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  1. IMO, nothing wrong with Taylor's positioning on the last shot. It isn't like he is upright. What I noticed more than anything about that shot is 1) Burroughs is still lightening quick even that late in the match and 2) Burroughs is actually still in motion, still moving forward during the re start. You can see #2 pretty clearly on the replay. Burroughs has momentum coming forward, toward Taylor, as the official makes the re start. That little bit of momentum helps. Someone else mentioned Taylor's position after the cradle, as if Taylor was in a bad position at the end of the cradle. I don't see that at all. It looks like if they were not out of bounds that Taylor could have rolled him thru again for a 2nd back exposure. I only looked at the second of the two cradles in making this judgment.
  2. I have read 3 or 4 boards where posters spoke about Flo streaming quitting on them. Kudos to the OP for laying out some of the glitches. I'd add that having your marquee match up start past midnight on the East Coast, plus beyond the limit of the broadcast show, isn't a positive. It is wrestling, so you learn to just expect this sort of thing. Pretty soon they'll do something really crazy, like mess up the NCAA Tournament by giving teams an edge before the thing even starts. :D
  3. Taylor could win 60 in a row and when he loses you can bet the vault there will be some hater on the internet typing "another loss for Taylor" ...... Focus on the positive, man.
  4. Saw the match. Great wrestling from both guys. I thought Taylor actually had him, but Jordan is Jordan.
  5. As I understand the new rule, if you have a proper hold + your opponent has three points of contact with the ground BUT you don't get behind your opponent then it is a 1 pt. take down. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
  6. I normally do that too, but guess when I hit the record button for this event? At about 11:45 the night before during the semifinals when I was dog tired. That kind of tired leads to mistakes, hence my not recording an extra 30 minutes. Congrats to the programmers. Even a guy who wanted to watch this did not get to see it. Maybe a reasonable time in the evening would be wiser, but this is wrestling so I have grown to expect this sort of thing.
  7. What sort of idiots programmed this one? I DVR it and the broadcast runs out about 5 seconds BEFORE Burroughs-Taylor. Real geniuses they are. Not.
  8. Not only that, but the push out when Ruth was leading 5-4 belonged to Ed not Clayton. The score should have been 6-4, not 5-5. Ed basically got screwed. He will start to dominate very quickly.
  9. Gets put on shot clock but takes no shots ain't gonna work. Taylor is too good for Caldwell. Burroughs looked great to me, so I don't get the comment above where someone claimed otherwise.
  10. :lol: He's better than the second guy Taylor wrestled who basically flopped to his own back and pulled a DF in 14 seconds. :lol:
  11. Neither Retherford nor Pico has been scored on in three matches so far. Zain has won by scores of 10-0, 10-0, and 10-0 while Pico has won by 11-0, 10-0, and 10-0. Can't be any more dominant than that. Pico has Jamel Hudson next, then maybe Jake Short in the semis. Short won't just roll over. Zain has Ashnault then Valencia in all likelihood.
  12. The brackets are up now. On Pico's side he'd probably get Edgar Bright in the quarters, then either Jake Short, Ty Dippery or Tyler Berger in the semis. Zain would likely get Ashnault in the quarters and then in the semis either Seth Gross or Zahid Valencia.
  13. You're right. I forgot how lopsided that became. Can't dispute it.
  14. Burroughs vs. Taylor last year at this event. 3-1 and 1-0, so pretty respectable.
  15. I have been watching Zain since 9th grade and I can't recall anyone dominating him. Tsirtsis beat him in a close match last year, but Jason probably walks around at least 10lbs. bigger than Zain. The toughest guy Zain has faced in any tourney or dual, by far imo, is Stieber.
  16. The guy Nolf wrestled from GA was a last minute substitute. The best kid from GA mildly tore up his knee while training for this event. The back up kid, while solid, didn't have time to train and was one of the few guys (along with Moody) who was from south GA and didn't get to train with the rest of the all stars that much. We all in GA were looking forward to seeing our #1 kid (Kamaal Abdul-Shakur is his name) go with Nolf. He's a hell of an athlete and I think he would have competed well against Nolf. I will be on the look out for this kid if I see his name entered in any tournaments. Is he a Sr.? Going to a D1 school?
  17. Yeah, pretty much agree. Nickal dominated Ness with his quickness and athleticism. Made it look kinda easy. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... 07u3Feyp5Z
  18. Mega was injured near the end of NCAA's, so it becomes reasonable that he misses this event. Anyone know what happened to Howe and Perry?
  19. Where is Andrew Howe? Not wrestling in this event?
  20. Flo has all the videos up except the Nickal-Ness match. I watched TC Warner, Jason Nolf and Chandler Rogers all win with some great wrestling. The kid Nolf wrestled was real strong, but Jason was just too slick for him. Jason pretty much wore him out with his pace.
  21. Wrestler of the Year, Pennsylvania's Chance Marstellar. Can't wait to see what he can do at the next level.
  22. Beats me. They are both great wrestlers. Pico has been wrestling only free so that is a big advantage, plus any of Zain's riding skills are neutralized. Then again, Zain still won a cadet world title so it isn't like he can't go free himself. It should be very entertaining. Henderson isn't in Zain's caliber of wrestler, imho. Carter may or may not be. Port was bigger than Zain and it took until OT for him to beat Zain. Not that it really matters. BTW, who else is going at that weight in juniors?
  23. Retherford was the 3rd best 141...and the only one Stieber couldn't bonus. His offense is lacking. Pico might beat him. But destroyed in the 1st? Not at all likely. You sound like the typical internet troll. What are you talking about? He got 5th at NCAAs, so claiming he is the third best is a real stretch don't you think? As far as Pico vs Retherford, I think Pico will win comfortably. Zain doesn't do a whole lot offensively, and does a great job at keeping it close - but I don't think he has what it takes to beat Pico in a FS match up. I didn't make the comment that you are referring to, but that comment hardly seems a stretch. For starters, Retherford wrestled Stieber better, by a good amount, than anyone else. Retherford's only other loss came in his first wrestle back against Port, and that loss was in OT ride outs. Henderson has more losses to lesser foes than Retherford, and I would take Zain over him any day of the week. Devin Carter may or may not be able to beat Zain. Judging by Carter's getting majored by Stieber, maybe Zain is a little better than he is too.
  24. Does the announcement say he is at NLWC for only the summer?
  25. Spencer Lee dominated everyone he faced this year. He was OW at Ironman as a 9th grader and basically dominated everyone at PIAA's. He is already one of the best h.s. wrestlers in the country.
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