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  1. Colon will have to get by Dijulius first. And I am confused, in that thread with the blind, screaming rage, you repeatedly said you were not picking Colon over Ramos, just that he could win. Now in this post you say Colon is next to beat him. Sounds like you want to poke the Iowa crowd (not my crowd, I'm and OkState guy), but you want to leave yourself enough wiggle room in case he loses. Which is it? Are you predicting Colon over Ramos or not? Care for a sig bet if you are? Your statement was spot on, because Johnny D. beat him.
  2. Here you go. http://openliveresults.escapesports.com ... 85008.html
  3. I mentioned something similar in the Edinboro thread. I honestly don't think there is any team or wrestler that can't be beaten if the other team or wrestler shows up with max intensity. Some guys obviously nobody expects to get beat, but anyone can be beaten and almost all of them will be beaten at some point by some young gun who really wants it bad. Who thought Houdashelt was going to be losing last night? Not me, that's for sure.
  4. Love seeing results like this one. The more the merrier at BIG's and NCAA's down the road, and many great dual match ups before then.
  5. I'm hearing he beat this kid earlier this year. If that's the case, I think that shows he's strong enough. jimmy actually beat him quite handily, 13-0. but he couldn't get out from bottom for 4 whole minutes tonight.
  6. Seriously. How hard is it to grow into a 133? not sure. I haven't been anywhere near 133 since middle school.
  7. and another pin not called at the end of the first.
  8. zain pinned that kid a couple of times there
  9. jimmy is not ready for prime time. Just not strong enough.
  10. nice orchestral version of the national anthem
  11. I have no probs with Jeva. He was a little cocky at NCAA's when he was here in PA, but I think that is all gone now. He was probably considered the better prospect than Port coming out of high school. Port is a real nice technician on the mat and he showed last night what can happen if you make a mistake.
  12. You hit on the one thing that I don't endorse with Brands. That maniac style of trying to control matches from the coaching box, which he absolutely won't stay in. I like what he stands for, but not the way he goes crazy during the matches. Didn't they chuck him at NCAA's last year? I recall him sitting in the stands for a while due to some ruling or other. Maybe I am misremembering. Doesn't take away from what he stands for though, which is all good.
  13. This Penn State fan will go even one step farther. While their public speaking styles and outward demeanor are totally opposite, they basically both stand for and preach the same exact things. I totally get both of them, and I fully respect both men.
  14. Hard to argue with this. Beckman is a tough customer.
  15. The biggest takeaway for me from this Iowa-Edinboro dual is that it shows how much can go wrong without warning. Iowa is a team that basically needs to have everything go perfectly to win Big10's or NCAA's, and last night shows us how quickly that can unravel. They have five weights where if perfect is what you need then things went wrong last night. That sort of effort won't challenge for the title in March, it will be a challenge for about 5th or 6th place.
  16. Gotta love Brands. This guy is absolutely, positively GREAT for the sport of wrestling. One can understand why a kid might like to wrestle for him. His final comment made me laugh out loud. To come up with that on the spur of the moment and deliver it with such deadpan style he gets a grade of A from this fan. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... -Real-Talk
  17. Jeva is fine. Nothing wrong with that interview at all. He's a competitor.
  18. Can you now see why I posted this morning? If you think really hard it might come to you. :D
  19. My confidence level going in to Carver Hawkeye rose a wee bit tonight. :D
  20. Great job by Edinboro tonight. Way to represent! Especially AJ Schopp taking down Ramos and Port getting the pin on Jeva.
  21. TBar1977

    Gas Tanks

    MSU, in another thread you state fairly emphatically that Alton would lose to a good wrestler if/when he gasses. In this post you state he gassed in EvERY match last year. But in his match vs. Iowa he not only majored his opponent, he outscored him in the 3rd period as well. Obviously he can win while gassing, OR, conversely he didn't gas EVERY match.
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