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  1. Great post, smitty. Add in the injuries and you can list hundreds of studs who never made it, but the locals know how great they were before they got hurt.
  2. I already told you what I think about Marstellar, but you forget. Not only do you forget, now you are adding things never stated. You have a bad memory, but you are old so it makes sense that this is the case.
  3. I can't wait to witness Marstellar vs. Ness. Hope it happens.
  4. Nice pick up for Penn State. Vinnie should really benefit more from having Frank The Tank back in the PSU wrestling room.
  5. Interesting that Jordan will wrestle Hwt. in college. First time I have heard that is today.
  6. We'll never really know. It isn't like the kid is going to say he went to Oklahoma State to avoid trying to win a spot at another school. We could be looking at Conoway - Conoway - Megaludis the next three years at Penn State at 125, so the spot may not really be open @PSU until the 2017-2018 season. This kid is really good and I enjoy watching him wrestle.
  7. Enough opf this nonsense. Before you got needlessly bent out of shape, which is par for the course with you, I was responding to the fact MSU wrote that he'd bet a lot of money on him in March. That reads like a pick to win NCAA's. No knock on Ness at all, and for the third time he's an exciting wrestler. Why you got your little panties in a wad is a mystery.
  8. So what? Green beat him pretty easily at Big10's last year, and he then won University nationals. Miller pinned Ness last year, and he then also won University Nationals beating Tyler Caldwell twice. \ Ness finished 6th at Big10's. The guy loses often enough for me to not pick him to win NCAA's. Marstellar could also beat him. Isacc Jordan could beat him. Ness isn't the kind of wrestler that you could predict in September he'd win NCAA's in March. Could he? Sure. So could several guys that that weight.
  9. No doubt he is at his best in March. I totally agree with that. EDIT: Ness is awesomely exciting too, and I love watching him wrestle. I just don't think he is any sort of odds on favorite given his style of wrestling.
  10. Jaggers won 2 NCAA titles. Ness hasn't any and has only this year to get to 1. With Green and Miller in his way, let alone Marstellar, I don't see him getting even that one title.
  11. Or any of the others who helped Ness along the way to his 22 losses so far. Ness also lost more than twenty times in high school. But he'll probably pound that poor Marstellar kid. :-)
  12. An Oklahoma State fan who claims to know wrote it. Hence why I started out with "According to posts found elsewhere." Take it FWIW.
  13. according to posts found elsewhere. Kid will be an extremely tough wrestler at that weight.
  14. I'd love to see a list that calculates the points won as measured against the potemtial maximum points competed for. What I mean by this could best be explained by an example. If a wrestler competes in 2 Olympic games and 4 worlds then his potential maximum is (2 x 7) + (4 x 6) = 38. If he wins i Olympic Gold, 1 Olympic Bronze, 1 world gold, 1 world silver, and 1 world bronze then his percentage won of the maximum would then be calculated as: 7+5+6+4+4 / 38 or 26/38 = .684, or 68.4% of the total points competed for. I think a calculation like this takes into account how many points were competed for as well as how many were won.
  15. 4th sounds about right. If we are going to redshirt a bunch of guys at the same time that Iowa, Minny and Ohio State have deep squads and are going all out to win a championship and redshirting no one that could be the #1 guy at a given weight, then Penn State at 4th is about right. Not that this will be an uninteresting year. Far from it. There will still be a lot of very good wrestlers in the line up, an d there will be several great young guys wrestling in Open Tournaments. Fans will always be intrigued by what the high end red shirted freshman is doing in these tournaments, and Penn State will have several of them.
  16. He was, as in past tense. He dropped to 125 halfway thru last year. Looked pretty good in several matches.
  17. Not really. I can be patient knowing that we are simply reloading.
  18. That was the most disappointing sequence I saw. I was shocked that Ruth did not throw a leg in there to try to break him down.
  19. I have not heard anything, but I won't be shocked if we end up seeing Corey this year. If we are going the redshirt route as now is expected, I am more interested in the 2015-2016 line up. 125 Conoway in his 4th year on campus as Mega gets Oly redshirt 133 Gulibon 141 Zain who would probably be the favorite by then 149 Beitz or Moss 157 Nolf 165 Corey Rasheed or Hammond 174 Rasheed or Hammond 184 Bo Nickal 197 McIntosh Hwt. Nevills That is a very good line up. Maybe McCutcheon is at 184 and Nickal at 174. Beitz at 149. Never know until you see them wrestle.
  20. Count me in agreement. The more I follow freestyle the more I see that the rest of the world just wrestles differently than we do. They win from positions that we normally wouldn't be scored on in folk, but do get scored on in free. They seem to have a lot more diversity to the way they score too.
  21. But wasn't this supposed to be voted on at this time? I could swear it was. You posted it was. Sounds to me like they don't have the votes to pass it.
  22. Maybe Dake would have beaten Burroughs yesterday had they both been healthy. The gap between Jordan and a few others is narrow right now. More narrow than the JB fans want to believe.
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