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  1. That's an interesting question. Matt Brown is a 174 and has one year left, and there is no way he comes out of the line up. At 184 you have Matt McCutcheon waiting in the wings. Nickal is a beast in 1 year post red shirt at 174, but not sure of how he grows because he seems like a tall kid for that weight. Nice problem to have if you are Cael Sanderson.
  2. Bo's finals win match is up on flo. The guy he wrestled is very thick and strong, but still with great agility. Tough competitor. Bo really had to go big to beat him. Great match.
  3. Bo seems like a very funky wrestler. Not really overpowering, but really athletic and a continuous style of movement that makes it difficult to get a good hold on him. As a Penn State fan I am going to be able to see a lot of him over the next 4 to 5 years. Should be very enjoyable. Kid has loads of talent for sure.
  4. Gotta love the headline and the pic on the Brute Wrestler of the Week article at Flo. Snyder stands above the exhausted laying on the ground defeated wrestler from Russia. Just wrestling Snyder defensively took the steam out of that guy.
  5. That last take down was so quick for a wrestler at that weight. Nice. Bo is super slick.
  6. Here is Pico's 2nd round tech win. Check out the head snap and slide by at 1:05. Wow. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... 3eeaijyS5I
  7. The takeaway, wrestle everyone the same i.e. HARD. Nice interview. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... 3Z5QyjyS5I
  8. It is a new TV contract, but it is more than that too. They are going away from a PPV model to their own network model, but they don't have enough subscribers so right now there is a lot less money in the deal. The numbers were released today and the stock got hammered.
  9. Fake wrestling giant WWE just lost 43% of their value. In case anyone here owns their stock.
  10. All #1's for the same reasons as stated above EXCEPT Ed Ruth will win. This and $5 will take care of you at Starbucks.
  11. Snyder, along with Aaron Pico, Bo Nickal, Joey McKenna and a few others is competing in Turkey this weekend in something called Junior Champions International.
  12. Classy interview from one of the great competitors of our time. Can't believe he is out for 6 months. Wish him a speedy recovery.
  13. This has nothing to do with the dumb jock conversation, but since we are talking about "smarts" I thought of something I saw on TV last night that just amazed me. My kids and I were watching the jeopardy tournament of champions and their all time winner (number of shows, not money) is on the show. I work with a lot of really bright people, but this guy Ken Jennings I consider him a true genius. He did something last night that had me and my kids in awe. They had a category where they asked a question in which you would need to know the answer, which was always the name of a person. But you were not finished just by knowing the answer. You had to take that person's initials and assume they are Roman Numerals and then convert that to numbers. Jennings ran the category. He got each one correct taking mere seconds to correctly calculate everything, Here is an example: "He played Jason Bourne in the movie series" How long would it take you to figure out the answer? If it longer than 2 seconds, you lose and he wins. I mean, I knew that X is 10, V is 5, and I is 1 in Roman Numerals, but not off the top of my head did I know the letters for 50, 100, 500 and 1000, all of which he knew. Plus, he knew the 5 correct answers to the questions and made all of the correct conversions, in about 2 to 3 seconds for each entry. Like I said, I know some smart people, but this guy is off the charts.
  14. That is great. He and Snyder are going to have some epic battles. After last night I am inclined to favor Kyle Snyder. Both are beastly strong, but I think Kyle has more offensive scoring. Is anyone else even in this conversation next year? We have a good one at Penn State, but I don't see Morgan beating either of them. Not right now.
  15. Agree with the others. Taylor is more conservative in freestyle due to the strength and scoring ability of his opponents. He and Ruth looked dominant last night.
  16. Is J'Den going 197 again, or is he on the long journey to Heavy? I ask because if he isn't around at 197 then Kyle Snyder has to be a prohibitive favorite. Wow. That was impressive last night, even in a loss.
  17. I also remember that DuPont was widely considered to be pretty crazy for a long time. interesting about his will - perhaps a "lucid moment"? So, I guess the Bulgarian sold the land to the developers? Not sure DuPont had many truly lucid moments in the 1990's. Local law enforcement and fire officials were called to that property often, but the problem was that they also trained there on his gun range so, when combined with his insane wealth, they sort of chalked it all up to eccentricity. I am not sure who sold it to the developers, just that they have it. Still amazed that the lawyer could fend off the DuPont family. I think it was first sold to Rouse & Co., which is mostly owned by local real estate developer (and some what eccentric himself) Willard Rouse. Rouse could not get his plans thru Newtown Township, so it went to Toll Brothers. They got the Twp. to approve a 450 home development. I believe this is the single largest open tract in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, other than Ridley Creek State Park. Neighboring Marple Twp. sold one of the next largest pieces of open space in the county, The Ellis Tract. That too is now going to be developed. Congestion.
  18. I just looked at the scores of last year's Fila Cadet Worlds and Pico did not win any matches by 10 points. Here are the scores. 63 kg/138.75 lbs. – Aaron Pico, Whittier, Calif. (Champion) • won by TF over Adilbek Osmonaliev (Kyrgyzstan), 7-0, (1:41) • defeated Teymur Mammadov (Azerbaijan), 2-1 • won by TF over Maxim Carabadjac (Moldova), 10-2 (1:45) • defeated Vikas Vikas (India), 8-4 • defeated Yuhi Fujinami (Japan), 8-6
  19. Foxcatcher Farm was, I think, 800 acres. It was a giant tract of land for such a wealthy area, even when compared to some of DuPont's wealthy neighbors who were heirs to banking, department store and food fortunes. I believe the farm was part of a trust and was to kept as open lands, but recently that trust was broken and the farm sold to real estate developers. I once had some business dealings with DuPont's lawyer, who also represented the Bulgarian wrestler who ultimately inherited most of DuPont's estate. Nice lawyer, but to this day I am amazed that it all worked out the way that it did with his side prevailing in the battle for the estate. Most people around Newtown Square who had any dealings with DuPont, like the other non wrestling athletes and the pistol shooters who trained at the farm, believed he was basically not fit or sound of mind for quite some time, and I believe that will was signed during that time period. I figured the family would prevail, but it didn't work out that way.
  20. People should go watch those matches from Fila Cadet Worlds. Spencer was right there with the top 2 or 3 in the world. I think on any given day he actually beats them.
  21. Thanks for the heads up, piggy. I fixed the link.
  22. The 5 Regional Winners Are: Bo Nickal, Central Region Micah Jordan, Midwest Region Chance Marstellar, Northeast Region Brandon Womack, Southeast Region Nick Nevills, West Region You can read all about their many accomplishments, as well as find out who the state winners are at this link: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Fe ... rs-set?p=1
  23. In which case Fix would have to go thru Spencer Lee. Fix is a great wrestler, but Lee dominated him last year at Cadets.
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