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  1. And they wonder why people don't follow wrestling.
  2. all mats working now! the zain train. lol.
  3. ok. 3, 5, 7 all work. 1 does not work. flo is mind boggling
  4. I have mat 3 working, but not mat 1. ackk.
  5. TBar1977


    I said I stopped counting. 9 seemed like a good estimate. :D Math wasn't my best subject.
  6. Absolutely FALSE - There is no such thing as a lock. Kids can get hurt, get in trouble or other teams can get on a roll. Will have to see if the Altons are 100% Iowa looked good at Midlands and Minn may rebound from their "tent folding" at the Scuffle. The man used the word "almost", but you seem to have ignored that part of his post. And to augment his comment, if you think adding the Altons does not have the possibility of adding a lot of points then I think you are not being realistic. Andrew majors both 149's that wrestled for Penn State in the Scuffle, and Dylan majors Vollrath.
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    Against Miller in the semi's, and this happened pretty quick while I was paying attention to another match, but it seemed like he gave up a leg, rolled thru, elevatored up and he's actually in a good position to get to the far side ankle when Miller unexpectedly turns back into him and locks in a super tight cradle. Everyone in the whole arena saw that pin coming cause the noise got loud. Easy to see how tight it was. He gave up about 9 takedowns vs. Pena. Not sure how many as I stopped counting. Even when it looked like he had good position Pena still managed to get on top of him. I think Pena foolishly chose down to start the 3rd, why he did that I don't know, and I thought Ness might be able to pin him but he couldn't even turn him. Pena won that, but I still think he should have chose neutral.
  8. TBar1977


    Not injured. Stuck. Then beat in every single position imaginable.
  9. Cox just put a brutal ride on Rosholt. Looks like a very heavy man when riding.
  10. Only getting three thru to the finals and having multiple number 1's go down........that is like getting run over by a truck!
  11. TBar1977


    Wow. Pinned. Then basically Teched. Just shaking my head. I know he showed up and wrestled hard, but wow. Did not see this coming.
  12. Can't see anyone beating Ruth. Taylor is just as likely to Tech Fall anyone left as anything else, but it is possible at least to stick him. Odds are very long against it, but if I were betting the only guy I could envision somehow managing the feat would be Sulzer, not Caldwell. This doesn't even mean Sulzer beats Caldwell. I just think he has a better shot at Taylor than Caldwell does.
  13. Warning, this is Minnesota, Penn State, and Oklahoma State Centric because the winner will be one of those three teams. The score right now stands 53.5, 53, 50.5. Cornell is 4th at 40pts. They basically have no chance. Stat of the day. Minnesota has more bonus right now than they did in the entire event last year. Yeah, they got THAT much better. Hidden Stat. Three of Penn State's best bonus pt. scorers, Taylor, Ruth, and MacIntosh, opened with bye's. That is 3 to 6 bonus points not scored. There are way too many swing matches left to say that any match will swing this thing. They all seem important. 125 OK, Nashon Garrett is on fire. Klimara had a real nice day, but his Championship run ends tomorrow morning. Terao had a Ca RAZY match with Bokoskie from NC which he pulled out at the end. Richardson from Penn upset Corey Keener. In the bottom half you have Nico majoring Kingsley from Minnesota and he now is going up against Evan Silver tomorrow morning in the qtrs., and if he gets thru I expect him to face Garrett in the final. Kingsley I think will win his next match in WB, but he then gets Jeske from ODU and that might be it for him. 133 Morrison from Ok St is really looking strong to make the final. Conoway has Joe Roth in the morning session and he can really help Penn State if he can gut that one out. If not then you have Gulibon on the bottom against Mango and I think that will be a tall order for him. Jimmy gutted out a 5-4 comeback win today but he still had at least two good shots set up that I thought he maybe should have finished and could not. David Thorn has Nick Soto and that should be a great match. 141 There have already been fireworks at this weight. C. Dardanes is thru and wrestling well. Hofstra's Luke Vaith knocked off Okie State's Collica, though, and he will get Dardanes tomorrow morning. If Dardanes wins that match he might see Joe Spisak who knocked off Kishnigyam. In the bottom half you have Chris Mecate of ODU knocking off Edgar Bright, and he now gets Evan Henderson who is wrestling great. Zach Horan is getting Decisions so far, and he now has to face the hammer Zain Retherford. Zain pinned Joey Moon tonight. 149 Nick Dardanes scraped by tonight 3-2 over DePalma from Kent State. Wake up call? Zack Beitz continues his magical run and now gets Villalonga. If he beats him I will tip my hat. He's funky that is for sure. Learned Taylor's single leg well. So that is the top half. In the bottom you have Houdashelt who really struggled 2-1 with Tourville from BU. He faces Richardson, and then you have Sako and Kindig in the other quarter. 157 James Vollrath lost today, so he is in the wrestle backs for Penn State. Deiringer has Luke Smith then, likely, Realbuto, to get to the finals. On the bottom you have Ness facing Nestor Taffur (strong guy) and then maybe Kyle Bradley. Looking more and more like a Ness - Deirinegr final. 165 David Taylor OK, some of you thought I'd just stop there cause this never gets old, but I actually think there are some good wrestlers at this weight class. Caldwell is about a 30-1 favorite tomorrow morning over Booth. The other semi on the bottom is really compelling. Luvsandjor beat Miller from Stanford and now gets Nick Sulzer. I think Sulzer beats him, and guess what, I won't be shocked if Sulzer then beats Caldwell. Sulzer is a very good wrestler. Taylor should school Dylan Palacio, wh\o is good in his own right but, you know, this is Taylor. I like David to meet Sulzer in the final. 174 There are three guys who are killing it in this weight class. Perry WILL easily make the final, imo. On the bottom half you got Brown and Storley, who are also killing it. One of them will face Perry. 184 Ed Ruth What is interesting here is that Ruth may face his future replacement in the semi's if true freshman Matt McCutcheon can beat Penn's Lorenzo Thomas. Ruth had two pins today and Matt had a nice win in rideout over Cornell's William George. Matt had previously beaten 11th ranked John Eblen in the earlier round. In the bottom half Gabe Dean beat Jordan Rogers and Brett Pfarr beat Boaz Beard. They'll face each other while Kevin Steinhouse faces Jon Fausey. Steinhouse will be favored to reach the final, but I don't believe he is a lock. 197 Here it is. Schiller will get out of the top half of the bracket to the final. Having the #1 seed helps. Having J'Den Cox not be the #4 seed helps a LOT. The bottom half of 197 is now OFFICIALLY cause I said so the hardest bracket left! :D Morgan McInotsoh is beastly right now, but he will have to beat J'Den Cox in the morning, Kyven Gadsen in the afternoon and Scott Schiller in the evening if he wants to win this title. Any of those three can beat him, imo. And I think McIntosh is good enough to win NCAA's. Guess what? So are all three of them. Hwt. Let's start with the bottom of the bracket. Jeremy Johnson gets Mellon from Missouri. The winner gets the winner of Gwaizdowski vs. Jon Gingrich, the back up from Penn State. Gingrich somehow shut out Amar Dhesi who wrestled Nelson pretty well earlier this year by a 5-0 score. I think everyone would bet on Gwiz to get to the final, as would I. Up top you half Nelson pinning all three guys today. You have to like him to also get to the final. He draws Herrin from American U., and he's gonna win that. Gotta figure anyways. But here's the thing. That other match in the top half will go a ways in the team title race as it pits Marsden from Ok State against Penn State's Jimmy Lawson. I believe this will come down to Minnesota and Penn State simply because Okie State already has lost a couple of guys. But they are still incredibly capable of winning this. A match like Gwiz beating Nelson, either of Cox or Gadsen beating MacIntosh, or Steinhouse not making the final can be the difference just as much as the head to head results.
  14. ness got taken down in rd 3 and would have trailed by 4 pts but he rolled thru funked up and out switched over and pancaked his opponent. Ness being Ness. Gotta love it. Storley putting a beat down on Curling. Over 5 minutes RT. Brown gets a pin. Ruth gets a pin. McCutcheon pulled the switch on Will George on the rideout. sweet. Gabe Dean beats J. Rogers. Schiller gets a major over Wilding. Like Storley he has a calendar's worth of RT. Macintosh just destroyed Jace Bennett.
  15. I feel like I am time warped back to the 1950's where they had rabbit ears antennas.
  16. Someone posted Mock is sick. My out of left field long shot 3rd round upset pick is Frank Mattiace of Univ. of Penn Quakers over Blake Rosholt of Oklahoma State. not exactly left field long shot. Mattiace has already majored Boley this year. Rosholt has not exactly been a world beater this season. I know all that, it just sounded smart so I thought I'd throw it out there. Ha! :D
  17. Someone posted Mock is sick. My out of left field long shot 3rd round upset pick is Frank Mattiace of Univ. of Penn Quakers over Blake Rosholt of Oklahoma State.
  18. Beitz beat Sakaguchi, but he can't beat Andrew in the practice room. Not too many upsets so far. Penn State's back up at 184, true frosh Matt McCutcheon beat 11th ranked Eblen from Missouri. Guess that counts.
  19. took me about 45 minutes to get it working. missed a bunch of matches
  20. Flo got me too. I swore I wasn't going to subscribe and p ut myself thru their nonsense again, but I succumbed. wanted to watch the scuffle live. HEY FLO, IF I WANTED TO FIND A WEBSITE WITH AN ERROR 550 MESSAGE ON IT I COULD HAVE DONE THAT WITHOUT PAYING YOU MONEY.
  21. Oklahoma State pinned their way thru the whole first round. Pins everywhere for them. The seeded wrestler for Penn State at 149, Luke Frey, was wrestling his first match of the year (I think) in round 1 and lost. Not any upsets yet.
  22. I have thoughts on Port, but I don't want to play 20 questions with you. Just being brutally honest with ya.
  23. By these seeds you'd have to solidly favor Minnesota over Penn State. http://www.gomocs.com/ViewArticle.dbml? ... M_ID=17700
  24. Clark is having weight issues, so to me Gilman was already the starter. Not sure it makes a great difference as I had Iowa at #4 at this weight before Midlands and I have them at #4 at this weight after Midlands. Iowa's biggest improvement (for me anyway) at Midlands isn't 125, it is Grothus at 149. He beat both Habat and T Shirts which I would have bet the farm he could not do.
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