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  1. Iowa with no line up changes is now 125 Gilman, 133 Ramos, 141 Jeva, 149 Grothus (based on yesterday). Iowa WITH line up changes would be something like 125 Gilman, 133 Clark, 141 Ramos, 149 Jeva (replacing Kelly/Grothus). Not sure which is better. Also, I had Iowa over performing at Midlands at 125, 141, and 149, and under performing at 133, 184 and Hwt.
  2. agree. It really doesn't matter what's going on in the room now.
  3. What happened to Bill Koll's kid when he came down from NY to wrestle in the KOM. State champ from New York and he got beat by a PA 9th grader.
  4. i used to watch boxing. i used to be able to recite the champions and their styles. i haven't watched a boxing event in more than 10 years. It is all about mma for me. i do agree with chasden that a boxer would make an mma fighter look silly in a boxing ring. that said, put boxers into an mma fight with wrestlers and they lose 9 out of 10 times. The boxer has to get a clean shot early, and if he doesn't he ends up on his back trying to defend ground and pound and all the submission sholds and they don't know how to do that.
  5. Iowa is having a very good Midlands. Gilman over Delgado, and now Grothus beats T Shirts.
  6. Jordan was winning in the 3rd when St. John got a takedown and rideout to tie it at 3-3. They went to ot and St. John got another td to win it 5-3.
  7. Did Gilman hang in an underhook and stall, I mean use strategic position, in the 1st period? i could not tell you. I'm listening on radio and they have some Iowa guys doing the call and they aren't giving too much in the way of opinion .
  8. OK. Getting real interesting now. Can Walsh beat St. John. Can he pin him.
  9. wow. Gilman just beat Delgado while Clark lost to Garnett. Sounded like Gilman rode Dlegado almost the entire 3rd before getting 2 nearfall before the last second escape. Clark had a nice lead but tired and gave up the walk behind 3 times.
  10. I'm not an Iowa fan at all, but i agree with rossel. McD was injured last year. His problems really stem from that injury. Of course he didn't wrestle as well as he could have, because he was injured.
  11. That is 4 to 6 screws and maybe a plate in that leg. Non weight bearing for three months at least and I doubt he will ever want to kick anything with that leg again.
  12. There was no Alton Murphy match. Andrew Mff that match.
  13. Yes. Cael spoke about having them wrestle a few bouts but not necessarily the entire event. Dylan also Med. FF out. Neither of them are actually injured right now, but they also are not 100%. They are just working their way back.
  14. Andrew toyed with his 2nd round opponent. Had him set up for the fall and just released him, then Teched him. After a bye, Dylan got a FALL against his first opponent. http://openliveresults.escapesports.com ... 8372.html#
  15. Keep posting smitty. I enjoy hearing about the old timers.
  16. Looks like Burak is wrestling Midlands unattached. Redshirt?
  17. That depends on if the match adheres to college wrestling rules. I have learned to never underestimate high level athletes in ANY form of a confrontation when they can bench press 450lb+, squat 600lb+ and standing high jump 3ft. LOL. No it doesn't. You can write any rules you want and Ed Ruth will pound the crap out of this guy. Didn't a 150lbs wrestler at Michigan pound the crap out of their starting TE one year?
  18. That match wouldn't last one period before Ruth pinned that guy.
  19. Kolat is still the best I have ever seen. He had every move in the book to either get the other guy in trouble or get out of trouble himself. Total domination. Chance has never lost to a high school wrestler, and he has basically crushed everyone except the odd match here and there. So yeah, he should be on any list. Snyder has lost to J'Den Cox, but he has also won internationally. He should be on your list as well.
  20. Brown's a junior right? Yes. He has another year of eligibility.
  21. Steiber acknowledged Zain's victory with total CLASS! A great many athletes could learn something from how Logan responded to that loss.
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