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  1. 125 is a toss up between these two guys. 133 I like Morrison 141 picking a true freshman to win any weight class at SS is bold. I'll be happy of Zain makes the final, and I don't rule out the possibility he can win as he has mad riding skills. 149 I like your guys in the final, but too close to call 157 I too like Deiringer as he knows to not get on the mat with Ness. 165 Magic Man 174 Perry over either Brown or Schiller 184 RUTH!! 197 Cox getting to the final would be a phenomenal result, but I am going with Morgan and Schiller Hwt Agree with your pick, 2-0 or 3-1, something like that
  2. I think Morgan is the most improved wrestler on the PSU roster this year simply because he is considerably stronger than he was two years ago. He is a much different guy out there right now. He was dinged up a little wrestling against Bonnacorsi the other day, but other than that he has dominated.
  3. No. The really big wins, yes. Most wins, no. Just look at his matter of fact ho-hum reaction to beating Tyler Caldwell that I linked above for evidence.
  4. I think Minnesota may get us ion a dual format. I like Penn State in a tournament format, but only if everyone in the PSU lineup is healthy.
  5. LOL I would love to see Howe vs Taylor in Folkstyle...I can guarantee you it won't be 10-0 to whomever said that. For me it all depends upon if Taylor can ride him or not. RecHall mentioned a 10-0 score, but in reference to Tyler Caldwell's match with Taylor. You can see that match here. Plenty of folks said Caldwell would beat Taylor, but Taylor wins this match 10-0. This is a bad match up for Caldwell. I think these two could wrestle 20 times and it would always end up with Taylor dominating him. http://www.gohiocasts.com/speaker/557-D ... Penn-State
  6. Here is a nice high def video of the last time they met. Of course that was in freestyle, not folkstyle. Taylor's reaction at the end shows just how much it meant to him to get this one on Howe.
  7. Jefe's badger state link shows that Rothwell has been at 170 or higher since 10th grade and that he finished 4th at Fargo in 2011 (he beat one of the Dixon's there), and he went 47-0 at 182 last year. So while young, this was a pretty good wrestler that Phipps majored 13-3. Of course Phipps is also young.
  8. VakAttack, you and a few others have done everything you can for about a month to knock Cael. The arguments have gotten really ridiculous at this point, don't you think? You should be better than that.
  9. I think 15,996 is the number of sold tickets. We had a snow and ice storm in PA yesterday where about 3/4ths of the State got hit, hence some empty seats.
  10. VakAttack, socalnittany just mentioned Dan Vallimont. Dan is a tremendous example of the development of good wrestlers by Cael Sanderson. Dan finished 3rd in NCAA's in 2007, but he was R12 in 2008. His win numbers had decreased dramatically in 2008. Cael comes in and Vallimont improves. He lost to Ryan Morningstar that year, but he comes back to avenge that loss by beating Morningstar at Big10's. Morningstar lost to Jarrod King at NCAA's and Vallimont turns right around and beats King in the semi's. Dan lost to Howe in the finals, but that was great improvement from where he had been before Cael arrived.
  11. Yeah, I'd include recruiting great wrestlers, developing them further and, lastly, intangibles that help in both of those departments. The intangibles include things like demeanor, personality, and other things that can just motivate guys to be even better than maybe they think they can be. If you think Cael isn't a great coach, we'd disagree. ISU hadn't won a Big12 title in what seemed forever. Cael arrived and in three years they won three Big12 titles. Their place in the NCAA Tourney improved. I'd cite other things, but it isn't going to matter to a lot of people here. They love to rip on Cael. Many threads for a while seemed totally devoted to ripping on him. I'll start really worrying when you guys stop ripping him.
  12. Just who has belittled Brands in this thread? Nobody. Also, who has said extremely positive things about Brands in the past week? That would be me and several other Penn State fans. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Forums
  13. Yep, that's Cael. Just "lucky", I guess. Hope he stays that way.
  14. But had Cael been at Penn State then Ruth would have known who he was. You are correct! Ruth was the top rated recruit at his weight coming out of high school. How is that any different from Gulibon, Retherford, Nolf, Nevills, Nickal, the Altons, McCutcheon? Must be he's just "lucky".
  15. If you guys would just read the Rob Koll thread you'd see that the last three NCAA Championships were won by sheer "luck". :D :D :D
  16. I'll ask you to go on record just as I asked BR. Do you believe Ed Ruth would have chosen a school NOT named Penn State if Cael were at Penn State at the time of his choosing? Your post, like his, seems to indicate you actually believe this is so. So what is it? You actually believe he would commit to Sunderland but not to Cael?
  17. This is what I wrote above about the continually shifting line in the sand some people have with Cael. It says a lot more about them than it does about Cael. I can honestly tell you that Jackson granting or not granting Long a release has zilch to do with whether or not Cael is a great coach. Cael is about how work, perseverance, sticking to a task, being focused ...etc. Luck hasn't got anything to do with it. You ever notice how the harder you work the luckier you get? THAT is the only real connection between Cael and luck. It is funny we have a thread right now talking about what makes Championships. No mention of the word "luck" or "lucky".
  18. BRGuy, I stated that not everything worked out for Cael, and it didn't. This is a fact for which I gave numerous examples. But I'll put you down for thinking Cael is just "lucky". Hopefully his "lucky" streak continues. Maybe we'll get "lucky" against Ohio State this coming weekend. :D
  19. Without Cael Penn State would not have won anything, they wouldn't be favored this year, and they wouldn't be building the program capable of winning it in almost any year. Iowa fans used to poke fun of Cael when he was at Iowa State. Said he wasn't a great coach. Then when he went to Penn State they claimed he still wasn't a great coach. Then when he won a national title, they said it was with the other guy's wrestlers, so he still isn't a great coach. How many national titles does he have to win to finally gain the begrudging respect of Iowa fans? 10? 20? And I notice you did not disagree with my assertion that Ed Ruth still would have chosen Penn State had Cael's arrival preceded his choosing.
  20. FWIW, Taylor is 10-0 with 7 falls and 2 TF and a 20-7 major over Brian Brill, so he has 7 falls in 10 matches. Taylor also has the major over Moreno in the NWCA Classic. I can only piece together Logan's record, but I think he has 6 falls in 8 matches. He also has the close win in TB over Maple in the NWCA Classic. I don't think this is totally over just yet.
  21. MSU, I thought it better that you say it rather than a Penn State fan saying it. I will just add that even the official MSU website sort of tells you all you need to know. Hit the link for MInkel and they start out by telling you what he did in 1995. No joke. Here's the problem, the kids coming in to college this next year were born in 1995, so they have no idea about that long ago past success. Your admin let's him keep going. Why?
  22. I'll discuss it. I can see the score but I don't know enough about the Sparty program right now to speak intelligently about it. What do YOU believe the problem to be? The only comment I would have right this moment is that when you underachieve for a long time there is obviously a trend in place. So is it about coaching? (And fwiw, to me recruiting IS coaching). So what say you?
  23. Do you believe Ruth would have chosen another school had Cael been hired befo9re he committed, because I do not. So with that in mind, whether Cael recruited him or not isn't really relevent. Cael did coach him. Also, and since arriving at Penn State, Cael with his good luck has also had some bad luck with some kids not working out. Stinson, Sherlock, and Kemerer didn't make it at Penn State. Both Altons were injured last year when we needed them most. Long got bounced from the program after only one year. Oklahoma State wrestled a nearly perfect day 3 at NCAA's last year while Taylor and two other Nittany Lions lost in the finals. Despite all of this Penn State continues to win. IMO, this hasn't been because Cael was "lucky".
  24. This jigsaw puzzle thread is like read a trying to
  25. It's hard to take much away from Phipps' last two matches...they were non-bluechip true Freshman. Personally, I don't think Phipps has much chance of beating Cutch for 184. I think Phipps is destined to take over for Matt Brown in two years (if Bo Nickal doesn't take that away from him). I too think it will be McCutcheon, but previously I wasn't even giving Phipps a great chance. I know this wasn't a ranked kid he was going against, but he controlled him very well. He's a natural 174 to me going up a weight. I think Nickal takes over 174 when Brown graduates.
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