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  1. MSU158 nailed it with this post. Well done.
  2. Suriano is the only kid that I have seen that can stay with Spencer Lee. At Ironman, S32, Disney Duals and PIAA's Spencer totally dominated everyone. OW at Ironman in 9th grade is impressive.
  3. LOL. Look at some of the posters he effortlessly reeled in with this nonsense. A few of whom are actually taking this debate seriously. DF vs. the mental midgets. DF wins by tech fall. :lol:
  4. The two links here give an idea of how Hendricks made his dream come true from a financial standpoint. Pretty interesting reading. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/mma/ne ... s-backers/ http://mma-manifesto.com/ufc-fighter-sa ... kdown.html
  5. LOL. What's the over/under on gas mileage for that monstrosity? 6 mpg?
  6. They are both young and have time on their side, soI feel it is just a matter of time for both of them. armspin, I would not have agreed with this statement until I saw what happened against Perry in the NCAA final. Howe clearly needed to create some offense in that match and just couldn't come close to getting it going when he really needed it. So I agree with you.
  7. Pico would have won in any style. I totally 100% believe that. He would have won because he is as good or better in pure wrestling skill AND he is bigger and stronger than Zain by a substantial margin. Zain's walking around weight is 143lbs. The match was at 145.5. Pico's walking around weight is somewhere between 155 and 160. Pico was a couple inches taller and 10+ lbs. bigger. With overnight weigh ins that gives the wrestlers lots of time to reload. Pico's obviously bigger and stronger and there is no way for Zain to overcome that. And no, I won't answer your stupid questions, old man.
  8. It was indeed a dominating win, and no doubt Pico is the real deal.
  9. Yeah, because saying that Pico is bigger, stronger and dominated Zain is now considered douchbaggery. Only to some assclown from Jersey.
  10. I'm reasonable and you don't answer my questions Tbar. :) Nothing marks the clueless man quite so boldly as self deception.
  11. superold, I wouldn't mind answering questions if they came from a reasonable person.
  12. Cornell did NOT choke in 2011. They just were not the best team.
  13. Chris Perry will wrestle at WTT and University. I'm assuming at the same weight as Foster, Gavin and Ruth. http://www.okstate.com/sports/m-wrestl/ ... 14aaa.html I still assume Howe will be at WTT, but have not seen it confirmed anywhere.
  14. Are you being serious? Why would someone have to laugh in order for it to be a joke? That doesn't make sense. I believe that you failed to answer at least one of my questions on another thread LkwdSteve. Superold, you ask hundreds of questions of others, but won't answer one question posed to you. How hypocritical of you. LkwdSteve, minor congrats on your intellectual win over superold. I'd offer more emphatic praise but arguing with this guy is like being a high seed and beating an unseeded wrestler. :D
  15. This news sucks. That type of injury has claimed a lot of athletic careers, but Dake is tough and he'd have the best Docs and therapists to help in his recovery. Wish him the best.
  16. I just call them as I see them, Mahty. I said that Varner, the NLWC wrestler, looked bigger and stronger against Michalek. Considering I was rooting for Varner, and not Michalek, was that an "excuse" or merely an "observation"??? Here is one more observation, you are still insecure about PA relative to Jersey.
  17. Pico vs. Zain http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... 1ga7Rx49Jk Pico is bigger and stronger and just dominates Zain. Zain vs. Ashnault http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... 1gfIRx49Jk
  18. Pico vs. Zain http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... 1ga7Rx49Jk Pico is bigger and stronger and just dominates Zain. Zain vs. Ashnault http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... 1gfIRx49Jk
  19. This is an interesting question, because it looked to me like it may have been planned. Either way, Taylor went right to it and executed it perfectly. And Taylor looked like he knew it would work, as opposed to hoping it would work. I mean he was very aggressive with that move. Twice. Had that occurred towards the center of the mat it looked to me that Taylor could have rolled him a 2nd time for 2 more back exposure points.
  20. Pico is getting way too much cred out of that ONE SINGLE MATCH over a guy who we have no idea what kind of shape he was in that day. Pico wil obvioulsy eventually start beating senior level guys, but he isn't doing that YET. For that reason, he is not in the conversation for best US Freestylers right now. Metcalf would school him right now.
  21. My team has done that move since the late 90s and we teach it to 9th graders. It's not some mystery finish to the cradle that DT prepared weeks in advance; Burroughs' head popped out and Taylor capitalized with a move that high schoolers commonly hit in folkstyle. Has anyone else hit it against Burroughs?
  22. 11 and closing fast. Ed Ruth Not sure where to rank Pico. I have to see him wrestle more matches against the senior wrestlers.
  23. Bigger and stronger. I'd favor him over J.D. this time.
  24. wrestlingnerd, I agree with you. I'd add that even after Burroughs made it 7-6, in 12 seconds Taylor still managed to get one hand almost all the way behind Jordan's right knee. He wasn't that far off from being able to convert that. As great as Burroughs is, Dake and Taylor are not all that far behind him. Jordan is the clear #1 in the world, but where are Taylor and Dake? How many guys are better right now?
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