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  1. Bo stepped up 2 weight classes to take on Chip Ness and he beat him 12-3. Bo will be a good one for Penn State Coach Cael Sanderson. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... 0v4vFeyp5Y
  2. Vhsalum, what I said about Maple has absolutely not been proven wrong. If you insist it has, could you explain how? Your f'ing trolling on an athlete with a medical condition, asshat. THAT IS how you are WRONG.
  3. The kid's father comes on here and passionately tells us about a medical condition and you, superold, are still pounding your little drum. There is something very wrong with you. To papa maple, thanks for sharing your son's story. Please accept the rest of this msg. board's wishes that Kendrick solve his medical issue to the fullest extent. Best wishes to your son and family.
  4. According to the newspaper it was a group of 10 thugs. Someone knew who one of them was and the police went to the alleged assailant's house where they quickly rounded up all 10 of them.
  5. Mike Chapman, founder of the Hodge Trophy, agreed. "For pure wrestling talent, I have seen only five or six wrestlers over the past 50 years who could match David Taylor," Chapman said. "He was a constant-motion machine and wrestled with an enthusiasm that delighted fans of not only Penn State but from other colleges, as well. "If everyone competed like David Taylor, wrestling would be one of the most popular sports in America. His graduation leaves a big hole on the college scene but we can all look forward to seeing him turn his vast talents to freestyle."
  6. I figured you for some population argument. Take out inner city Philly and all those numbers change. They shouldn't drop wrestling where large numbers of people actually care about it.
  7. Yes they would, F-T, yes they would. :D
  8. NJWC, Why does PA have more schools that offer wrestling in the first place? Because on balance the interest in wrestling is greater here than anywhere else.
  9. David Taylor joins Cael Sanderson and Ben Askren as multiple time winners of the Hodge Award in the past 20 years.
  10. Yeah, I'd have to agree with this. The majority of big names from PA did not attend this event. Don't v iew it as that big a problem, though. Lots more tournaments in the year.
  11. PA was under represented. Lots of top kids skipped this one.
  12. The amount of energy spent putting down David Taylor over the past few years spent by a handful of Minnesota, Iowa and Cornell fans could fill Noah's Ark.
  13. You nailed it, BAC. I think you'd be proven correct in an analysis like this. Taylor would be #1 or #2 in avg. points per match over his career, and this is what wins meets and tournaments.
  14. If this passes muster, how long before the band and baton twirlers unionize? They are a part of the show, are they not? And what about high school football players? The high school marching band too?
  15. Great article by Christian Pyles. The last paragraph is the best description I have read yet. No, he’s not in the Cael, Dake, Smith conversation, but I’ll put his credentials and team impact with almost anyone else. It was more than just NCAA title accumulation, it’s the impact he had on an entire team, the way he carried himself and the impact he’s had on fans and young wrestlers alike. He’s a star for his style, dominance and personality more than his NCAA finishes. He carried himself with class every step of the way. When he won, he showed a youthful exuberance and renewed excitement every time. When he lost, he carried himself like a man. He’s an example and role model for young wrestlers. The popularity he’s gained he earned through a contagious and captivating style. Who knows what’s next for DT, but I think we know he’s going to continue to excel and excite. http://www.flowrestling.org/article/258 ... zVicIWyp5Z
  16. Based just on who the crowd is trying to topple ... CAEL SANDERSON Tom Brands. JRob, Smith
  17. Haselrig's story is incredible.
  18. Lmao....AVERAGE?! I guess being a 4x finalist and 2x champ is average in our sport. Idiot..... And being the most dominant! Upside down world we live in here, snap.
  19. David Taylor won The NCAA Most Dominant Wrestler Award http://news.theopenmat.com/2014/03/fina ... standings/ :D :D :D
  20. Are we really going to go thru this again? You are not going to "fix" an event that sells out every year with an event that draws flies. The Dapper Dan Charity Exhibition significantly out drew NWCA Duals.
  21. Are we really going to go thru this again? You are not going to fix an event that sells out every year with an event that draws flies. The Dapper Dan Charity Exhibition significantly out drew NWCA Duals.
  22. I said this once on this msg. board when we were talking about Johnny Football, and I will say it again now, the day they unionize and turn what are essentially amateur athletics into semi pro sports is the day I'm out. They will drive up both ticket prices and tuition, both of which are already too expensive.
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