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  1. Hats off to Lehigh's Ryan Preisch. District 4 kid who never placed higher than 3rd at States and as a true freshman he wins the Clarion Open at 165 taking out the #1 seed 9-0 and then beating one of the top national recruits, Jon Jay Chavez, in the final.
  2. You people keep saying this happened, and that it came from Penn State fans. Where are all these posts? Link them, or the b.s. meter will say you are wrong.
  3. You are like the msg. board trolls who claim Penn State fans hate Chance, or that they have chAnged their tune about him. That type of statement is false and your statement here that fans are selling him up the river is equally false.
  4. There is a difference between a regular nose bleed and the kind of bleed that comes with a broken nose. Give the kid some credit, he won his first collegiate open despite injury and beating some good wrestlers. Skates is hardly chopped liver.
  5. I see this virtually exactly the same way.
  6. Changes I would make: 125 from Iowa to toss up 165 from toss up to Ohio State 184 from Iowa to toss up 197 from toss up to Ohio State
  7. Snyder is a Junior World Champion. You might want to figure that into the equation somewhere.
  8. To back up MSU's point, Thomasello and Bo Jordan are both ranked in the top 10 by other services. Martin at 174 is a 10 to 14 ranking in my view. Tavenello is ranked anywhere from 10 to 15 but would drop after this past weekend, but he may be replaced by Haines who has a ton of potential. Ohio State is probably about in the same place at Hwt as is Minnesota where Kroells is a borderline top 10 guy. WIN has there Tournament Index up already, and they have Minnesota #1 with 76 points. Ohio State is 4th with 66 points. But WIN acknowledges that they did not use Thomasello, Bo Jordan and Kyle Snyder in their Tournament Index. They acknowledge that had they used these three guys where they believe they will be ranked, then Ohio State is #1. I agree with all that.
  9. Because, and this may be my opinion only, but Snyder is the better wrestler of the two. It is certainly possible that Schiller would beat him, but I wouldn't bet money on that. I don't care about "rankings". This is just my personal opinion.
  10. .Marstellar suffered a head butt and broken nose in his second match. Someone at the match thought that he was momentarily concussed, but that was not the case and he continued on. However, the nose apparamntly bled profusely in his subsequent matches, includimng the Koo match. Have to give Chance some credit for fighting thru that injury.
  11. They'll be favored in every dual at 197, 141. Those two weights are not in dispute. IMO, BoJo will beat the Iowa and Minnesota 165's. Thomasello will beat Gilman imo, and he will surely beat the Minnesota 125. Hunter will crush the Iowa 149 and he will beat anyone Minnesota puts on the mat too. Minnesota's only chance is to win everything else and Schiller has to beat Snyder. Ness and Storley probably have to win by pin. Pretty much any big dual where any of Haines, Demas, Courts, Martin of Johnny DiJ score, they will win.
  12. This thread started with a post about a match including Jake Danishek. He is currently wrestling for 5th place in the freshman/soph. division, as is Ben Whitford fwiw.
  13. Kyle Snyder beat Phil Wellington 11-4. Wellington is one of a handful of guys I would even give a chance to beat Snyder this year.
  14. BoJo rode Taylor Massa the whole third period to win 4-1.
  15. OK, it is really coming up soon now. Second match in the cue on Mat 8.
  16. I read where Haines beat him out for the OSU heavyweight spot.
  17. Bo Nickal just won his semi 11-2, into the final against an Edinboro kid. EDIT: Bo wins his final by a score of 4-2 with riding time point. Bo was wearing the kid out at the end with a tough ride per description found on PSU site. .
  18. He isn't real tall, so maybe 157 is right. I wish the kid the very best. Even as a Penn State fan I like the kid's mad skill on the mat. If our guy isn't going to win, then it is fine by me if Chance wins.
  19. There are some terrific matches coming up at MSU. Micah v. Danishek 157 Freshmen Bo vs. Massa 165 Open, assuming both win in semis. Kyle Snyder v. Phil Wellington in the 197 Open final, assuming both win in the semis. Joey Davis v. John Rizquallah at 184 Johnny Sebastian vs. Mark Martin in the 174 semis 125 semis are Thomasello vs. Zeke Moisey (I think they have wrestled before in a classic Ironman final) and Micic vs. Youtsey. Nice!
  20. I'd have to actually see him before going that far. I figured him to wrestle 165 this year, so I was a little surprised he is going 157. Taking a wait and see approach.
  21. Marstellar beat Koo, but Blese lost in his semi match to Skates from Oklahoma City. .
  22. Should be a good match. Micah's older brother Bo looks to be on a collision course with Taylor Massa in the 165 Open final.
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