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  1. wrestlingnerd, I can agree with what you posted. I would add that this is still Logan's 4th year wrestling in college while Zain is still 18 years old, so I think the difference in pure strength should be on par with what you'd expect in this situation. Jason for sure is a bigger guy than both of them. The thing with Zain that I was trying to point out is that he isn't just a bigger stronger kid than anyone. Just a great technician.
  2. Note, I only knock him to 2nd behind one wrestler, the guy who is both undefeated and who beat him.
  3. Junior world trials last summer to Jason Tsirtsis at 145lbs. Keep in mind that Zain could have made 133 this year, so both Jason and Logan are physically bigger and stronger than Zain. Today's win is a testament to Zain's efficiency in translating technique into power.
  4. I have this ability. +1 for sense of humor in trying times. :D
  5. Stieber didn't have the resume when Dardanes beat him that he has now. Zain basically beat a MUCH better Stieber than the version Dardanes beat, plus Zain beat a wrestler much better than anyone Dardanes has beaten this year. Understand what you are saying, but not a nfan of this type of ranking. Zain is unbeaten and he just knocked off Stieber, so imo he should be ranked ahead of him.
  6. Can't wait. Should be loads of fun. Last time I was as excited as I got today watching a match was when Quentin Wright decked Grant Gambrall at 2011 Big10's.
  7. Someone had to post it. 1. ZAIN 2. Stieber 3. Port 4. Dardanes
  8. Just realized you may be talking about shots from neutral, but I wanted to emphasize how well Zain uses legs from top. Zain gets legs in crazy fast all the time. Every guy, every match, they can't seem to get from underneath of him. He gets the legs in and they just can't get out. I never thought I'd see Zain come close to turning Stieber, but he wasn't really that far off. Zain was also the better guy in neutral today.
  9. True Dat. There are some outstanding true freshman this year like every year, but Zain's win over Stieber sets the high water mark by a MILE.
  10. I have no idea what or even if I predicted anything in the prediction thread, but I did think Stieber would win. Stieber has been beating senior world class wrestlers, so why would anyone pick an 18 yr old true freshman? Now that it is over I think it is safe to say that Zain wrestled a very smart and TOUGH match. Logan would have turned almost everyone in the country in the first period, but Zain fought it off. Then Zain fights off a couple of shots that Logan almost always converts. Then the ride. THE RIDE! That is the ride of the year for me. Logan is the guy who is supposed to kill guys from the top, but its Zain that rides him. Amazing. The Ryan tries to get Logan some rest and it still doesn't matter. Zain almost had him in regulation time, then gets him in SV. Wow. I think Zain has to be ranked #1 now. Don't know if they will, but he deserves it.
  11. Agree. Unless he can pin all those guys AND go undefeated he has zero shot.
  12. jammen, take note none of those guys won the Hodge either. Walsh will only be there if he is unbeaten, because that is what this is going to take. Three or four weights have dominant wrestlers any which can run the table.
  13. WIN magazine chimes in. 1. Taylor 2. Logan 3. Howe http://www.win-magazine.com/v2/2013/12/ ... ge-trophy/
  14. Do not worry, I will NOT waver. I will be your beacon lighting your way to reality. Whenever you are lead astray I will be here to bring you back to Earth. My team is lost in Limbo, possibly never to return. I will do my best to not let you go so far in the opposite direction that you become just as lost. In Cael We Trust! Ha! :D
  15. Be careful there now, MSU. Don't go down that path to crazy town like Gonzo. :lol:
  16. So what is the board consensus on the top 5? I have: 1. Coon 2. Retherford 3. J'Den Cox 4. Bo Jordan 5. ???
  17. I thought that was the case, but they are listed as Fr on NWCA.
  18. I have Bo Jordan, Zain Retherford, J'Den Cox, Adam Coon, Brian Realbuto, Dylan Palacio, Jim Wilson, Gabe Dean and TJ Dudley Any of the redshirts not named Bo Jordan tearing it up?
  19. 125 is a toss up between these two guys. 133 I like Morrison 141 picking a true freshman to win any weight class at SS is bold. I'll be happy of Zain makes the final, and I don't rule out the possibility he can win as he has mad riding skills. 149 I like your guys in the final, but too close to call 157 I too like Deiringer as he knows to not get on the mat with Ness. 165 Magic Man 174 Perry over either Brown or Schiller 184 RUTH!! 197 Cox getting to the final would be a phenomenal result, but I am going with Morgan and Schiller Hwt Agree with your pick, 2-0 or 3-1, something like that
  20. I think Morgan is the most improved wrestler on the PSU roster this year simply because he is considerably stronger than he was two years ago. He is a much different guy out there right now. He was dinged up a little wrestling against Bonnacorsi the other day, but other than that he has dominated.
  21. No. The really big wins, yes. Most wins, no. Just look at his matter of fact ho-hum reaction to beating Tyler Caldwell that I linked above for evidence.
  22. I think Minnesota may get us ion a dual format. I like Penn State in a tournament format, but only if everyone in the PSU lineup is healthy.
  23. LOL I would love to see Howe vs Taylor in Folkstyle...I can guarantee you it won't be 10-0 to whomever said that. For me it all depends upon if Taylor can ride him or not. RecHall mentioned a 10-0 score, but in reference to Tyler Caldwell's match with Taylor. You can see that match here. Plenty of folks said Caldwell would beat Taylor, but Taylor wins this match 10-0. This is a bad match up for Caldwell. I think these two could wrestle 20 times and it would always end up with Taylor dominating him. http://www.gohiocasts.com/speaker/557-D ... Penn-State
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