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  1. An obscure high school article? Wow. Even still, glad to know that Cael Sanderson is THEE measuring stick by which all others are measured. Oh, and before I forget. What about Hahn's 54 losses? You still haven't listed them all.
  2. People are already breaking your rules. Headshuck failed to list Hahn's 54 college losses.
  3. Funny, this list says Cael had a perfect record. Cael Sanderson's perfect record Freshman year — 184 pounds Opponent/School Result Record/Dual record Cyclone Open E. Brown (Neosha CC) W-MD 15-4 0-0/0-0 L. Bridgeforth (unattached) W-TF 20-5 0-0/0-0 C. Koop (unattached) W-TF 27-6 0-0/0-0 Lucas Kluever (Iowa State-unatt.) W-MD 13-4 1-0/0-0 Nick Preston (Ohio State) W-MD 17-9 2-0/1-0 Steve Bartolotta (Cumberland) W-Fall 3:53 3-0/2-0 Josh Heffernan (Ohio) W-MD 13-4 4-0/3-0 Steve Alf (Wisconsin) W-TF 24-8 5-0/4-0 *George Flannick (Marquette) W-TF 20-5 6-0/5-0 at Simpson Duals Joe Brougard (Augustana) W-TF 20-5 (4:00) 7-0/6-0 Steve Burleson (Coe) W-Fall 1:57 8-0/7-0 Brant LaGrange (Simpson) W-MD 21-8 9-0/8-0 B.J. Shelly (Cornell) W-Fall 3:21 10-0/9-0 William Rufis (Ellsworth) W-Fall :53 10-0/9-0 Paul Jenn (Iowa) W-TF 19-4 11-0/10-0 Tom Ciezki (Northwestern) W-TF 23-7 (6:30) 12-0/11-0 at Midlands Championships (1st place) Mike Gadsby (Penn) W-TF 19-4 (4:00) 13-0/11-0 James Brimm (Michigan State) W-D 5-0 14-0/11-0 Greg Gingeleskie (Navy) W-D 5-0 15-0/11-0 Aaron Simpson (Sunkist Kids WC) W-D 9-3 John Van Doren (Lehigh) W-D 11-4 16-0/11-0 Ryan Rettke (Minnesota State-Mankato) W-Fall 5:29 17-0/12-0 at National Duals Tom Ciezki (Northwestern) W-D 6-3 18-0/13-0 Casey Strand (Arizona State) W-Fall 1:14 19-0/14-0 Mark Munoz (Oklahoma State) W-D 5-1 20-0/15-0 Tom Grossman (Oklahoma) W-MD 20-8 21-0/16-0 Paul Jenn (Iowa) W-MD 10-2 22-0/17-0 Mark Munoz (Oklahoma St.) W-MD 10-2 23-0/18-0 Tom Grossman (Oklahoma) W-Fall 6:40 24-0/19-0 Nebraska W-Forfeit 25-0/20-0 at All-Star Duals Vertus Jones (West Virginia) W-D 6-5 26-0/20-0 Scott Coleman (BYU) W-MD 17-7 27-0/21-0 Matt Carpenter (Southern Colorado) W-TF 22-7 28-0/22-0 Jason Moore (Missouri) W-MD 19-6 29-0/23-0 Tony Spiker (Truman State) W-Fall 30-0/24-0 Casey Strand (Arizona State) W-D 6-2 31-0/25-0 Ken Bigley (UNI) W-TF 5:51 32-0/26-0 at Big 12 Championship Tom Grossman (Oklahoma) W-MD 13-5 33-0/27-0 Brad Vering (Nebraska) W-D 9-5 34-0/27-0 at NCAA Championship Josh Dideon (Cleveland State) W-Fall 4:46 35-0/26-0 Nate Patrick (Illinois) W-MD 18-6 36-0/26-0 Andy Hrovat (Michigan) W-Fall 4:24 37-0/26-0 Brad Vering (Nebraska) W-Fall 1:58 38-0/26-0 Brandon Eggum (Minnesota) W-D 6-1 39-0/26-0 * 197 pounds Sophomore year — 184 pounds Opponent/School Result Record/Dual record Ryan Rettke (Minnesota State-Mankato) W-TF 26-11 (7:00) 1-0/1-0 at Harold Nichols Open (Fort Dodge, Iowa) Bouwman (Waldorf) W-D 20-5 1-0/1-0 Schmauss (Iowa Central) W-F 3:44 1-0/1-0 Brandon Eggum (Minnesota) W-D 7-4 2-0/1-0 at Omaha Open (Omaha, Nebraska) Swarm (Nebraska-Kearney) W-TF 24-5 3-0/1-0 Andorf (Wartburg) W-MD 17-7 4-0/1-0 Jessman Smith (Iowa) W-TF 17-2 5-0/1-0 Damion Hahn (Minnesota) W-D 4-3 6-0/1-0 Joe Terrill (Wisconsin) W-TF 23-7 (6:08) 7-0/2-0 at Simpson Duals Chad Karnal (Augustana) W-F 3:55 8-0/3-0 B.J. Shelley (Cornell) W-TF 22-6 (3:40) 9-0/4-0 Nathan Ackerman (Simpson) W-TF 17-2 (5:00) 10-0/5-0 Joel Schrimpf (Minnesota State-Mankato) W-F 4:35 11-0/6-0 Paul Jenn (Iowa) W-Disq., 22-7 12-0/7-0 Donavan True (Ohio State) W-F 0:38 13-0/8-0 at Midlands Championship Joe Cotant (Michigan State) W-TF 20-5 (4:44) 14-0/8-0 Brian Falciglia (Bucknell) W-F 3:52 15-0/8-0 Sean Salmon (Montana State-Northern) W-TF 20-5 (4:15) 16-0/8-0 Lionel Halsey (Cal-Bakersfield) W-D 5-1 17-0/9-0 Kevin Vogel (Cliff Keen WC) W-MD 17-5 17-0/9-0 Nate Patrick (Illinois) W-D 7-2 18-0/9-0 at Lone Star Duals Isaac Weber (Oregon State) W-MD 16-7 19-0/10-0 Cash Edwards (Boise State) W-TF (4:54) 20-0/11-0 Dave Murray (Lock Haven) W-F 5:36 21-0/12-0 Hofstra W-Forfeit 22-0/13-0 at National Duals Jeff Knupp (Penn State) W-TF 21-6 (7:00) 23-0/14-0 Lionel Halsey (Cal State Bakersfield) W-F 3:14 24-0/15-0 Tom Grossman (Oklahoma) W-F 1:53 25-0/16-0 Brandon Eggum (Minnesota) W-MD 8-0 26-0/17-0 Daniel Cormier (Oklahoma State) W-MD 20-9 27-0/18-0 Tom Grossman (Oklahoma) W-TF 19-4 28-0/19-0 at NWCA All-Star match Brandon Eggum (Minnesota) W-D 6-1 29-0/20-0 John Maze (Missouri) W-TF 27-10 (5:00) 30-0/21-0 Mike Marshall (Arizona State) W-F 2:49 31-0/22-0 Charles McTorry (Nebraska) W-TF 22-6 (4:07) 32-0/23-0 Kyle Hansen (Northern Iowa) W-F 2:57 33-0/24-0 at Big 12 Championships Tom Grossman (Oklahoma) W-MD 17-7 34-0/24-0 Daniel Cormier (Oklahoma State) W-D 8-4 35-0/24-0 at NCAA Championships Adam Schaaf (Millersville) W-F 3:51 36-0/24-0 Dax Pecaro (U.N.C. Green) W-TF 21-6 (7:00) 37-0/24-0 Rob Rohn (Lehigh) W-TF 20-5 (7:00) 38-0/24-0 Brandon Eggum (Minnesota) W-MD 16-5 39-0/24-0 Vertus Jones (West Virginia) W-MD 19-6 40-0/24-0 Junior year — 184 pounds Opponent/School Result Record/Dual record Missouri Open Curcio (Oklahoma) W-F, 5:15 1-0 DeNisco (Wisconsin) W-F, 5:25 2-0 Lambrecht (Oklahoma) W-MD, 12-4 3-0 Sveda (Indiana) W-MD, 16-3 4-0 Mike Odle (Loras) W-F, 3:51 5-0 Anton Talamantes (Ohio State) W-MD, 20-6 6-0 at Simpson Duals Ben Blood (Coe) W-TF, 18-3 7-0 Paul Okins (Minn. St. Mankato) W-TF, 19-3 8-0 Bert Watford (William Penn) W-F, :51 9-0 Adam Kellogg (Simpson) W-F, 2:55 10-0 Jeff Pangborn (Central Michigan) W-F, 1:22 11-0 Jessman Smith (Iowa) W-F, 2:17 12-0 at Midlands Championships Josh Bocks (UNC-Greensboro) W-F, 3:26 13-0 Marcus Schontube (Penn) W-D, 16-10 14-0 Francis Volpe (Harvard) W-F, 5:11 15-0 Viktor Sveda (Indiana) W-MD, 14-5 16-0 Nate Patrick (Illinois) W-MD, 16-7 17-0 at Lone Star Duals Francis Volpe (Harvard) W-TF 18-0 Ralph DeNisco (Wisconsin) W-MD, 17-6 19-0 Jason Rossotti (Fresno State) W-F, :35 20-0 Ralph Everett (Hofstra) W-F, 4:04 21-0 at National Duals Ed Aliakseyenka (Montclair St.) W-TF, 6:45 22-0 Josh Lambrecht (Oklahoma) W-MD, 16-8 23-0 Daniel Cormier (Oklahoma St.) W-MD, 14-3 24-0 Andy Hrovat (Michigan) W-F, :38 25-0 Jessman Smith (Iowa) W-TF, 6:44 26-0 Daniel Cormier (Oklahoma State) W-D, 10-3 27-0 at All-Star Meet Shawn Scannel (Rider) W-F, :39 28-0 Josh Lambrecht (Oklahoma) W-TF, 25-10 29-0 Ry Stone (Missouri) W-F, 1:43 30-0 R.D. Pursell (Arizona State) W-F, 3:49 31-0 Matt Fletcher (Nebraska) W-F, 4:55 32-0 Kyle Hansen (Northern Iowa) W-MD, 21-8 33-0 at Big 12 Championship (1st place) Ry Stone (Missouri) W-F, 5:16 34-0 Daniel Cormier (Oklahoma St.) W-D, 8-3 35-0 at NCAA Championship (1st place) Kyle Hanson (Northern Iowa) W-TF, 7:00 (24-9) 36-0 Jeremy Wilson (Portland St.) W-F, 1:37 37-0 Jessman Smith (Iowa) W-TF, 6:16 (21-6) 38-0 Victor Sveda (Indiana) W-MD, 21-7 39-0 Daniel Cormier (Oklahoma St.) W-D, 8-4 40-0 Senior year — 197 pounds Opponent/School Result Record/Dual record Cyclone Open (Fort Dodge, Iowa) 1st place Kovarik (Iowa Central) W-F, 4:29 0-0 Broadway (William Penn) W-TF, 21-6 1-0 Bietz (Iowa Central) W-TF, 4:50 1-0 Wallace (Nebraska-Omaha) W-F, 4:56 2-0 Chris Skretkowicz (Hofstra) W-F, 2:20 3-0 Keystone Classic (Philadelphia, Pa.) 1st place Nick Thomas (Penn) W-F, 5:53 4-0 Peter Mosley (Brown) W-F, 4:50 5-0 Daegen Smith (Duke) W-F, 2:45 6-0 Greg Sawyer (Rider) W-TF, 6:37 7-0 Brent Miller (West Virginia) W-TF, 20-5 (3:20) 8-0 Simpson Duals (Indianola, Iowa) Aaron Granell (Augustana) W-F, 3:35 9-0 Joe Compton (Cornell) W-TF, 23-7 10-0 Coe College W-Forfeit 11-0 Bart George (Simpson) W-F, :15 12-0 Jareck Horton (Wisconsin) W-F, 2:34 13-0 Ryan Fulsaas (Iowa) W-F, 1:41 14-0 Midlands (Evanston, Ill.) 1st place Jim Kassner (E. Illinois) W-F, 2:28 15-0 Nick Curby (Illinois) W-F, 2:54 16-0 Chris Skretkowlz (Hofstra) W-TF, 22-5 (5:10) 17-0 Jon Trenge (Lehigh) W-MD, 16-5 18-0 Lee Fullhart (Team Excel) W-D, 5-3 18-0 Jason Payne (Northern Iowa) W-F, 4:03 19-0 National Duals (Columbus, Ohio) Erik Gladish (Arizona State) W-F, 4:11 20-0 Tommy Grossman (Oklahoma) W-F, 4:38 21-0 Bill Stouffer (Central Michigan) W-F, 3:22 22-0 Will Gruenwald (Oklahoma State) W-F, 1:31 23-0 Kyle Smith (Michigan) W-F, 2:24 24-0 Iowa W-Forfeit 25-0 Jason Gore (North Carolina State) W-F, 4:32 26-0 All-Star Classic Jon Trenge (Lehigh) W-D, 6-1 27-0 William Gruenwald (Oklahoma State) W-F, 4:40 28-0 Tom Grossman (Oklahoma) W-F, 1:23 29-0 Scott Barker (Missouri) W-TF, 22-7 (7:00) 30-0 Scott Hollingsworth (Arizona State) W-F, 4:50 31-0 Justin Ruiz (Nebraska) W-TF, 25-9 (6:27) 32-0 Jason Payne (Northern Iowa) W-TF, 23-7 (6:21) 33-0 Big 12 Championships (1st place) Tom Grossman (Oklahoma) W-TF, 24-8 (5:13) 34-0 Scott Barker (Missouri) W-TF, 21-4 (4:19) 35-0
  4. Anyone want to break this one down?
  5. I'll go first. Cael Sanderson. He beat everyone. Your turn.
  6. Nice rule, FT. I second this motion! This year's Iowa squad is the shakiest #1 team I have seen in a while. Maybe the pollsters were drunk. :-)
  7. College Sports Live has a significant amount of wrestling on their schedule.
  8. This reads like what Iowa fans were saying 4 years ago about Penn State. Snyder, BoJo and Thomasello may not be Ruth and Taylor, but there are three of them and they'll do a lot of damage at NCAA's. To think otherwise isn't realistic.
  9. This year is like a lot of other years. You have four or five teams that have a possible winning route to the championship, but no team that is so clear and far and away better than everyone else so the voters choose the old standby, the old default option, Iowa. The fact Ohio State is rated 4th in the coaches poll is nutty. The Buckeyes have the clearest path to the title out of all of them.
  10. They don't belong in the top 10, but I would definitely put them in the top 50. :-)
  11. I don't know the specifics, lu_alum. I just pieced this together by carefully going over our various Penn State msg. boards. There is enough information to be able to make the claim that that line up is about 99% reliable for our match this weekend. I'm assuming Bietz did beat Frey, though. What about the Lehigh lineup? How is going to look?
  12. Freshman Brock Zacherl gave Port quite a match at Clarion.
  13. Both Dardanes are down one weight at Minnesota. Clark is up a weight to 133 at Iowa. Deiringer is up to 165 for Okie State. I think Brian Realbuto has gone up a class at Cornell, but I'm going on memory.
  14. dclark's line up above is correct with two exceptions (for now). 99% sure this is what you'll see vs. Lehigh. 125 Jordan Conoway 133 Jim Gulibon 141 Kade Moss 149 Zack Beitz 157 Cody Law will get the start vs. Lehigh 165 Garrett Hammond 174 Matt Brown 184 Matt McCutcheon 197 Morgan McIntosh Hwt Jon Gingrich
  15. OK guys. We can agree to disagree. Its all good. I'll be happy to be reminded if I turn out to be all wrong. Won't be the first or last time.
  16. Vak, Moore got majored by Veltre from Bloom at NCAA's. In the wrestlebacks he nearly got majored again, this time by Palacio from Cornell. C'mon. I know he is a pretty good wrestler, but he was 8-5 against ranked wrestlers last year. You talk about BoJo's loss to Ian Miller, and I grant that Miller schooled him in that freestyle match. But let's consider the rest of that event too. Bo Jo had 5 Tech Falls at University Nationals, and would have won 3rd place too as he was beating Nestor Taffur decisively before the ref gave Taffur about the quickest pin in history. Look, I'm not even a BoJo guy. Nor am I an Ohio State fan. Nor is MSU an Ohio State fan. This should be sending alarm bells ringing in your head about what people think about this match up. Jordan is for real.
  17. Well stated, okiespike. Like you said, a win is a win at this level, especially when a true freshman is controlling the action against a pretty good 4th year guy.
  18. Gosh, all of those changes go against Iowa. I'm shocked. Gilman has beaten Tomasello something like 4 or 5 straight times now with no losses. Jordan's awesome but calling that anything other than a toss up at this point doesn't make sense. That's why I called it a toss up. Hello? Changes I would make: 125 from Iowa to toss up Nick Moore has beaten Tyler Caldwell, something not many people not named Kyle Dake and David Taylor have done in the last two years. Moore beat Caldwell at Carver Hawkeye, but he also lost 5 matches to ranked wrestlers last year. Plus, Moore basically collapsed at NCAA's. I would rate Moore a very slight favorite at Carver, given the way the home venue works there. At Ohio State or at a neutral site, I'd give BoJo the edge. The match is in C'Bus, so I'm giving BoJo the edge over Moore.
  19. Hats off to Lehigh's Ryan Preisch. District 4 kid who never placed higher than 3rd at States and as a true freshman he wins the Clarion Open at 165 taking out the #1 seed 9-0 and then beating one of the top national recruits, Jon Jay Chavez, in the final.
  20. You people keep saying this happened, and that it came from Penn State fans. Where are all these posts? Link them, or the b.s. meter will say you are wrong.
  21. You are like the msg. board trolls who claim Penn State fans hate Chance, or that they have chAnged their tune about him. That type of statement is false and your statement here that fans are selling him up the river is equally false.
  22. There is a difference between a regular nose bleed and the kind of bleed that comes with a broken nose. Give the kid some credit, he won his first collegiate open despite injury and beating some good wrestlers. Skates is hardly chopped liver.
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