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  1. Totally agree. Matt needs to improve. Nolf apparently pinned Gehr in the early part of 2nd period in his first collegiate match. Was said to have looked very impressive.
  2. Mike Magaldo lost to Teaney from Oklahoma 4-0. That's a mild upset of sorts, I think.
  3. http://s101.trackwrestling.com/tw/opentournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&sport=wrestling&TIM=1416153702941&pageName=&ie=false&frameSize=925 If you want the brackets, click results in upper left hand corner
  4. Even though he did not win, looks like Danishek closed the gap a little between Micah Jordan and himself.
  5. Nevills could meet Ray O'Donnell in the 2nd round at 285. That should be a good match. McCutcheon has the potential to see Lorenzo Thomas in the semi's. If he were to upset #4 Thomas, he'd probably get #5 Opher Bernstein. This would mean his college career would have begun with him facing the #3, #4, #5, and #6 guys right out of the gate. Baptism by fire.
  6. I agree with the OP. 141 Jeva is over rated. There are a number of guys ranked below him that I think would beat him. Guys like Ashnault, Mayes and Preston. 149 Just last week I was reading on Hawk Report or whatever they call it that Sorenson was going to AA this year. I guess Grothus had something to say about that. 157 Kelly's resume doesn't shout out AA, or even R12. 165 If Iowa has any chance then Moore has to bonus some people. 197 I think it would take a miracle for Nathan to make NCAA semi's. Cox, Snyder, Gadsen and Schiller are a cut above Burak.
  7. I guess Chance never beat a taller wrestler in high school, never mind his record was something like 160-0 plus he won a dozen or so free style tournaments. In h.s. Chance drilled Brett Pfarr, Minnesota's current 184. Brett is a nice wrestler, and he was much taller than Chance when they wrestled. Lorenzo Thomas was a college AA last year. He too was much taller than Chance when Chance beat him. Chance has beaten loads of taller wrestlers. Why you guys feel some irrational need to pick that him amazes me.
  8. If Demas' win puts him above Miller, then the rankings are not really rankings at all. They'd be "standings", as opposed to rankings. This is why I say that Snyder being "ranked" 9th is ludicrous. Despite what everyone's resume in collegiate wrestling reads like, nobody thinks he's the 9th best wrestler at that weight. Just rank them based on what you actually believe, otherwise what you are doing is giving us "standings", not rankings. If Gatsalov were wrestling for an NCAA school this year he should be ranked #1 right out of the gate, because nobody would say he wasn't the best 197 from day 1. This whole excersize is silly. Just rank them based on what you truly believe.
  9. Jake Danishek v. Micah Jordan Part 2 is a possibility.
  10. I think people are deluding themselves on Snyder. Kyle is the real deal. Some just don't want to believe it. They will believe come March. A number 9 ranking for him is preposterous.
  11. Count me in the camp that DiJulius was less than impressive. Having seen Gulibon the other day, I would take him to beat Johnni if they wrestled this weekend.
  12. About Snyder ... announcer doing color was someone who is in the Buckeye wrestling club, or OTC. Guy said he wrestles Snyder every day. Not sure who it was, but the guy said he was calling Snyder to win NCAA's this year. Snyder is a straight ahead guy, but he's also got tremendous defense. I think by the end of the year it is him and J'Den for the top spot. Just my $0.02.
  13. 197 Kyle Snyder vs. Baxter Hi C, 2-0 Snyder, cuts him, now 2-1 2-1 after 1 Snyder chooses down quick escape, 3-1 Beautiful slide by to a single and almost to a cradle in one motion,Wow. 5-1 locked hands? No. Cuts him Playing takedown game 5-2 after 2 escape, 5-3 Score close, but Snyder dominant HiC, 7-3, cuts him again. Obviously not worried Go behind, 9-4 cuts him, 9-5, Wow, Monstrous footsweep, takes him to his back hard! 11-5, backs? No. Match ends 11-5 Baxter has hard time just walking off mat. He got dinged when Snyder sweeped the foot and slammed him the opposite foot got trapped. Tavanello going at Hwt. No Haines. Rumors true? Haines hurt?
  14. 184 Courts OSU vs. Campbell Kent State ankle pick by Courts, 2-0 quick escape, 2-1 Courts double leg. Had to work kinda hard for that one, 4-1 escape, 4-2 3rd take down on another low single 6-2 end of 1 Campbell chooses down Courts RT up to 1:40 Tilt, 3 pts, now 9-2 escape, 9-3, RT up over 2 mins another double, 11-3 after 2 Courts out in about 5 seconds, turns immed. back in and gets an easy TD, 14-3 esc TD, 16-5 cuts him loose Last 30 seconds, nothing ends 16-5 Dominating performance
  15. 174 #16 Caleb Marsh vs. #10 Mark Martin All hand fighting, Marsh likes to get ahold of the collar ...Marsh with the inside single but time runs out 0-0 after 1 Martin takes down escape, 1-0 Marsh shoots, nothing under 1 minute Martin gets in on a double to a go behind td with 4 seconds left 3-0 after 2 escape Marsh stalling Martin Marsh kinda too tired to shoot at end. Match ends 3-1 Martin
  16. Wow. I swear the Kent 165 had position on Kresavic, but Krasevic rose up and this ends up as a defensive pin against the Kent St. wrestler. Looked like a really quick call.
  17. They never actually started the action. No problems. Looked to me like Miller hit his chin, as opposed to forehead, on the mat return. I could be wrong. I will say this much. Miller looked great as you can look in 30 seconds. I think he'd have done a number on Demas had he not hurt himself. Just my $.02.
  18. First 30 secs, td Miller, 2-0 OMFG Miller just knocked himself out. Asleep. Holy crap. He's awake now and wrestling! OMG! OMG again. Ref stops the action and tells Miller he can't wrestle. Throws headgear. They give Demas a win but ........ EDIT: That action all happened when Miller jacked Demas way into the air on a mat return, but he over rotated and hit his chin on the mat and got himself knocked out. He was definitely asleep. Woke up and ready to go, but I guess they have to stop that for his own safety. Get him evaluated.
  19. 149 DePalma from Kent is dominating Ohio State's back up at 149. 8-0 after one period. This is almost all mat wrestling tonight in all of these matches. Still 8-0 after two. DePalma has ridden this kid the entire match so far. Escape + TD in 3rd, match ends 11-0. Major for Kent St.
  20. 141 Logan wins by TF. Ran a series of arm bar tilts. Made it look easy. 15-0 early in period 2.
  21. 133 lbs. Johnni D 2 Maguire 1 DiJulius wins on the strength of a 2pt turn during his 2nd period ride. He rolled him over from a crab ride and got 2 back points. Maguire then rode hjim out in the 3rd, but could not match the tilt. He did get 1 point awarded for stalling.
  22. Totally agree. He looks very strong to me. Kinda Stieber like with the thick chest.
  23. When you are talking about wrestlers who can move either up or down then you never know which weight they will be in college. When you are talking about high school Hwt's or 113's it gets a lot easier. I know they are only sophomores, but how many high school sophs project to 157, or 149? Not many. No worries though, I am actually quite happy all these schools are loading up on guys that project to 125 and 133.
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