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  1. I found some numbers. They tell the story quite well. 2013 Last year's National Duals Final was contested between Minnesota and Oklahoma State (Iowa and Missouri wrestled for 3rd place). On Minnesota's home mat the attendance for the National Duals final was ........ 2,344 Minnesota draws 3x that many to their regular home dual meets. Now, that event went up head to head against the Minnesota High School State wrestling championships that same weekend, but the number is so paltry it underscores the problem. 2012 Was 2012 any better? Hardly. Here are the attendance numbers for the four sites where quarterfinal matches were held in 2012. 1,557 -Cornell 1,826 -Iowa St 3,412 -OklaSt 1,411 -Rutgers http://wrestlingreport.com/current_news ... 14&t=34917 The 2012 finals were between the same two teams as the 2013 finals, but this match between Oklahoma State and Minnesota took place in Stillwater. The attendance was ..... 4,453 These two schools wrestled in December of 2013 in a regular dual in the same arena in front of 2,667 fans. The National duals final had more fans, but is the 1786 fan difference going to change this sport? I don't think so. How does 1,786 more fans to see these two schools help wrestling at Old Dominion, Virginia, Hofstra or Fresno State? I don't believe it does. Worse, how does NOT wrestling help these lesser schools? And does NOT wrestling actually do more harm than good? And finally, anything that moves us away from the NCAA Tournament, which is the crown jewel of wrestling in the USA, without known substantial benefits that offset any potential diminishing of our biggest event is in my judgment a poor idea.
  2. The sport does not need a duals tournament that by its very presence will have a cause and effect on many schools being both penalized for the NCAA Tournament AND twiddling their thumbs in the month of February. And I claim they would be twiddling their thumbs because you can't schedule a dual in advance if you might be locked into this event and you won't schedule one hastily if you don't qualify or are knocked out. Combine this with the need to travel multiple times to follow your squad plus the fact that only the fans of those four teams will want to attend the final days event. Then you have the whole penalty against the lesser schools whereby before they even show up at NCAA's they are already losing to a better team. They'd have no chance at all. Even if they wrestle great, they are doomed to failure. Additionally, and I don't care how many times someone tells me this isn't so, but if you spend a month on one tournament and 3 days on the other, then you ARE saying that one is more important than the other. So we are now supposed to take our attention away from an event that we already love and know that it works. An event that sells out. An event where you have the 33 best wrestlers at every weight class. And now you want us to place more import on an event that has proven draws paltry crowds? Sorry, I just can't support that kind of thinking. Here is the better use of our time and energy. Take the off season to have schools schedule the best duals they can come up with and then market, market, market them to every young wrestler in their area. The entire wrestling community has to be a part of this. That is the better way.
  3. Jaraslav, please cite or link attendance figures for the National Duals for the past two years. I don't think they were robust at all, and in fact I think they were paltry at a number of venues. Maybe I'm wrong. Can you cite them? Thank you.
  4. SHP and Jaraslav, 1) awarding NCAA Tournament Points to the teams in the Duals National Championship will penalize those teams not in the duals before the diuals even begin. That will marginalize wrestling at those schools even more. Their year would look like this: Nov: some wrestling Dec: some wrestling Jan: some wrestling Feb: no wrestling, or very little wrestling Mar: start NCAA Tourney already behind the 8 ball What recruit wants to sign with this school? 2) Trying to equate this proposal to a basketball or football post season tourney is apples and oranges. Those events are the ONLY Championships those programs can compete for, so naturally they work. They also work because football and basketball are more popular than wrestling. Finally, they work because they are at the end of the season. Win the Championship and the Season is over. This proposal has some teams competing while other teams are doing nothing. It takes an entire month. But then, oh wait! We have this other little thing for 3 more days at the end. How many fans are going to travel to see these 2 hour dual meets? Will they travel a 2nd time to get to the round of four, and then a third time to see if they win? And then a 4th time to go to NCAA Tournament? I don't think so.
  5. From a fan's perspective, how would it take away from the NCAA Traditional Championships? As far as the schools that lose in round 1, or fail to make the field, wrestle (or host) opens, duals against other schools not in the field, or simply rest up. I suspect most schools would choose to do the last of the three. Spending one whole month on the duals championship vs. 3 days flor the Tournament would tell the wrestling community that the duals are more important than the existing Tournament. That is one. But I don't think it could possibly work, so its a non starter anyway. Unless I am missing something, your plan calls for seeding and then 5 days later you have a meet? How will you draw fans at the last minute? These things hardly drew fans last year, so how does this do any better? Also, your admonition as to how to go about taking a month off won't fly with AD's. Hastily scheduling last second duals won't entice them either. The plan isn't workable imho.
  6. We should get some more insight into Dylan's level of performance when he takes on IU's Walsh on Friday night. DSJ and Nebraska's Green handled Walsh easily, will Dylan?
  7. The teams that lose in round 1 do what? Twiddle their thumbs for one month? Hastily schedule some other school that lost? I'm not sure they could draw flies to those events. And you take an entire month up before the NCAA Tournament, but state the POV that this would not take away from the NCAA Tournament? I disagree. It WOULD take away from the Tournament in my view.
  8. Thank you to the person that answered my question. I did sign up last week. I have found the archives, which are nice. But as others have noted they do edit them for what I believe are time constraints. Also, every match I have watched so far, 3 of them in total, had a streaming problem at one point or another. Finally, one other glitch I have found. The Penn State - Purdue match was listed in their coming events section on Friday night, but when I went to view it on Sunday afternoon it was gone. Not there. Vanished. As it turns out, that match video icon was moved to the sites specific for each school. Would have been nice if BTDN would have posted some sort of message because I would have been able to watch it live. I eventually figured it out, but not until the match had ended, so I viewed the archived version.
  9. There are different ways to skin a cat, but the last post from BigApple hit the nail square as all get out on the head! Pennsylvania was a sleeping giant for decades, but no school here had that dynamic coach who could mine it properly. Enter Cael Sanderson! When Penn State landed Cael Sanderson the wrestling axis tilted immediately. Iowa fans didn't really want to believe it at the time, but they accept this fact now. All Cael has to do is keep doing what he is doing. He can go national i.e. Taylor, McIntosh, Brown, Nickal, Nevills, and he can get the PA boys ala Altons, Ruth (I know, Sunderland's guy), Retherford, Mega, Gulibon ........etc. This next class has three of the very, very best in the country in Nevills, Nickal and Nolf. All three are top 10 P4P. I think Nolf will be an absolute monster in college.
  10. rossel gave a great example with the comp between Oklahoma and Penn State. Nickal, Nevills and Nolf have won everything they have entered, typically bonusing most of the guys they have faced. For this reason I would rate Penn State's class ahead of Oklahoma's class.
  11. Andrew was not always gassing. I have linked two matches from his freshman year, one against Kennedy from Illinois and one against Kellen Russell from Michigan. Andrew wrestles hard the entire match both times. I believe the injury and lack of mat time has something to do with this. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/23 ... l-Michigan
  12. That's Cael's decision. Right now I expect to see a lot of Alton. Someone somewhere posted both Alton's are registered for the Shorty Hitchcock next Sunday, so, if true, we won't get to see Andrew vs. Tsirtsis. I do think you'll see Dylan vs. Walsh + Andrew vs. the IU 149er on Friday night.
  13. I think we have seen enough evidence on Andrew's gas tank at this point in his career to say that it is a weakness. Definitely today. Looked gassed to me. Not only on the stall points (which I don't think he deserved quite as many as awarded to the PU guy but he did deserve some of them), but he looked stuck in mud on two different shots the PU guy took and I think he was a little fortunate to not give up a take down. Dylan looked merely OK. I have seen both of them look better, as in pre suspension last year. Hope its just a matter of working back into shape.
  14. But you can't know. There could be 5 or 6 guys at 141 that might beat him. He'd be changing weights and adjusting to that change. Some of those guys might actually beat him easily. Love to see him try, though. Nobody knows until they step up on the mat and actually wrestle, I'd love to see him try as well. He wrestled very well against Carter and I think only Retherford, Port, and Stieber would be favorites against him. I just want to see the most competitive NCAA tournament possible Agree. Love competition.
  15. Clark is a massive 125lber, I'd say he likely walks around at about 140-143. He is tall but a 7-10lb cut would not completely wipe him out like what seems to be the case. He'd be an undersized 141 but I think still competitive. I think this is Iowa's best chance. Keep Ramos at a weight where he is already pretty dominating, and move Clark into Jeva's spot.
  16. But you can't know. There could be 5 or 6 guys at 141 that might beat him. He'd be changing weights and adjusting to that change. Some of those guys might actually beat him easily. Love to see him try, though.
  17. Tom Brands says that not only is Penn State in another league, but that they are built for tournaments. Add that perspective to every tourney result involving Penn State this year and in recent years and the answer is no, Iowa is not the favorite. Penn State is the favorite.
  18. What's Clark's walking around weight? Maybe 132-135? How about instead of cutting, he goes the other way and tries to add a little size?
  19. Brands' Post Okie State Match Interview. The money quote is in the subject line. http://iowa.scout.com/2/1364865.html
  20. Watched the Green v. Walsh match in the BTDN archives. Green is a stud.
  21. Just watched the T Shirt match with N. Dardanes. That was a great match where T Shirt was right there on that single as time expired. Greco also looked really good against little Dardanes. On the flip side, Malone spent what seemed like 4 minutes bellied out and getting turned against Thorn.
  22. Iowa got run over by a TRUCK against Penn State and in a few short weeks Brands has them bounce back STRONG! Last night they walked the walk! They let their wrestling do the talking. Congrats Iowa.
  23. I have seen Moore vs. Taylor twice now, and Moore doesn't wrestle to win those matches. He wrestles to merely survive them without getting teched.
  24. UPDATED to remove Morrison, Deiringer, Heflin, Corey Mock, Nelson and McMullan Is this correct? 141- Zain Retherford 141- Mitchell Port 149- Andrew Alton 157- Derek St John 157- James Green 157- Dylan Alton 157- Joey Napoli 165- David Taylor 174- Andrew Howe 184- Jimmy Sheptock 184- Ryan Loder 197- Scott Schiller 197- Travis Rutt 285- Adam Coon 285- Kyle Colling EDIT: Corey Mock just lost
  25. Grothus looks REALLY improved. Good for him.
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