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  1. I warned everyone on page 2, but you guys would not listen. I tried. :roll:
  2. The guy is a jack ass, don't even bother debating him. His opinion is irrelevant.
  3. The lesson to be learned in this thread is NOT get sucked into a "debate" with superold. It never ends well. As much as I disagree with Koll's being a part of the NWCA Nat Duals non sense, he is a good wrestling coach, and Flynn is obviously a good wrestling coach. There is no debate worth having about this issue.
  4. Sure is..... Marstellar would have to show up though. How many times has Marstellar lost to an American high school wrestler? Zero.
  5. Molinaro's last second (literally) win. Hit it. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=480988418700289
  6. The Crown Jewel of NCAA Wrestling Set to be Diminished http://www.ncaa.org/sites/default/files ... 041514.pdf
  7. Anyone can look backwards and cherry pick the data. At the end of the day who do you want to wrestle for your school, Bo Jordan, Marstellar, Kyle Snyder, Micic and Nick Nevills OR 5 guys ranked between 75 and 100? The OP would be lying if he claimed he wanted the lower ranked guys from the beginning.
  8. Lee's talent is undeniable. He's right there with the very top kids who have wrestled in the past several years and I will not be surprised if he wins cadet worlds this year.
  9. Rutgers in all sports is like Pitt in football, perenially a "program on the rise".
  10. No. He will not make 157. Assuming he is injury free he will be fine, though. I think he was supposed to wear the back brace for 60 days, which means he just got out of it recently.
  11. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... 4SL1fnxom5
  12. Fila Cadets Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech in 27 seconds in the semis Tech in less than 60 seconds in final Goodness gracious.
  13. I am posting this here, but it could be posted in some of the other threads as well. No one should be shocked by the results in this event. Ashnault is a great wrestler. Ian Miller is also a great wrestler. Kudos to both of them for the way they wrestled in this event. BoJo is probably better suited for folk, so he's still a contender next spring in my book.
  14. Thru to the qtrs. at 57kg - Garrett, Joey dance, Kingsley and Laux among others At 61Kg Joe Colon, BJ Futrell, Jimmy Gulibon, and Mark Grey At 65Kg T Shirts, Mike Mangrum and Anthony Ashnault At 70Kg you have James Green, Josh Demas, Anthony Collica and Jake Sueflohn (St. Johms and Zack Beits both lost) At 74Kg you have Tyler Caldwell, Ian Miller, Brian Murphy and Bo Jordan who has tech falled everyone at b80Kg you have a lot of talent still on winners side. Crutchmer, Wilps, Epperly, Weatherman, Alex Meyer, and Brock Gutches
  15. Coach, I am following along at trackwrestling.com. Some Penn State news: Kade Moss won last nights Greco weightclass. Not sure the kilos, but he weighs about 145. He has two wins in freestyle so far. Also, Zach Beits who wrestled for us at 149 this past year has advanced twice at 70KG. Most of the guys at this weight wrestled 157 last year, like James Green and Josh Demas. At 61KG Jimmy Gulibon has advanced twice and now faces Johnni DiJulius. Matt McCutcheon drew Max Thomusseit in round 1 and that is coming up.
  16. Probably nothing. They probably just lived life.
  17. Tsargush didn't have much trouble preparing for Taylor the first time they wrestled And Tsargush had been wrestling free his entire life while Taylor had been wrestling free for like 15 minutes. An obvious exaggeration, but you get the point.
  18. Pico is a great wrestler, but those who said he was getting too much credit for the Emeev win were right.
  19. Pico is a great wrestler, but those who said he was getting too much credit for the Emeev win were right.
  20. Pico is a great wrestler, but those who said he was getting too much credit for the Emeev win were right.
  21. LOL @ MSU with so so many words to camo a rip at Penn State. It is all in your silly little head, MSU. :lol:
  22. Purely out of idle curiosity, what is Kyle Dake's freestyle record?
  23. Interesting that someone who professes to be tired of the "same Taylor/Dake arguments" would choose to start this thread ... Pretty funny watching these people get all worked up over stuff like this. :lol:
  24. No. Plus he seems way too laid back to get into MMA.
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