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  1. If Flo actually worked I'd probably subscribe to it, but I tried it out and found out it works about 50% of the time for the live events so I cancelled it.
  2. So I take it that you are not part of the "In Cael We Trust" crowd? It's sobering to realize that if Taylor/Ruth had ended up at Michigan State the Spartans would've been a top 5 team this year placing ahead of Penn State and instead of Cael we would be hailing Coach Minkel as the next great thing. I see you took a day off from trolling the various Penn State msg. boards.
  3. This is how they are ranked AFTER their college careers have finished, according to the authoritative D1 College Wrestling. A very informative look at how wrestlers were ranked before and after their college careers. http://d1collegewrestling.net/Recruiting_2009.html
  4. Get real, ocho. Cael's backers, presumably Penn State wrestling enthusiasts, along with others, aren't the ones who started all of this nonsense. It is petty individuals with nothing better to do than to carp on those successful people they misguidedly believe are somehow preventing their team from winning. Look at the pathetic subject line in the Stieber thread. Placing the word "worst" next to Stieber is patently ridiculous and, frankly, has no place in this forum. And I am no Ohio State fan. People calling themselves wrestling fans who continually knock current wrestlers and coaches basically do the entire sport a disservice.
  5. Doesn't matter to me. I enjoy watching the guy wrestle because his skill set is crazy. I enjoy Burroughs too simply because of his insane athleticism. Nobody has Burroughs' quickness at that weight, but Taylor still found a way to make it real close and I respect that.
  6. yes he did. so what odds would you put on DT winning the WTs and what odds would you put on him medaling at the WC? Beats me. I do not have a crystal ball, but I'll be watching though.
  7. depends on how you define "excellent shot" and "quite slim" odds. we may not be too far off in assessments. Taylor's odds increased now that he won't have to go through Dake at the WTT, but he will probably still have to go through Marable. then he has to beat Burroughs, then he has to beat probably 2 or 3 guys of near Burroughs level. what odds do you put on DT beating Burroughs? multiple those odds by 3 or 4 and then you have the odds of Taylor medaling. Taylor dominated Marable last year.
  8. Great pick up for the Cavs. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/10419
  9. Mega was ranked somewhere between 5 and 8 most of his freshman year if I recall. He lost 2x each to Perelli and Sanders that year and had 7 total losses entering NCAA's. Anyone other than Nico and the PSU staff "expecting" him to make the final would have needed a crystal ball.
  10. Penn State #1. Hit it. http://www.intermatwrestle.com/articles/13212
  11. Taylor vs. Hasanov just announced. Nice.
  12. I would think one of the Valencia's would make the list, but I will wait this out to see what others have to say. Spencer Lee is on my list, but that is all for now.
  13. Nashon Garrett, Kyle Snyder, Taylor, Ruth, Oliver, Stieber and more added. http://www.prurgent.com/2014-04-29/pres ... 345432.htm
  14. Who will be the P4P top 5 high school wrestlers in America next year?
  15. MSU158 nailed it with this post. Well done.
  16. Suriano is the only kid that I have seen that can stay with Spencer Lee. At Ironman, S32, Disney Duals and PIAA's Spencer totally dominated everyone. OW at Ironman in 9th grade is impressive.
  17. LOL. Look at some of the posters he effortlessly reeled in with this nonsense. A few of whom are actually taking this debate seriously. DF vs. the mental midgets. DF wins by tech fall. :lol:
  18. The two links here give an idea of how Hendricks made his dream come true from a financial standpoint. Pretty interesting reading. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/mma/ne ... s-backers/ http://mma-manifesto.com/ufc-fighter-sa ... kdown.html
  19. LOL. What's the over/under on gas mileage for that monstrosity? 6 mpg?
  20. They are both young and have time on their side, soI feel it is just a matter of time for both of them. armspin, I would not have agreed with this statement until I saw what happened against Perry in the NCAA final. Howe clearly needed to create some offense in that match and just couldn't come close to getting it going when he really needed it. So I agree with you.
  21. Pico would have won in any style. I totally 100% believe that. He would have won because he is as good or better in pure wrestling skill AND he is bigger and stronger than Zain by a substantial margin. Zain's walking around weight is 143lbs. The match was at 145.5. Pico's walking around weight is somewhere between 155 and 160. Pico was a couple inches taller and 10+ lbs. bigger. With overnight weigh ins that gives the wrestlers lots of time to reload. Pico's obviously bigger and stronger and there is no way for Zain to overcome that. And no, I won't answer your stupid questions, old man.
  22. It was indeed a dominating win, and no doubt Pico is the real deal.
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