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  1. Probably some truth in this. Besides Penn State, Oklahoma State and Minnesota, look at the emergence of Oklahoma. Look at what's going on at Ohio State who may win it all next year with the line up they will have. Look at Northwestern. There can be a number of teams that can beat Iowa going forward. Not just one or two, but several.
  2. I know why it is Penn State Central Bashing. The room is filled with misguided upset Iowa fans mixed in with a few others who are upset at Penn State's dominance and take it out on the few of us Penn State fans who support our program. You'll say we have it coming to us because of (fill in the blank). It is what it is. I know, we think wrestling became a sport three years ago. Got it.
  3. Not blatantly patronizing Ya' got me. Hey, if this place wasn't Penn State Bashing Central maybe I wouldn't have done it. But guilty as charged. The post was totally patronizing.
  4. There are five or six weights where I don't think Iowa even took a legit shot. Not a good showing by Iowa.
  5. Jeva too. He didn't wrestle a bad match at all, he just couldn't get out from bottom. Welcome to Zain's world, Josh. I think Minnesota is going to hammer them.
  6. You must be related to Mike Evans. He's never impressed with anyone either. :D Evans didn't really give Brown a match. Brown looked like he was a tier above Evans tonight. Brown is a better wrestler than he was last year. No one really wanted to believe that, but it is true.
  7. Beitz has back to back wins over the kid at Ohio State and now Kelly. I actually see improvement in this kid. He's a gamer.
  8. Give them a break, they lost a few close ones and they were way over matched in some others. Moore improved his stalling technique, so they are getting better in some areas. :D
  9. You must be related to Mike Evans. He's never impressed with anyone either. :D
  10. Where are they going to get the offense? Brands doesn't seem to have any answers, so where? Maybe they can talk Gable out of retirement.
  11. I actually just read some of the threads over there and they are in full "admission" mode right now. They are being harder on their wrestlers right now than they are on ours. Iowa fans are ready to run Kelly out of town on a rail. Hope that kid survives the night.
  12. Some of the regular bashers over over in the Gulibon thread. I guess you take what you are given, and that's about it for them right now. :)
  13. Agree. You had two guys totally mail it in tonight. They were outclassed for certain, but they didn't even try to wrestle. Anyone can belly out or turtle to not give up the Tech, but geez, this is Iowa we are talking about. Those two squads are not even close right now. Kelly losing to the rs Fr back up has to sting.
  14. Seriously, nice match. You guys put up a good fight. Maybe not Moore and Lofthouse, but the other 8 guys fought hard.
  15. Now everyone should understand why I post about PSU or Minnesota or Iowa. Their is NO POINT to even discuss MSU. There was LITERALLY no substance in that story as to WHY Minkel is an "old school" coach or WHAT he has done or is GOING to do to warrant patience. Hell, I guess I am pretty far removed now as I didn't even know MSU had a beat writer. Andy Hamilton he IS NOT! Except you talk so damn unflatteringly about all things PSU it borders on obsession. Did Cael steal your lunch money or something?
  16. So 99.9% of the time you'd want Taylor instead of Dake.
  17. Great article about the Penn State - Iowa wrestling rivalry including footage of the controversial ending to the 1993 NCAA 150 final between Troy Sunderland and Terry Steiner. http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/sbn ... fSTBVXw.01 Gotta love the third man rushing onto the mat to influence the officials at the end. :lol: Nothing at all shaky about that.
  18. All of that and more. Taylor has influenced other wrestlers at Penn State to attempt to score in bunches like he does, so others have become higher bonus point scorers because of his influence. It is EASY to spot in how the style of the other wrestlers has changed. Matt Brown is a great example of this. He is now playing the cat and mouse take them down let them back up game. That is the Cael Sanderson-David Taylor influence right there. Taylor has made everyone around him a better wrestler, which is what everyone around him says when asked. No wonder the young guns around here want to be like Taylor.
  19. Not to take anything at all away from Ruth, but let's just say that the autograph lines are a mile long for Taylor.
  20. You have a narrow view of things. You apparently don't understand the value of PR. Those extra 2 or 3 points do not compare to the PR Dake's accomplishments brought to Cornell. What was the biggest news coming out of the tournament last year? I'd suggest Dake beating Taylor for his fourth championship at four weights …. not Taylor getting an extra 2 team points. Sorry man, you need to see the forest, not a few trees. Taylor is an invaluable recruiter and PR machine for Penn State wrestling. No joke. Young wrestlers around here want to be the next scoring machine, the next David Taylor.
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