2. He'll get Nevills in semis. So many MED FF coming in now. A lot of kids will not wrestle thee guy they registered hoping to get. Real shame. Miller wound up beating Aiken Phillips in one semi Nevills by FALL over Roseberry. Nevills beat Miller for 1rst place by a score of 4-3.
  16. Some 184 results Lorenzo Thomas Penn majored Stout Watson from Navy 13-4 Matt McCutcheon Penn State TF 16-0 over Mark Tracy from Binghamton These two are going to meet in one semi Taylor Jackson Rutgers MED over Travis McKillop and, The other quarter was Imonode Army over Kowal from Stevens 3-2. There are MED FF all over the place now. Long bus rides is the reason I suspect. Thomas beats McCutcheon 4-2, then majors Jackson 15-1 in the final. McCutcheon obviously lost 4-2 to Thomas, which is not a bad loss considering Thomas' ranking. After a FF, he gets Bernstein in the 3rd place match.
  17. Some 157 Results: Cisneros wins 2-0 over Daniels from Navy Nolf wins by TF (22-7) over Mitchell from Sacred Heart Cody Law wins by major (14-5) over Ruiggierro from GCC
  18. Some 157 results: Duly noted. Nothing is going to change. Got it.
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