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  1. So your opinion of Sanderson, and keeping in mind that you are a rabid Minnesota fan, is that kids should be wary of him and not buy into Penn State. Gotcha. Penn State is running scared now. :lol:
  2. ocho, I posted a nice recruiting article that focused on Penn State's Cael Sanderson, nothing more or less. You took that as an opportunity to cheap shot him. You got what you wanted.
  3. Redblades, you should talk to ocho, because he is the one concerned with Haines. He, a Minnesota fan, is the one who brought Haiones up. And for what end? To knock Cael, just, well, ahem, because he could. Seems petty. Haines had an opportunity to come to Penn State and compete with Nevills and instead opted for Ohio State. Good for him. I believe that Haines probably felt he was getting more schollie money than was the case, and when he realized how much it was he opted for a different school. No big deal. Not everyone is a good fit for Penn State. But that is all over now. Good luck to the kid.
  4. I did not write that line, it came from the article.
  5. ocho, we Penn State fans are not focusing on negatives right now because there is no need to do so. We have won all the most recent four national championships by trusting cael Samnderson. Why change that now? Cael Sanderson landed Nolf, Nevills, and Bo Nickal. That is three of the top ten P4P right there. You can't hardly do any better than that. Throw in Corey Rasheed who is a stud in his own right and you have a special class. We all wish Haines and Marstellar the best. I also wish a kid like Ethan Lizak well. He chose your school, Minnesota. Penn State didn't recruit him, but we can still wish him well. Hey, does Penn State not recruiting Lizak qualify as "an incident" to you? :D And last, J Rob is 68 while Cael is just north of 30, so J Rob's age has advanced pretty far down the road. He's well into social security status age now. Before you know it you are going to look up and he will be a totally different person just due to getting older. It happens, so be on guard for it.
  6. Ed Ruth is a Star. Former Nittany Lion transitioning to free style after title laden folk style career at Penn State. http://www.win-magazine.com/v2/2014/06/ ... r-ed-ruth/
  7. Ok. J Rob. At age 68 he is still getting up there in years which should be more of a concern to Minnesota fans than anything Cael Sanderson is doing. I think even you would agree with that statement.
  8. Cael's ankle picks are set up via the same collar ties and hand fighting that Schultz and Banach used. Cael would get guys off balance and leaning thru the use of hand fighting, collar ties and circling and then he'd reach for an ankle that was only about a foot away from his hand. Has anyone ever consistently prevented Cael from getting the ankle pick? Romero seemed to figure it out. Except for the three ankle picks in the Olympic semifinals that Cael won over Romero. Sajidov got blown out in the other semifinal I think. So Cael did OK that year. Winning Gold still counts around here I hope.
  9. ocho, those two things are not even incidents except to opposing wrestling fans hurt that Cael keeps recruiting studs from just about everywhere. Cael recruited Haines, so what/ Nevills comes along and he too wants to commit to Penn State. They BOTH could have come to Penn State if they wanted to, but Haines opted to not compete with Nevills and instead chose Ohio State. As great as Nevills is I can hardly blame him, but that doesn't mean Cael did anything except actively promote Penn State to the best of his ability. Chance chose Penn State and Cael never waivered on him. Cael was at his doorstep trying to talk him out of his de commitment. Again, Cael did what was best for Penn State and the recruit. He just chose Okie State. No big deal. Cael will land more studs shortly, despite your concerns. You should worry about John Robinson's rapidly advancing age more than what Cael is doing. That should be your biggest concern.
  10. What point are you trying to make? If you can't figure it out than you are a LOT less smart than you think you are. How is that for making a point?
  11. Given his situation, Flynn is totally AWESOME! Haines and Marstellar are great wrestlers. Haines isn't quite at the level of Nick Nevills, so that makes Cael's decision at Hwt. last year completely understandable. Chance needed a change of scenery as has been recounted many times by now.
  12. Cael's ankle picks are set up via the same collar ties and hand fighting that Schultz and Banach used. Cael would get guys off balance and leaning thru the use of hand fighting, collar ties and circling and then he'd reach for an ankle that was only about a foot away from his hand. Has anyone ever consistently prevented Cael from getting the ankle pick?
  13. "You have to spend the time and put the effort in because that's how you show a kid you want him in the program,'' Sanderson said. "I think our biggest recruiting tool is what we're doing: listening to our kids, and seeing how they compete, and do they enjoy it, and reading interviews, and watching film, and getting an idea (about them) that way.'' Success breeds success. "If you want them, you have to let them know.'' Recent results are showing that top recruits are not only listening, they're taking the pitch. http://www.pennlive.com/sports/index.ss ... nexac.html
  14. jstock, I don't real;ly see a problem. Sure, an announcer might say that a kid won at Fargo while not saying anything about a kid winning Disney Duals but that can change over time and even if it doesn't it isn't that big a deal. No one is going to hold anything against the Jason Nolf's of the world for competing and winning Disney but not going to Fargo. Nolf beat everyone they put in front of him last year pretty easily, including avenging the prior year loss to Berger. Everyone who would take wrestling seriously knows who he is.
  15. Where would you guys rank Taylor in the world among 74KG? 5th/ 8th? Where. Now, do the same for Ruth. Where would you rank him among the world at his weight? I love both of these guys and I am not taking either side, just making a point.
  16. Soon he'll have as many fantasy losses as Dake. Pretty funny. :lol:
  17. Not true at all. I watched every match from Disney that I could last year on Flo and here in PA the wrestling community got the information out about what happened at Disney. It meant something to us what happened.
  18. At the rate we are going Cael will have a few dozen college fantasy losses. You can only know what actually happened, and Cael was undefeated in college folk. Then, when he went to free style he won 3 national championships and a gold medal between age 22-24.
  19. Hall used to be the next great one. I don't think people still see him in that vein.
  20. This is a fun fantasy match, but Cael never lost in college when it counted and he can't help it who they make him wrestle. Cael's international career is short compared to Mark, but Cael did win 3 national titles and 1 Olympic Gold by the time he was 2 years out of college so it isn't like he didn't do anything there either. Schultz has the most medals internationally, still, I think. Could be wrong as Smith may have taken that from him. All three of them were great and fun to watch.
  21. What is funny is that when the older Gracie started the UFC a lot of boxers showed up in the very beginning, but then Gracie's beat them all up and they stopped showing up. Those guys tapped out faster than anyone. I guess having an elbow or shoulder ripper up would do that to you.
  22. Howe is a great wrestler. His only problem is that there are three guys at his weight in the US alone that are better.
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