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  1. According to Track's own software (which does not dovetail with TBar's numbers): Penn State: 43 bonus points Oklahoma State: 36 bonus points Minnesota: 31.5 bonus points SHP, I added up the bonus wins of the 10 scorers for each team. I did not really try to find the actual bonus pts because I wasn't sure they kept track of them separately. Anyway, just looking at the numbers you posted you can still see that the point I made was accurate. Oklahoma State only lost the bonus pt. battle by 7 points, but the overall team score by 24.5 points. Minnesota lost the bonus pt. battle by 11.5 points, but the overall team score by 28 points. Posters routinely state as fact that Penn State only wins because of bonus points, and they usually point out Taylor and Ruth when doing so. True they are great bonus scorers, but in both cases with Ok State and Minnesota they lost more points due to factors not including bonus pts. than by bonus pts. alone.
  2. ++ Ruth has beaten Sheptock twice in the past (not this year) and I'd favor him over Jimmy. But Jimmy should be #1 right now based on record and competition.
  3. Your picks looks terrific, but you have a lot more confidence in St. John than I do.
  4. At NCAA's you get 1 for a major, 1.5 for a tech fall (with backs of course), and 2 for a FALL. At this event I am honestly not sure because if you use those numbers they don't totally square up with what some of the scorers I looked at got. I do stand by the assertion that there isn't any way of scoring this that would account for the differential being totally from bonus points, or even majoritively from bonus point differential. Penn State just got more points from each weight class on average than the others. EDIT: I listed the original post the way I did i.e. just stating the bonus wins because I could not find a link to their scoring system + it did not seem to add up using NCAA scoring.
  5. This is what I said last night. He looked huge compared to Ruth.
  6. Here is a breakdown of the point scorers for Penn State, Ok State, and Minnesota. Looking at this, you can see that Penn State's win at The Southern Scuffle was due to overall depth, not just bonus points. Team Scores Penn State 189 Okla State 164.5 Minnesota 161 Bonus Victories Penn State 12 majors, 2 tech falls, 9 Falls Okla State 6 majors, 4 tech falls, 8 Falls Minnesota 4 majors, 3 tech falls, 7 Falls There isn't enough disparity there to account for the point differential, so Penn State did not win solely due to bonus points. They won mostly because of overall depth. It isn't just Ruth and Taylor doing this.
  7. I don't think it even that quietly...w/ the young talent they are developing in the room the are making a ton of noise. Who in the country does a better job developing talent than Cornell? Penn State. Current 3x NCAA Champions says this is objectively so. Scoring about 2/3rds more points than Cornell at The Southern Scuffle backs the point up.
  8. Great analysis. I 100% agree with this.
  9. No, not at that point because Dean can be argued as trying to improve his position. NHico does the same exact thing all the time, as do many great wrestlers. Where the ref went wrong imo is calling the penalty on Ruth for running Dean out of bounds when that was at least 50/50 on Dean, as he was legitimately trying to escape, and then not calling the penalty on Dean for doing the exact same thing that Ruth had done.
  10. 125- Garrett 133- Ramos 141- Steiber 149- Houdashelt 157- Deiringer 165- Taylor 174- Howe 184- Ruth 197- Cox 285- Nelson
  11. That was certainly a big part of it. Ruth wrestled with little awareness in this match. He was close to getting a takedown in two periods, but time ran out. The whole penalty point thing that he got and Dean did not get, his not hustling to get the escape. All added up to Dean winning. Not a bad result when you consider Dean wrestled HARD and Ruth looked somewhat unprepared. I'm searchimng for the correct word and that one is as good as any.
  12. Is this what Cornell aspires to be? A thorn? I'd rather my team be described as a CHAMPIONSHIP caliber squad than a thorn any day of the week. Yes, they aspire to be a thorn, and that's it. Very intelligent post. Yeah, wish I could take that one back. Blame it on the Scotch. Off to bed now.
  13. You sound a little upset tonight. Can't help ya' with that. I'm celebrating with a nice Scotch.
  14. The problem wasn't the reading, it was the comprehension.
  15. False. Minnesota has never won the Southern Scuffle team championship and the NCAA Championship in the same season. In fact, the one year they won the NCAA Championship since the inception of the Southern Scuffle, 2006-2007, they finished second to Missouri by 3.5 points. OK. You got me. It was another of their great Gopher teams from that era. That wasn't the point of the post. The point was that Penn State came exceedingly close to breaking that record in a year when the depth at The Scuffle is much deeper, and they did this despite having some real hurdles to overcome.
  16. Hey, I congratulated Gabe Dean on his beating Ed Ruth. You started a bogus rumor claiming Cael Sanderson is out at Penn State. Who is the UN classy fan here? Most would say it is you.
  17. So your argument is Minnesota doesn't deserve it's record? Everything belongs to PSU? You're something else. Is that what you got out of that post? You have been slammed back to the mat on your head one too many times. You sorely need reading comprehension lessons.
  18. Final standings 1. Penn State 189.0 2. Oklahoma St 164.5 3. Minnesota 161.0 4. Cornell 114.5 5. Missouri 102.5 6. Virginia 89.0 7. Kent State 73.5 8. Iowa State 71.5
  19. Is this what Cornell aspires to be? A thorn? I'd rather my team be described as a CHAMPIONSHIP caliber squad than a thorn any day of the week.
  20. Funny that Penn State keeps winning the NCAA Championship on him.
  21. Or just what was needed. This is not necessarily and "either/or", it can be both. Even if Ruth turns it around at ncaas, it's still a historic loss. This overly dichotomous thinking has to stop. Won't bother me. As far as I am concerned Dean deserved to win tonight. He hustled and, imo, Ruth was sort of lackadaisical. As long as Ed learns his lesson and wins NCAA's I'll be happy about ot.
  22. Here is an amazing stat. The team scoring record at the the scuffle was 192 points by one of the Minnesota National Championship teams, but that year they didn't have nearly the depth of this year's event. Despite all the depth, and not having the Altons, and Ruth losing, they still nearly broke the team scoring record and they won going away. Penn State finished with 189 points.
  23. But he got closer. He lost 13-0 last time and 9-1 this time after earning that penalty point on Taylor. :D
  24. I would take Ruth in a heartbeat, and here is why. While Dean clearly wrestled hard tonight, Ruth seemed very lackadaisical. Lots of times people say that, but Ruth had an escape from bottom. He HAD it. But he lazily jogged out of it and Dean ran him out of bounds and he had to go take bottom again. That was outright sloppiness there. Ruth barely missed takedown due to the clock running out not just after one period, but after two periods. Ruth was also hit for a 1 pt penalty while Dean was not for basically doing the same thing. Add this all up and Ruth lost. I'd take Ed in any rematch.
  25. He looked 20lbs bigger than Ruth to me. Just appearances, though, which can be deceiving.
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