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  1. Maybe Cael knew Haines would not come to Penn State without the money Cael knew he could not offer, so Cael goes to Thomas and says it isn't the best fit. Haines starts to look elsewhere. This is all making a mountain out of a molehill. Kids get recruited over all the time. If Penn State lands a mega stud 125 then what does this say to Jordan Conoway? Will he then get boxed out? Will his father cry on the internet? Will opposing fans say Cael did Jordan Conoway (let alone the other lightweights in the PSU room) bad? C'mon. This is nothing new. Happens all the time. Haines is not a victim here. He's going to get himself some money somewhere else, and life will go on for him.
  2. I deleted your name calling. If a coach had the #35 Hwt. recruited, and subsequently the #1 Hwt. committed to his school and he took him over the #35 kid, would you blame the coach? If you would, then you can't expect your school to ever be competitive. This is what happened here. The coach took the better prospect. It really is no more than that.
  3. Well said. Haines gave a verbal pledge last November. Cael took it, as ANY coach would have. Nevills gave a verbal pledge in late June. This put Cael in the position of having to decide between Nevills and Haines. Cael chose Nevills. Haines will get some money from another school, and everyone will end up winning. Nothing nefarious to see here.
  4. Tanner Hall has beaten Snyder, albeit in freestyle.
  5. Guillermo, I think you are making assumptions here. The key thing the Haines family said was that they were surprised. No doubt they were, but that still doesn't mean Cael did anything wrong.
  6. Guillermo, how does this reflect poorly on Cael? Maybe Cael was done recruiting at Hwt. and his phone rings and it is Nevills wanting to come to Penn State. Is Cael supposed to not take that call? What if after Nevills tells Cael he wants to come to Penn State, Cael immediately calls Haines to disclose this brand new information? In this scenario I'd suggest everyone from Nevills, to Haines, to Cael acted completely appropriately.
  7. Not often I will say this about a PA 4x (potential), but I think the other guy would beat him. Haines was a 220 last season. Maybe he'll be at 240 this year and wrestling h.s. Hwt, but I don;'t see him beating Nevills at 285. Not right now. Maybe Haines fills out and becomes unbeatable. He certainly has raw athletic talent. Hopefully Cael made the right choice for Penn State. I trust him.
  8. Haines is already receiving in-home visits if you believe this post on the Penn State board. Maryland (think Kerry McCoy) is one of the suitors. http://bwi.rivals.com/showmsg.asp?fid=2 ... 90&style=2
  9. Chance has already been on a world team. He was at Cadet Worlds last summer where he beat two guys fairly convincingly before getting injured.
  10. Chance has beaten something like 10 different state champions. As a 10 grader he beat Virginia 3x Cody Allala ton win Super 32. He beat Nick Hodgkins when he was 14 and Hodgkins was 18, two weeks after Hodgkins beat James Green. He's beaten Brill, Weircioch (who himself beat Taylor Massa when Massa was #1 in h.s. ), Zac Beard, Peppleman and anyone else he has wrestled in high school. C'mon, you are reaching. Chance is the p4p #1 for good reason.
  11. Actually, that is probably what they'd prefer he do. :D Fortunately for Penn State fans, he is smarter than they.
  12. Great match. Cael had to work super hard to win that.
  13. I wonder who is next for Penn State? I hope it is Bo Nickal and Jason Nolf. :D
  14. I actually disagree with this. If you go just by the results themselves then Cael is a better coach than Ryan. Ohio State's Big Ten Finish During Ryan's 7 Years at Ohio State 9th, 5th, 6th, 4th, 8th, 5th (In a Year Where Ohio St. was good enough to beat Iowa), and 4th Penn State's Big Ten Finish During Cael's 4 Years at Penn State. 5th, 1, 1, 1 with three NCAA Championships to boot. Recruiting is part of coaching. The NCAA Championships say Cael is the best coach in the NCAA right now.
  15. Probably? Probably? I think we'll gladly try to keep him a while longer, thank you very much. Seriously? Probably? That's a good one.
  16. Chances entire career has only a few close matches, and they were in an exhibition or when he was either hurt or just shortly getting back after being hurt + wrestling up in weight. At his own weight he's only had a few non bonus pt. matches his entire career so far.
  17. I love his quotes regarding Iowa and Pennsylvania. His stock was already sky high in my book, but those quotes elevate him even higher. LOL. :D Welcome to Penn State, Chance.
  18. papride, there is video of a 9th grade Nevills riding Brooks Black for an entire period. Additional video of Nevills riding Michael Johnson of Wyoming Seminary when Clovis beat that school for the Doc B Title. Johnson is a big guy and national prep runner up to Black, and Nevills got out from under him twice, then rode him out both times.
  19. I think he is the #5 guy p4p in his class, so I'd guess he is an immediate impact guy. Doesn't one of the Tirapelle's post here? They are Clovis guys. Maybe they can add something. Hopefully this starts a pipeline from Clovis to Cael's Penn State squad. That would be nice. Not sure how this impacts Thomas Haines. Haines is headed towards Hwt. himself. EDIT: I just watched Nevills finals match where he won Flo Nationals this year against Evan Daley who is headed to Clarion. Nevills has a lot of skills. You can watch that video here. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... California Nick is a hammer. Without putting any undue pressure, I think with a lot of hard work and some great coaching, which I think he has found, he has a lot of upside at the next level. We may never have another like him at Clovis, and we've had some pretty good ones. He was a double OT upset loss away from going for 4 HWT state titles next season. He pinned his way through the state tournament this season (6 falls), and was only the 3rd or 4th athlete to ever do so. Congrats to him and Penn State. Looks like I'll need to order a new NCAA t-shirt... ;) Thanks for posting, tirapelle. Nice insight into Nick Nevills.
  20. If Nevills wants to come to Penn State, how do you say "No" to that? He's already there at Hwt. size, Haines is not. If they wrestled today, I'd bet on Nevills just because he's that much bigger than Haines. It is crazy, though. They both can't wrestle unless Haines goes down to 197 which I don't see happening.
  21. Assuming Penn State has room for three more guys in this class: 1. Marstellar, future 165 to replace Taylor 2. Need a future 149. Either Jason Nolf or Josh Maruca? 3. Future 125. Maybe Brent Fleetwood? Or maybe Conoway until Pletcher or Lee show up. Seems Cael Sanderson and Penn State are on a major roll.
  22. If one were to use the same logic these guys promoting Burroughs' college career over Taylor's college career i.e. the use of non college freestyle results, then Taylor has beaten three NCAA champions - Howe, Paulsen, and St. Johns. I would not use that criteria, so I'm with you. He's only beaten 1 champ during his college career. He does have loads of other metrics going for him, though. His sheer dominance in 97% of his matches means something.
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