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  1. tec, the NCAA changed their criteria two years ago to allegedly make is harder to qualify, but I think they left some loopholes. If I interpret them correctly you can qualify with as few as 8 matches and wrestle in their conference championship, but you'd do so as either a league champion or at large bid. In any case, I think you need to meet 2 out of 3 of the qualifying standards listed below. Standard 1 Wrestle 17 matches to qualify for an RPI AND be in the top 33 of the RPI. This is the one where I wasn't sure when the cutoff date was. Standard 2 Top 33 coaches ranking in the ballot that comes out in late February Standard 3 .700 winning percentage + 1 win over an automatic qualifier NCAA rules are notoriously hard to get a grasp on because you read all kinds of articles or language that is often not well written or just plain confusing or contradictory. The way I read the rules it seems possible that a wrestler could get in as few as 8 matches, be in the top 33 of the coaches ranking, wrestle in the Big10 Championships and have beaten an automatic qualifier and they too would qualify. This could be totally wrong, so take it with a grain of salt.
  2. Anyone know the cutoff for getting to the NCAA minimum of 17 matches? Is it before or after the Big10 Championships? I ask this because Andrew Alton had the flu today and could not wrestle, so he has only 3 matches so far. Penn State has 9 duals left. He won't make 17 without going to at least one open tournament like the Shorty Hitchcock Invitational, but even then I don't think he can get to 17 prior to the Big 10 Championships, so he may actually need to go to two open events. Dylan has 6 matches, so he too may need to go to one more open event to absolutely guarantee getting to the 17 number.
  3. Colon vs. DiJulius can be seen here. Frustrating for me to watch. :x http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... us-Ohio-St Phenomenal match. Johhny Di basically wrestled as well as he could to get that win. Just watching that, however, I'd bet on Colon in a rematch.
  4. That really should not have happened since skiing and football are two different sports. They let Ricky Williams and countless others play minor league baseball before playing college football, so there is some inconsistency on the NCAA application of this rule.
  5. rossel, The flex is fine just so long as it isn't done while standing right over the vanquished opponent in a semi taunting manner.
  6. I think the contract shuts the door on college wrestling. MMA isn't technically "wrestling", but I think it is close enough that he'd be considered a pro athlete now.To answer your second question, MMA requires a lot of skills. Wrestling, striking, and jiu jitsu are the primary skills with the other skills mixed in. Striking isn't just boxing, it is also striking with knees like in muay thai and kick boxing and with feet as in kick boxing. If Pico were to start fighting MMA right now he'd have to take on a guy like Jose Aldo who currently looks unbeatable. Aldo is lightening quick and his foot striking was developed from, get this, playing SOCCER. Don't laugh, because his foot strikes are lethal like no other I have seen in the sport of MMA.
  7. Wow. Too bad we never get to see him in college. I wonder how long Chance Marstellar will be able to resist the urge to just go freestyle? I hope I get to see a lot of him at Oklahoma State before he flips that switch.
  8. Garrett was not a bigtime, bigtime recruit. He only got this good with Coach Koll coaching him up. :D
  9. Not sure about all the domination as I think there will some non bonus pt. wins mixed in there with both Ruth and Steiber, but I do agree that these guys are still the favorites. If asked to bet on Retherford and Dean or Steiber and Ruth I would still take the latter.
  10. Is this serious or a parody? Public Service Message, watching a wrestling match should not hurt your psyche. :D
  11. Zahid Valencia on deck on Mat 1.
  12. Until they show something this year I would say you have to expect a similar finish to last year. Fair enough. We'll see what happens when they start wrestling more frequently.
  13. This California event has a lot of good wrestlers committed to D1 schools. Nick Nevills, Penn State's Hwt recruit is wrestling. I think this is a two day event.
  14. BDB, if Morgan drops to 184 then who takes 197? My guess is McCutcheon, who himself would be a shorter 197. If Morgan does not drop then you have Morgan at 197 and McCutch, imo, at 184. The alternatives are Syrek and Steinmetz and I'm not sure anything improves over the current status quo. Tanner Hall, on the other hand, he could improve things in a hurry by taking over at 197. And if memory serves he comes off mission this spring or summer.
  15. IRTYTKY, are you thinking the Altons will flop when they come back? You seem to be leaning that way. What are the odds they can make AA this year, in your opinion?
  16. Yep. Say something nice about Cornell and somehow you are dissing them now. Strange. "Nashon was a stud recruit" "No he wasn't. How dare you suggest anything of the sort" "But he actually was a national champion before Cornell signed him. Kinda means he was a great recruit" "How dare you shortchange Koll's development skills by suggesting Garrett was a stud" Can't win when the other guy is THAT unhappy he'd argue this way.
  17. I never said their recruiting was on par with Cael's recruiting, it isn't. There is a giant chasm between that and mediocre, though. Cornell is far from mediocre in recruiting, and I believe I have proven that. I'm not saying they are on a level with Penn State right now. Penn State is, as you so aptly showed, a cut above right now. Thanks for reminding us all.
  18. What a joke. "Certainly" "bigtime, bigtime"? He wasn't exactly an unknown, but he had nowhere near the pomp and circumstance of NIckal or even the tier below Nickal. He was a solid recruit with some national attention from D1 programs, much like Travis Lee, nothing less, nothing more. Yes, Koll has gotten some bona fide blue chips that would be on page one of most programs' recruiting wish list, but Cael gets the cream of the crop and guys like Koll get to pick after. It's always been that way since Cael got to Penn State and it will always be that way. Give the man his due. Koll and his assistants can coach their asses off. That wasn't the post you responded to, but it was two posts above it and I assume you can read. So what part of my comments about Cornell being a great program did you not understand? And Garrett WAS a big time recruit. Nahshon won a national championship in the 112-pound category at the National High School Coaches Association tournament in Florida in 2011. When you are a national champion, by default you are a bigtime recruit.
  19. I think the better question is whether or not they have the talent to contend for the title, and they clearly do have the talent. The question is of health, not ability.
  20. I watched that FloNationals match this morning. Gabe Dean has certainly improved a LOT. When he wrestled at The Binghampton Open, even though Ruth pinned him everyone seemed to come away pretty impressed by him. Looks like a total STUD right now.
  21. Could be. Garrett was certainly a bigtime, bigtime recruit for Cornell. If he wrestled Nickal at 103 that was 70+ lbs. ago for Nickal. Nickal has been pinning 180's of late. Three at Walsh Ironman and three more at The KC Stampede. He is Flo's #4 ranked wrestler in their P4P, so the Penn State commit is pretty much thriving.
  22. I think you are underestimating the blue chipness of their recruits. Nashon Garrett is a two-time California State champion at 103 and 112 pounds. He is a four-time freestyle and Greco Roman All-American from 2009-2011. Garrett was a Senior National Champion in 2011 at 112 pounds. Gabe Dean's father was a 2 time Big10 Champion and an NCAA runner up. Gabe himself wrestled Morgan McIntosh for the title at 2011 FloNationals after entering that event as the #3 seed. Brian Realbuto w3as Intermat's #16 P4P recruit. They get studs at Cornell too. Koll develops them pretty well also. Are they at Penn State's level? Top to bottom I'd say no. Still a great, great program though. EDIT: pennsy, Garrett was a two time state champ in Cali. Also, Leen was absolutely a stud national recruit coming out of high school as well.
  23. McDonough too. Cael Sanderson is playing this smart. He's bringing them back ultra slowly and conservatively. That should not be viewed at this time as a negative, but rather a positive.
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