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  1. https://iowa.rivals.com/showmsg.asp?fid=813&tid=174509179&mid=174509179&sid=940&style=2
  2. A lot of people in this forum didn't want to believe it that others were closing the gap on Burroughs. I am guessing they will probably still believe he is the best in the world P4P and this was all due to injury, a courtesy they would not extend to anyone else. Jordan is great to be certain, but so are many others.
  3. I don't post on the rivals Hawkeye wrestling forum, but I do read it. You guys have a nice thread on the Altons injury situation. Kudos.
  4. Let me see if I can summarize. I initially suggest Benick will benefit from choosing ASU over Minnesota because Jones is a younger more dynamioc coach than JRob. In response it is shown that Freddie Stroker, who has committed to JRob, thinks JRob is "like a grandpa"? You guys are making this too easy.
  5. Stroker is a nice recruit, so good for JRob.
  6. ASU is after Lujan now. Not sure where all these upper weights would fit. You have Benick and the two Valencias which given the rate of growth of the smaller Valencia might prossibly take 174, 184 and 197 out of play.
  7. I didn't say that is what sent him to Zeke's coaching at Arizona State, just that Benick could benefit by having it. Jones is obviously hot right now. Good for him, and I think in the long run this is a great choice by Benick.
  8. Assuming Benick chose ASU and Zeke over Minn. and JRob. I think he made the right choice just due to JRob's age.
  9. Flynn really is a top notch coach. Recruiting to Edinboro can't be easy. Koll is also a great coach.
  10. 5 Iowa 6 Virginia Tech Interesting
  11. As others have noted, if Askren wants to wrestle someone then let him make weight and wrestle in a sanctioned event. Taylor is working hard on his competitive skills. Askren probably could not advance far enough to meet him in any event they would both be entered into.
  12. Dean is the clear favorite, but I don't think he's unbeatable. I certainly give a few others, including Dechow, a chance of beating him.
  13. Saw this thread when it was first posted but the new board would not accept my login for a couple of days. Anyway, congrats to Alex Tirapell and to UPENN for the new hire. Quakers should regain some excitement.
  14. Yes. He's likely the best high school wrestler in the country right now.
  15. I actually like Tom Brands a lot. I think he has a lot of character and really instills the right ingredients into his program. His energy level is second to none. I still question when the next Iowa wrestling championship is going to materialize. It could easily be this year, or it might not come for a long time. And this may be thru no fault of Tom Brands as he is clearly an excellent coach. Winning championships just is hard. You obviously need to have a lot of the best of the best to get it done. Cornell has a great program, but they haven't been able to win one. They have some great wrestlers, but just not enough of them. How many guys currently in Iowa's roster will ever win an Individual title? That number may be 2, may be 1, may be zero. There is no one that just jumps out and makes you think "yeah, he just has that look about him." There are a lot of guys that a decade or more ago you'd think they'd have committed to Iowa, but now they commit to Penn State or one of the other schools. Who are the 10, 20, 30 best recruits P4P over the past 6 or 7 years? How many did Iowa land? How many took team points away from Iowa by wrestling somewhere else?
  16. There is a very recent interview with Cael Sanderson that has some people speculating that Nico might redshirt. Cael talks about every weight class, and this is the line up I am envisioning after reading the interview: 125 Conoway (Nico redshirts) 133 Gulibon 141 Zain (no redshirt) 149 A. Alton (finally healthy according to Cael) 157 D Alton (finally healthy as well) 165 Garrett Hammond 174 Matt Brown 184 Matt McCutcheon or Wesley Phipps 197 Morgan McIntosh Hwt Could be any of four guys. I got the impression that even Nick Nevills had a chance to win the spot. Note; Nolf, Nickal, and Corey Rasheed appear to be definite redshirts
  17. Where is Destin McCauley when you need him?
  18. Lee is unreal. Probably the best high school wrestler right now, even though only entering 10th grade.
  19. Cael recently lost an Olympic fantasy match here. :D
  20. Wow. Going big on Haines. Not sure I'd agree but will be fun to watch. Nevills is tough.
  21. I wouldn't so much call it fantasy unless you have something going on you would rather not discuss. Thats like saying Dake only beats Taylor in fantasy match ups. DT is undefeated against Caldwell and has several very recent wins decisively. Pretty sure Caldwell has never so much as scored an offensive point against Taylor. He's been blanked three times vs. Taylor, I believe. The other time he had a point awarded to him at the very end of their match, but I can't recall what the point was for.
  22. Agree. Awesome performance on his part.
  23. You implied that Caldwell was better than Taylor, so you are the idiot that drove the fantasy match ups today. Congrats.
  24. I like Snyder to win first and win most often. Other than that I have no predictions except that I think they will all do pretty well.
  25. Was the guy Green was wrestling injured? If so, he still put in a great effort. That was a nice match.
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