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  1. FIFY Penn St 289 , DT/Ruth 194.5 Ruth and Taylor were never part of Penn State? Who knew?
  2. Ohio State beats that line up, imo of course. 125 Thomasello beats Thorn or Brancale 133 Minny 141 Steiber, and he gets a lot of bonus 149 Steiber 157 Ness, and he gets a lot of bonus 165 Bo Jo will score a lot more than Minny wrestler 174 Storley 184 Toss up between Courts and Pfarr 197 Snyder will outpoint Schiller Hwt Tavanello will outpoint Minny Hwt.
  3. ocho, the way I would characterize what happens in these situations is to just state what happened. J Rob recruited and brought Marcus to Minnesota. At some point Marcus became unhappy and left. Unless J Rob did something terrible to him, which I seriously doubt is the case, then it is what it is. The kid wasn't happy and he left. Nothing to do about it at all. How many kids stuck it out at Minny and did very well? Lots. Marcus' situation belongs to him and nobody else, really. The same goes for Cael and Haines. The details aren't as important as the fact that Haines wasn't totally happy with how it worked out. Not his fault. Not Cael's fault. Not Nick's fault. Not anyone's fault. It is what it is. Haines goes to OSU and Nevills to Penn State. Everyone won in the end. Glass ended up 1/2 FULL for everyone.
  4. I think you are saying that Penn State will red shirt some guys and that this will result in Ohio State and Minnesota vying for the team title. I won't be shocked if you are right.
  5. Sad. Prayers and Condolences to the family.
  6. Lots of good posts slamming the thread starter troll bait, and this one is right up there. Nicely stated, meloserio.
  7. Marcus leaving was a big deal that still gets brought up today. If you don't believe me please read ur post I quoted. And to this day very few people know the whole story. Sounds familiar. What was ur post supposed to prove? That people pay attention to what blue chip recruits do? J has been questioned for plenty of things throughout his career as have other coaches. It's not just Cael. Time heals all. Just breathe TBarsuperold The point I am making is that you can play the blame game with any coach. If the coach is successful enough there is always going to be something that happens, through zero fault of his own, that opposing fans can hold onto to try and knock him down a peg. I doubt J Rob did a damned thing to cause Marcus to leave Minnesota just as Cael did nothing wrong in regards to Haines. That is why your comments implying he should not be trusted or that you would not buy into his recruiting pitch are baseless and should be viewed in the vein they were taken.
  8. Jason, I did not see this when it happened. When I read that article yesterday I looked for a date and the only date on the screen read July 2, 2014. Why they would carry an old article right under the current date is beyond me, but it appears that is what they do on that site. My apologies if this is old news.
  9. I remember when Marcus Levesseur left Minnesota J Rob stated about Marcus "but he didn't want to wrestle". Off hand comment amounting to nothing, or an "incident" from J Rob's closet? You catching on why you shouldn't make something out of nothing, ocho?
  10. Dean to head the OTC at Finger Lakes. I guess his younger son can be penciled in to follow Gabe to Cornell. http://lowellbuyersguide.com/dave-dean- ... 672-87.htm
  11. I may have to re think my position on this. LOL.
  12. Isn't Winston basically a bad actor? You got the whole rape thing, then didn't he steal some stuff too?
  13. Don't take Xerox Superold's bait! You have been warned.
  14. OK, so far so good. Yes, it did. Why? Again, why? He did nothing at all wrong. In fact, what he did was right for all copncerned because he offered each wrestler a spot on our roster, albeit likely for different amounts of money but that is how recruiting works. Should John Smith apologize to the umpteen middle weights he recruited for landing Marstellar AFTER landing each of them? Should their fathers be complaining about THAT? No, and no again.
  15. Well, Tigsey, if you want to drag this out - look no further than the post I originally responded to in this thread: Now, maybe you believe stating that Haines "opted to not compete with Nevills" isn't a negative, but as indicated in the interview with Haines' father, this was certainly hurtful to the young man involved. And then you have others who continue to suggest that Mr. Haines' account of matters is somehow untruthful? You guys should really let this one go. At the very least Cael made a PR blunder, but there is no evidence there was any rules violation; and I'll give credit to him for being man enough to go face to face to break the news to the Haines family. But folks should try to stop spinning this that it was Haines who "opted not to compete". Semantics. The kid chose Ohio State immediately after Nevills chose Penn State. I think the reasons are money issues and the fact recruited Nevills after previously recruiting Haines, but what was cael supposed to do, turn Nevills away? No way. Cael did what was right for his program, and Haines did what he considered right for himself. No one is complaining about it except Haines' father and few fans of opposing programs. Penn State fans moved on.
  16. glad you enjoyed it. Now that we have that settled. Who do you think Cael's first call was to yesterday? Nick Piccininni or Myles Martin, but I can only guess.
  17. ocho, your last post is fine. Well done. :D Nice devil admission you put in there. :D
  18. Billy, what did Cael do wrong with regards to Haines? I say he offered him a spot and said they would talk schollie money later. Then Nevills comes along and some money has to go to him, and there is less for Haines and he opts out. What in all of that was "wrong" or acting in bad faith by Cael?
  19. According to the article, former Penn State and current Nittany Lion Wrestling Club wrestler David Taylor will have to expand his trophy case to include the Jesse Owens Big Ten Athlete of the Year Award. Nice. http://www.pennlive.com/sports/index.ss ... earns.html
  20. So your opinion of Sanderson, and keeping in mind that you are a rabid Minnesota fan, is that kids should be wary of him and not buy into Penn State. Gotcha. Penn State is running scared now. :lol:
  21. ocho, I posted a nice recruiting article that focused on Penn State's Cael Sanderson, nothing more or less. You took that as an opportunity to cheap shot him. You got what you wanted.
  22. Redblades, you should talk to ocho, because he is the one concerned with Haines. He, a Minnesota fan, is the one who brought Haiones up. And for what end? To knock Cael, just, well, ahem, because he could. Seems petty. Haines had an opportunity to come to Penn State and compete with Nevills and instead opted for Ohio State. Good for him. I believe that Haines probably felt he was getting more schollie money than was the case, and when he realized how much it was he opted for a different school. No big deal. Not everyone is a good fit for Penn State. But that is all over now. Good luck to the kid.
  23. I did not write that line, it came from the article.
  24. ocho, we Penn State fans are not focusing on negatives right now because there is no need to do so. We have won all the most recent four national championships by trusting cael Samnderson. Why change that now? Cael Sanderson landed Nolf, Nevills, and Bo Nickal. That is three of the top ten P4P right there. You can't hardly do any better than that. Throw in Corey Rasheed who is a stud in his own right and you have a special class. We all wish Haines and Marstellar the best. I also wish a kid like Ethan Lizak well. He chose your school, Minnesota. Penn State didn't recruit him, but we can still wish him well. Hey, does Penn State not recruiting Lizak qualify as "an incident" to you? :D And last, J Rob is 68 while Cael is just north of 30, so J Rob's age has advanced pretty far down the road. He's well into social security status age now. Before you know it you are going to look up and he will be a totally different person just due to getting older. It happens, so be on guard for it.
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