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  1. OK. Any truth to the rumor that J Rob will announce his retirement after this season?
  2. The same could be said for Minnesota Coach J Rob. Plus, he hasn't won anything in years.
  3. Nolf, Nickal, Nevills, Blees and Chandler Rogers.
  4. Kolodzik is pretty good. He tech falled Headlee last year in one match. I expected this match to be close with either wrestler having a chance to win it. EDIT: Someone who was there posted in another forum that Kolodzik dominated Hayes.
  5. OK. I don't consider myself computer illiterate, though, and their stream has often not worked for me so I gave it up. I'm not going to further post on the subject as I have stated what I intended to state and nothing good will come from further comment. Peace.
  6. Many other who paid for Flo also tried to watch those matches live, but could not get their stream to work. Others could not even log in. I don't mind that the matches are behind a paywall, I mind that they are behind a paywall that often does not work.
  7. Some of the results that struck me were: Zahid Valencia having gone so far up in weight and beating Myles Martin. Hall majoring the other Valencia, thus dispatching the guy that many (not me) had at #1 P4P. Isiah White going down. I thought he'd win. None of the other results really surprised me.
  8. Rumor is that Cael Sanderson has signed a new contract that will keep him at Penn State a long time. Nice.
  9. I wouldn't mind paying for Flo, but their ability to deliver the product is sometimes spotty and other times almost non existant. They need to partner up with an entity that knows what they are doing.
  10. Agree. Snyder is that good. No need to have already seen him beating D1 guys to not understand he will be doing exactly that.
  11. List five freshmen that won't wrestle varsity this year but who you think will rip it up in Open Tournaments during their true freshman redshirt years.
  12. Jason, any way to make sure youi can't see an ignored user's post even when someone else quotes the offending troll?
  13. Jason, sweet post. I have one person on my ignore list, but when other posters quote this individual sometimes (but not always) I can see the quoted, yet still offending, post. Any way to make sure I can't see this person's trolling posts even when others quote the troll? Thanks.
  14. Cael Sanderson has more NCAA Championships to win at Penn State. Lots more.
  15. Jason knows what he is talking about. This worked like a charm for me.
  16. Thee Ohio State Tanning Bed University will win it this year. Just my personal opinion, though, and I could well be wrong.
  17. Stop playing games. You are a 100% troll and it is easy to spot. You can call what you do anything you want, and we can call you out for the troll that you are. Don't deny it.
  18. TBar1977


    He beat him twice last year. He won at Districts, then he won again for the State title. Joseph also majored Jared Verkleeren.
  19. Can t see Edinboro winning a NCAA title. Also, I read somewhere that Storley was headed down to 165.
  20. Ok, if he redshirts and comes in at 149 how high does he project? I think anyone here could easily compile a list of 10 guys he would wrestle in college that would be his equal or better if we were projecting future results. Not a knock on him at all, just that I don't see the big names he has knocked off on his resume that make me feel he is a top 2 or 3 guy at that weight in college. Not early anyway.
  21. While we are debating this subject, where does Ke Shawn Hayes project in college? 141 or 149?
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